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Anar home reside in kezieke colony kohima near hosana prayer home, the tariffs charge is 800, the charges doesn't include fooding, a place is a bit crowded but can adjust for a solo traveler.

Property Type

  • Home Stay

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  • Stay with host

This place is good for

  • Solo Travelers

Check-in Time (24 Hr Format)

  • 10:00

Check-out Time (24 Hr Format)

  • 18:00

House Rules

  • No drinking inside the property

Terms & Conditions

  • Drinking and smoking are strictly prohibited

Cancellation Policy Type


    To avail the free cancellation, the customer should follow the following stated criteria:

    * If the guest has cancelled at least full 24 hours before the listing's local check-in time that has been mentioned in the confirmation email, then the customer will receive a refund of the entire booking value.

    * The service fee will not be refunded unless the guest cancels within the free cancellation period for their reservation.

    * If the guest cancels their booking in less than 24 hours before the check-in, then only 50% of the amount will be refunded.

    * If the guest decides to leave before the checkout date, the nightly rate for the nights not spent after cancellation is not refundable.

Guest Policy

  • One can contact the host while Booking....

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Service listed by verified liamtrian - Yangtsari

Price for Per Unit Booking Or Per Person

₹ 800 (Exclusion of all taxes)

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