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Company Restaurant

Tseminyu Town, under Kohima District


Company Hotel provides tea, roti and puri alongwith bakery products. We are open from 5am till 5pm. Travellers are always welcomed here.


  • Delicious tea, coffee and other eatable things are available here.


  • No Smoking Allowed

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Service listed by verified liamtrian - Maienuddin Ansari

Minimum Booking Price

₹ 40 ₹ 50 20% off approx. (Exclusion of all taxes)

Note:- The mentioned price are minimum booking price, the final cost may vary at the time of service. After completion of service, you can pay final amount via Liamtra platform or by cash directly to the service provider. You can avail warranty incase if paid by Liamtra and there will be no service warranty if you paid directly by cash to the service provider.

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