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Pratapgarh Farms

Pratapgarh Farms, Near Railway Station, Gwalison Road, Jhajjar(Haryana) 124103


Take break from monotonous city life and visit idyllic farm resort

Majority of the people living in the city find hard to achieve a few of peaceful moments at times. When you are in the same situation then you can go for the corporate outing near Delhi in the idyllic retreat of Pratapgarh farms. This is quite an awesome way to feel completely rejuvenated and refreshing after a long tiring week at work. The best thing about this place is it is around 2.5 hours from the city. It is situated in the city of Jhajjar, Haryana. So you don’t have to travel far to reach the place and can conveniently go for the corporate holiday near Delhi. The farm is extremely vibrant and highlighted by the huts with thatched roofs as well as the sprawling gardens. There are so many fun and extremely engaging activities to do like horse/camel riding, mud bath, pottery and much more. So you have plenty of things on the list to keep yourself fully occupied during your corporate outing around Delhi.

Keep yourself occupied and entertained during corporate outing around Delhi

At this fascinating tourist place, the visitors would not only be experiencing rural life and will also eat village delicacies. The cooks prepare the delicious and delightful traditional recipes which you shouldn’t miss at all. The farm serves as the idealistic retreat for corporate picnic spot near Delhi. The travelers can get the authentic real taste of rural life and insight into the culture by visiting the destination for the corporate outing in Delhi NCR.

The farm is an ideal choice for corporate picnic spot near Gurgaon

When you are looking for a way to spend your time relaxing after the tedious long week of work, then you can look forward to the farm as the ideal choice for the corporate picnic spot near Gurgaon. Right from the most exciting of the folk dance sessions to the indoor, outdoor games and adventures, the place has got almost everything covered. It is also home to quite an array of animals and plants and also a perfect of the picnic spot. Also, test your creativity by participating in a pottery session. In fact, the list of to-do things is so long and huge that you will truly get the out of the world experience at this destination. When you are planning to hang out with your colleagues, then just visit the farm and indulge in corporate team building near Delhi.

Enjoy natural surroundings and indulge in plenty of activities

You can enjoy the natural surroundings and indulge in plenty of interesting activities. The trip to the farms will surely be enthralling and gives you a chance to embrace a totally different culture. So when you and your colleagues are bored of sitting in front of computers the whole day and looking for the fun-packed travel experience, then Pratapgarh farm is the best solution to your problem. It brings to you a truly mesmerizing place that it preserves and presents the ethnic village life in the times of fast-paced urbanization.


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