Become a Partner- Explore the world with us!

Become A Partner

Explore the World of Liamtra!

Liamtra is an application offering Something for Everyone in a single platform. Everyone can become our partner as users or a service provider at

  • Register as a User.
  • Once registered, Go to settings, on the bottom left menu.
  • Click on Setting, three options are given, Profile, Business, Payment.
  • Make sure you add all the required details.
  • Click on the business tab, and from the drop-down menu select, yes to switch to a business profile.
  • Click on the "Save and Continue" button.
  • Four options would be displayed, 'Unique Home', 'Taxi', 'Multi-Services', 'Tour'.
  • Select the service you want to list, and the form will appear.
  • List your service with Liamtra.

Be our partner

    Liamtra Social
  • The DNA of Liamtra social is to build an empire of friendship from virtual to personal.
    Liamtra Referral Program
  • Refer your friends.
  • By referral you can earn a Liam Coin and as a referrer you can create a chainage and network of businesses in your circle.
  • Liamtra Referral Program is powered by block chain technology.
    Liamtra Coin and Wallet
  • Liam Coin, a crypto currency of Liamtra share which can be earned by referral and by purchase.
  • Liam Coin provides seamless transaction in the empire of Liamtrian.
  • Liam Coin can be earned, redeem and claim .
  • A Liamtrian can list fleet of taxis on the platform by purchasing subscription plan.
  • Registration of fleet/taxi is free, quick and easy.
  • Any Liamtrian having an extra seat in your car may list
  • An avenue of synergy of business.
  • Whether you are a yoga instructor, musician, a local tourist interest, the best chef of local food or any talent, Multi-Services is a place to begin by everyone.
    A Tour
  • A Liamtrian can host tour for pre-defined dates and destinations.
  • A Liamtrian can share a travel plan with travel buddy.
  • A Liamtrian can book the best tour available in our platform.
  • A Liamtrian can review the profiles of travelers, chat with buddy travelers on mobile app and Liamtra portal .
    Unique Homes
  • Liamtra enables users to start a business with little or no investment.
  • If you have an extra room in your home, make it a unique home of Liamtra.

End to End Trip Planning

  • The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page!
  • Liamtra provides travelers an exponential tailored experience.
  • Before you begin your journey you can pick your travel career, types of daily breakfast and local businesses to visit until you return from your journey.
  • Drive end to end trip planning.
  • Taxi, Multi-Services, Tours, Unique Home