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De Oriental Grand

Themezie High School Road Kohima


At de Oriental Grand, we believe in making an impression, an impact that lingers, going that extra mile to make our esteemed clients as comfortable as possible, providing meaningful service. And this very motivation to create an individual experience for our guest is what we take extreme pride upon.

Available Units

  • One Room

Property Type

  • Bed and Breakfast


  • Air Condition

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  • Good for families

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  • Solo Travelers

Booking Preference

  • Instant Booking

Check-in Time (24 Hr Format)

  • 12:12

Check-out Time (24 Hr Format)

  • 12:12

House Rules

  • Pets not allowed

Terms & Conditions

  • Reservation Cancellation Policies 

    de Oriental Grand does not charge any cancellation fee for rooms that have not been confirmed. However, once your room has been confirmed, you are subject to the cancellation policies as explained below.

    ROOM CONFIRMATION CHARGES: We collect 75% of the total room rent in order to confirm your booking. Any reduction in the number of nights or rooms or booking amount will be termed as cancellation and cancellation charges will apply accordingly.

    The cancellation policy below applies to all bookings. The hotel will always take precedent over the policy stated here. We will of course inform you clearly and completely if this is the case with your booking.

    1.      100% refund incase of cancellation 15 days before arrival date.

    2.      75% refund incase of cancellation 10 days before arrival date.

    3.      50% refund incase of cancellation 7 days before arrival date.

    4.      30% refund incase of cancellation 3 days before arrival date.

    5.      No refund incase of cancellation within 2 days of arrival date.


    Cancellation Procedure: Cancel by sending us an email to with the word cancel in the subject line and booking confirmation number. Our utmost concern is that you get maximum refund back. Failure to do so will result in you being subject to the condition described above so it is imperative that you let us know as early as possible.

    Shortening your stay: de Oriental Grand offers some flexibility with regard to this issue. However as a facilitator, de Oriental Grand has to abide by the policy of the hotel. You have to email or contact to the hotel 10 days before the arrival, clearly specifying the date of shortening your stay and the refund amount from the hotel otherwise you shall be charge as per the actual number of nights as mentioned at the time of advance booking.

    No show (Non-use of reservation): In case you do not utilize your reservation and fail to contact us to cancel it in a stipulated time period as specified above we would not be in a position to return you any amount pertaining to your booking. The reason for this is that the room in the hotel is booked in your name and the hotel cannot let the room be occupied by anyone else. The room is held unoccupied upto 48 hours thus even if you do not show up the hotel will charge room reservation charges.

    ·         No cancellation/refund for the booking from 1st November to 31st January.

Cancellation Policy Type


    To avail the free cancellation, the customer should follow the following stated criteria:

    * If a guest wants a full refund of their booking, they must cancel within 48 hours of booking and at least 14 full days prior to listings check-in time that has been mentioned in the confirmation email.

    * If the guest cancels 7 full days before the local check-in time that has been mentioned in the confirmation email, then the customer will receive a 50% refund of the booking value.

    * If less than 7 days, there will be a no refund. If only 50% of the reservation has been paid, no refund will be issued and the remaining 50% will simply not be charged.

    * If the guest cancels the booking in less than 7 days or decides to leave early after check-in, the nights not spent are not refunded.

Guest Policy

  • Room Occupancy Policies

    The hotel has generous limits for the maximum occupancy (two pax) of our various rooms. These limits are for guest safety and comfort, as well as to avoid excessive wear and tear. Please respect these limits and do not entertain visitors or bring extra persons into your room except for brief periods during the day but not later than 7:30 PM, or this will occasion an undeclared guest charge of INR. 700/- per person per day.

    The hotel guest cannot hand over a room to third persons, even if the period for which the guest paid has not yet expired.

    Conduct of guests and persons using services of the hotel should not disturb the peaceful stay of other guests. The hotel may refuse to render services to a person violating the above rule.

    Friends and Visitors:

    While of course you are welcome to invite local friends and relatives to see you or dine with you at the restaurant.

    As per the hotel’s visitor policy, visitors are allowed to meet resident guests in the guest rooms from 9:00AM to 7:30PM and at all times in the hotel’s public areas. All visitors should carry identity card which needs to be presented at the Front Desk prior to accessing guest floors. However the rights of admission to the hotel premises and its guest areas remain solely with the management. It also reserves the right to modify or make changes to its visitor policy keeping in mind the safety, security and convenience of its guests.

    Visitors are not allowed to use guest amenities including the room amenities, complimentary breakfast, or Wi-Fi.  As a registered guest, you are responsible for your visitor at all times. All others must be accompanied by a guest and must check in with the front desk before use of any facilities.

    Should the hotel discover that your unregistered visitors are using the facilities, the management has the right to take necessary action (regardless of age).

    Smoking and bringing in products with lingering odor:

    Smoking is prohibited inside guest rooms, restaurant and in any public Area, and any other product which leave a lingering odor are also prohibited.

    Noise and Party Policy

    de Oriental Grand has a zero tolerance policy on parties being held in the registered Guest Room. A party being defined as:

    ·  Any situation where the noise level from a hotel guest room disturbs other guests.

    ·  Any situation whereby excessive traffic to/from the hotel guest room is identified.

    ·  Any situation where it is deemed that intoxication is occurring.

    ·  Any situation where it is identified that excessive alcohol or noise is present.

    In the event that any hotel room guest is identified as having a party, de Oriental Grand reserves the right to immediately request all occupants of the guest room up to, and including, the guest who has registered for the hotel room to vacate the premises.

    In the event that an eviction does occur, the registered guest will be charged for that night’s accommodation and for any expense resulting from additional cleaning of the hotel guest room, replacement of any furniture/fixture/fitting breakage, as well as for any required repairs.

Read Our Guest Policies

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Price for Per Unit Booking Or Per Person

₹ 4536 ₹ 5040 10% off approx. (Exclusion of all taxes)

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