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Karuna Farms

Near VIllage, Kodiakanal, Tamil Nadu, India, 624101

House Rules

  • No drinking inside the property
  • Unmarried couples not allowed

Select any key highlights of your place

  • Good for families
  • Nature retreat


  • Meals
  • News Paper
  • Television
  • Bed linens
  • Extra pillows and blankets
  • Shampoo

Total number of Bathrooms

  • 6

Max guests allowed in each room

  • 2

Total number of Beds per room

  • 1

Total number of rooms

  • 6

Available Units

  • Entire House

Property Type

  • Farm House

Check-in Time (24 Hr Format)

  • 12:00

This place is good for

  • Solo Travelers
  • Couples
  • Family with Kids
  • Group of Friends
  • Business Traveler

Booking Preference

  • Instant Booking

Check-out Time (24 Hr Format)

  • 11:00

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Weather forecast around your stay

Kodaikānāl (IN)


Current: 16° C

Min: 16° C

Max: 17° C

2 Guests Allowed Per Unit Booking
Price for: 2 Guests Per Unit Booking Or Per Service

₹ 2703 ₹ 3449 22% off approx. (Exclusion of all taxes)


Karuna Farms has about 15 private houses and 3 common dormitory rooms that can accommodate about 40 visitors at any time, apart from this the community is home to a few permanent residents. Houses and fixture here are beautifully made with good quality recycled or waste materials.

It is located on a remote valley slope with pathways traversable by foot only. The farm is self sufficient; it does not use energy from the national grid but makes use of solar and hydro-electric power. Food prepared here is organically grown on the property, even dairy is derived from the farms three cows Kamadenu, Tara and Gopi.

The common eat and meet place Prashanti is where all the visitors gather every evening for dinner, board games, fun, music and dance. There’s a beautiful Yoga studio here and a daily complementary yoga class in the mornings. The farm contains a beautiful waterfall with water pure enough too drink. Also in the farm are two beautiful panoramic spots; the rock and the sunset point, where you may like to be alone or socialize

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