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River Village Resort

Sagaon, Patilapda, Near Barvi Dam Road, Badlapur West, Badlapur, Maharashtra 421503, India


  • Meals
  • Television
  • Free parking on premises
  • Breakfast
  • Bed linens
  • Extra pillows and blankets

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  • Good for families
  • Nature retreat

This place is good for

  • Solo Travelers
  • Couples
  • Family with Kids
  • Group of Friends
  • Business Traveler

Booking Preference

  • Instant Booking

Check-in Time (24 Hr Format)

  • 12:00

Check-out Time (24 Hr Format)

  • 11:00

House Rules

  • No drinking inside the property
  • Unmarried couples not allowed

Max guests allowed in each room

  • 2

Total number of Bathrooms

  • 8

Total number of Beds per room

  • 1

Total number of rooms

  • 8

Property Type

  • Farm House

Available Units

  • Entire House

Service listed by verified liamtrian - Sankalp

Weather forecast around your stay

Badlapur (IN)


Current: 25° C

Min: 25° C

Max: 25° C

2 Guests Allowed Per Unit Booking
Price for: 2 Guests Per Unit Booking Or Per Service

₹ 3565 ₹ 3968 10% off approx. (Exclusion of all taxes)


Coming from a polluted and crowded city this was pure paradise. The River village Resort spread over 5 acre with 40 large and luxurious rooms located near Barvi dam, Badlapur on banks of Barvi River. The resort is surrounded by tall trees reaching out the sky line, green grass mingling with the darker fields, hills dotting the landscape and the gentle river flowing across.

Enjoy the stay with beautiful nature, excellent hospitality, great food and loads of activities.

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