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Liamtra is a beneficial platform adherently transforming every user who gets registered in its platform. Every step of utilizing the platform is not a waste of time but an investment for the entire life. Liamtra believes that every individual can become an entrepreneur of their own.

Liamtra has a unique earning method in which a registered user specified as Liamtrian (Liamtrian - term we called a Registered User) can earn a bit of currency called Liam Coins in his wallet (in the platform). Liamtrian can either avail or add Liam Coins in his (Liamtra) wallet. The first earnings start at the time of registration. Henceforth, Liam Coins are earned at ease, for instance, referring your User Code (Provided after successfully registered) to your friends. Liam Coin provides seamless transactions in the empire of Liamtrian.

Liam Coins Terms And Conditions


  • “Liam Coins” is a sole trademark presented by Liamtra . It can be availed from all over its platform, i.e., website (, Liamtra mobile website, and Liamtra mobile App operated and owned by Liamliang digital avenue private limited (“Liamtra”) .
  • Subsequently, the terms (“Terms”) below are part of and incorporated into terms of use, privacy policy, and other applicable documentation. The Terms also adherently consider modifications, alterations, or updates thence, that are published on the platform.

Earning and Uses of Liam Coins

Liam Coins can be earned, redeemed, and claimed anytime, anywhere you want, however, on these following conditions:

  • The initial step to earning a Liam Coin is through registration on Liamtra. Registering on Liamtra is the gateway to many more methods to earn Liam Coins.

    Refer & Earn: You can earn Liam Coin through Refer & Earn process. Upon successfully registering, every Liamtrian will get his/her unique user code on the Liamtra Account. Using that code you can share (refer) via WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook, or any other social platform with whoever is new to Liamtra. New users must either register on the website or download and register on the Liamtra App. Each successful registration from your referral will bag you 1 Liam Coin. For Example, when you refer your Liamtra unique code to three friends and they registered themselves using your code, you will earn three coins instantly. Hence, the more you refer, the more you earn. The refer & earn process is powered by blockchain technology wherein a particular Liamtrian should manage his chainage process under his code umbrella.

    Liamtra Services: A liamtrian can generate Liam Coin by availing services from the Liamtra Platform. Each of the service categories such as homestay, unique home, tour, taxi, or Give&Given have a specific amount to earn Liam Coins respectively. However this perk excludes Flights and Hotels, yet in the coming days, it is likely to be added.

  • While you build your network of referrals, enjoy the advantage of receiving an infinite/fraction value of Liam Coins from the flow of users generated from your unique code source. For instance, you have a direct referral who then refers to another person through his/her unique referral code. Each primary referral and referee will get a Liam Coin each as a reward. Henceforth, every subordinate referral will let you acquire an infinite value of Liam Coins.
  • The value of Liam Coins can vary in the phase of time. It is liable to change within a week, month, three to six months, a year, or as applicable by the concerned authority. The current value of 1 Liam Coin is INR 10/-
  • While you can earn Liam Coins, you can also take the liberty to use them when you avail of any Liamtra services. Benefits exclude flight and hotel services for the time being. However, conditions apply that you can use only up to 50 Liam Coins from your wallet for one particular service.
    For example, the service costs INR 1500/- and you have 150 Liam Coins in your Liamtra Wallet. The value of up to 50 Liam Coins (wherein 1 value of Liamcoin is INR 10) can be summed up with the remaining service amount intended to pay from a credit card or another payment method for the aforementioned service.
  • Liam Coin can be bought, transferred, or redeemed within the community of Liamtrian. However, a Liamtrian is eligible to redeem Liam Coin when he/she has a minimum of 100 Liam Coins in his/her wallet. Thereafter, he/she can redeem the entire or just the minimum amount of Liam Coins into his personal bank account through any transactions. Eventually, he/she can continue to earn Liam Coins following the process of how to earn them.
  • Once you have notified your redeem request, it will take 24 to 72 hours to reflect the amount into your account. Consider that the payment will be made within 3 business days, meaning Saturdays and Sundays remain statutory off. Therefore, make sure you complete your transactional activities within the working days.
  • A Liamtrian can earn an unlimited amount of Liam Coins via referral and enjoy it seamlessly.
  • For using a Liamtra service through a registered account, a Liamtrian will be awarded an infinite value of Liam Coin. For the service costing INR 500, the user will be awarded 0.25 value of Liam Coin. For a service costing more than INR 500, 0.50 will be the reward value of Liam Coin. However, a Liamtrian is limited from the benefit of earning Liam Coin if he uses a service costing less than INR 500/-.
  • Liam Coins will be credited only after you have potentially ended the service. No Liam Coins will be awarded if you cancel before or mid-way the actual time of the service. In case the service is not refundable after cancellation, It will be credited to your Liamtra account.
  • In case if you change your service for the same pattern of option, Liam Coin will be credited only after the service is terminated.

Termination of Liam Coins

Liam Coin is bound by the idea of cryptocurrency or BitCoins. However, Liamtra fashions the quality and aptitude of Liam Coin within its realm. There is no expiration deadline for Liam Coins once a user has registered on the Liamtra platform. Your wallet stands valid until you yourself close down your Liamtra account.

Merging of Liam Coins

Liam Coin is transferable among or between Liamtra users. Through mutual agreement, together they can merge the coins and use them for their convenience.

Additional Terms and Conditions

  • The aforementioned terms and conditions are subject to change at the sole discretion of Liamtra anytime.
  • By becoming a registered Liamtrian/user or providing your information, you agree to the collection and use of Your information in accordance with the Terms and the privacy policy published on the Platform.
  • Liam Coins can be converted to real money once you redeem them. You can also use it in lieu of cash while availing of any Liamtra service.
  • Liam Coins are transferable.
  • Liamtra retains the right to ban You from earning any Liam Coins if you condition any fraudulent/abuse/affiliates activity is identified as being carried out for the reason of earning Liam Coins, or if you have violated any Terms or applicable laws. Disqualification may result in immediate cancellation of all Liam Coins in 'credited' or 'pending to be credited'.
  • All Liam Coins accumulated on blacklisted accounts, as per applicable policies of Liamtra, shall be canceled with immediate effect.
  • These Terms are subject to the prevailing laws of India.
  • Acknowledging the nature of telecommunications/ internet services, you fully accept and confirm that an email transmission may not be received properly and may be read or be known to any unauthorized persons. You concede to assume and bear all the risks involved in respect of such errors and misunderstanding and Liamtra shall not be responsible in any manner.
  • Liamtra disclaims all liability that may arise due to any violation of the applicable laws by You.
  • Liamtra reserves the right to suspend the issue of Liam Coins to you personally, or to all users temporarily or permanently at any time without notice.
  • In case of any dispute or difference arising concerning Liam Coins or any alleged defect or deficiency of service availed, the same shall be resolved through arbitration as per the arbitration and the conciliation act 1996.
  • Liamtra reserves the right at any time to alter, withdraw or terminate 'Liam Coins' as a feature on the Platform at its will, with or without any prior notice, and with or without any liability or obligation in this regard.
  • You hereby agree to remunerate and keep Liamtra harmless against all damages, liabilities, costs, expenses, claims, suits, and proceedings (including reasonable attorney's fee) that may be suffered by Liamtra as a consequence of a) violation of terms of this T&C by You; b) violation of applicable laws; c) any action or inaction resulting in willful misconduct or negligence on your part.
  • This document is an electronic record in terms of the Information Technology Act, 2000, and the Rules thereunder as applicable and the amended provisions pertaining to electronic records in various statutes as amended by the Information Technology Act, 2000. This electronic record is generated by a computer system and does not require any physical or digital signatures.