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  • Jungle Retreat Wayanad Image
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  • Jungle Retreat Wayanad Image
  • Jungle Retreat Wayanad Image
  • Jungle Retreat Wayanad Image
  • Jungle Retreat Wayanad Image
  • Jungle Retreat Wayanad Image
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Jungle Retreat Wayanad

Jungle Retreat Wayanad, Thirunelli, Wayanad, Kerala, India, 673121


Jungle Retreat Wayanad is a 10 acre farm surrounded by jungle on all sides and we have daily wildlife sightings right inside the farm itself. We have regular sightings of elephants, gaurs, deer, wild boar and the resident pack of wild-dogs (Dholes) come over for a drink during sunny evenings. It is also not uncommon to hear the roar of the Tiger or the Leopard; our unique selling point is Wildlife – wildlife without having to go in search of it.

Our farm is at an elevation of 800 meters MSL and the forest type is predominantly tropical evergreen, moist deciduous and dry deciduous forests. In the north and East we share our border with Tholpetty wildlife sanctuary, Nagarahole National Park to the west, and we share our Southern border with the Brahmagiri mountain ranges. We are bang in the middle of 3 protected reserves and as you know, Nagarahole is also called as the Tiger capital of the world because it has the highest density and highest number of Tigers anywhere in the world. You should also be able to see at least 50 different types of birds from the farm itself, needless to say, it is a birder’s paradise as well.

The unique location gives you the feeling that you are camping out in the jungle, but in complete comfort and safety. For nature lovers, ours is an ideal place to stay in Wayanad.

We have just a few rooms that we let out, and this gives ample privacy to our guests. This also ensures that the animals visiting our farm are not disturbed by us humans. The rooms are basic, neat and clean, please don’t expect any sort of luxury such as TVs, Fridge and ACs, not that you’d need an AC, the temperature is almost always moderate round the year. Bathrooms are well appointed with running hot and cold water, we have electricity backup if the main grid fails. But it is all about the outdoors in Jungle Retreat Wayanad.

We have the jungle cottage which gives the best views of the farm, these are stand-alone cottages jutting out into the meadows. You have an unobstructed view of the watering-hole and the meadows from your balcony, which is where you are most likely to spend your time. It also has a large private sun-deck for you to soak in the sun and enjoy the star-lit sky at nights.

The twin cottage also has 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and 1 balcony, ideal for a small family of 2 or 3. The twin cottages also have large, excellent balconies and it is made of stone. It has the largest rooms and the largest balconies as well.

For extended families we’d recommend the Villa which has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 balconies all under one roof. The villa is at an elevated level and being close to the jungle, you should be able to feel the jungle and experience the sights and sounds right from your room itself.

Wayanad is blessed by Mother Nature in every sense of the word, there is beauty in abundance wherever you look. Jungle Retreat Wayanad is situated in the north of Wayanad which is not only rich in wildlife but it also surrounded by various points of interests. The following are less than 30 minutes drive from our farm:

Thirunelli Temple: A 5000 year old temple which is also an architectural wonder, perhaps the oldest temple in India.

Papanashini Stream: Often referred to as the Ganges of the south, believed that a dip here would wash away the sins

Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary: Wildlife safari in one of the least explored and best sanctuaries for wildlife sightings

Nagarahole National Park: Enjoy the wildlife safari in one of the best National Parks in India. It is also called as the Tiger capital of the world due to the highest density and number of wild Tigers in the park

Brahmagiri Trek: All day deep jungle trek (12KM total) accompanied by a forest guard to the peak of the mighty Brahmagiri mountain ranges

Iruppu waterfalls: A beautiful 50 feet waterfall set in the jungle, you can swim under the waterfall

Edakkal Cave: Trek to the Edakkal caves, an ancient cave structure and with prehistoric cave drawings

Kuruva Island: An amazing 1000 acre island with unique flora and fauna, you can take a boat and reach the island which is rich in bird life

Other Activities in Wayanad: We have a host of other activities that we can arrange for you. For a detailed set of the activities, please visit the Rates page in the website.

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