Terms and Conditions- Liamliang Travellers Pvt. Ltd.

Terms & Conditions

The web site www.liamtra.com along with the Smartphone apps for Android and iOS as well as the mobile site is powered and organized by Liamliang digital avenue private limited (Liamtra), a company incorporated and established in agreement with the laws of The Republic of India. The mentioned terms will function as a legally binding agreement between Liamtra and the user, or the beneficiary of the services presiding over the user’s access to the Liamtra website including any other websites through which Liamtra makes their services accessible (“Site”), the connected services (“Services”) and Liamtra’s application program interfaces as well as mobile and other smart device applications (“Application”). Additionally, whenever “Liamtra”, “we”, “us” or “our” will be mentioned, it insinuates to the Liamtra Company that the user is contracting with.

It is assumed that the user accessing the site or availing the services agrees to be bound by these Terms of Services including any other additional modifications.

Additionally, it should be noted that the hosts themselves will be responsible for understanding and complying with all rules and regulations that pertain to their listings and services. Furthermore, the host must obtain the necessary permits, licenses or registrations for their listing by themselves. Unauthorized or illegal host practices will be prohibited and is a crime punishable by law.

Liamtra reserves the right to alter these Terms, either partially or wholly, at any time in congruency with this provision. If we believe that there are any substantial changes to these Terms, we will notify you with an evident announcement on our booking/hosting page on the website or deliver an e-mail prior to the changes being officially effective. The newly updated Terms will supersede all prior versions and the user’s continued access, before the date the revised Terms become effective, to any of the services will be deemed as acceptance to the updated Terms of Service.

Before proceeding, it should be made clear that Liamtra Platform is an online marketplace. Throughout these Terms of Services, the actual denotations of some repeatedly used terms are:

  1. All the registered users on the platform are collectively called members.
  2. The third parties who offer services are referred to as hosts and the services offered by them are called service.
  3. The member interested in booking any hosting service is referred to as a guest.
  4. The host services published on the Liamtra platform are listings.
  5. Any unique home included in the listing will be termed as accommodation and a multi or single day activities are Give&Given.

What Information We Collect and How they are Used:

Liamtra may collect user information about the user either directly from the user when they visit our booking platform or when they download, install or avail any of our services. With specific reference to any booking/ hosting or online transactions, Liamtra collects the following personal details from the user while transacting:

  • Name and Gender
  • Geographic Location of the device
  • Contact Number
  • Address
  • Credit Card Details
  • Date of birth
  • E-mail ID

Liamtra does not share, sell or trade upon any of the above sensitive information without the express consent of the user. These terms are not intended for the use of children below the age of 18 years of age. The aforementioned information collected from the users is used for the following:

Liamtra Services:

  • Liamtra only serves as an intermediary provider and does not create, sell, own, offer or manage any of the listings or services published by a host. Liamtra does not operate as a retailer or dealer of any packages. The hosts are responsible for their listings and any guest booking a listed service enters into a direct contract with the host. Furthermore, Liamtra is not a broker or real estate agent and denies participation in the contract between the host and the guest.
  • If the host, in their sole discretion, prefers the Liamtra Platform, their relationship will be limited to being a third party contractor. This contract does not imply that the host is a partner or employee of Liamtra and solely lists their property on their own accord and not for the benefit of Liamtra.
  • Liamtra promotes the resolution of any grievances, however, we cannot guarantee
    1. The security, legality, safety, locality or quality of the Host listings and services.
    2. The accuracy of any ratings or reviews or the accountability of any Listing and the description mentioned along with it.
    3. The conduct of the contractor.
  • A member will be verified on the account of an authenticate identification. However, the guests are requested to practice due diligence whilst booking any service or property online and to book only after deciding whether the listing is legitimate and trustworthy
  • In order to promote the platform and increase the number of listings, Liamtra will display a part of our services on different platforms, websites, e-mails, advertisements and applications for increment in the public relations (PR). Additionally, these Terms of Services do not apply to any website(s), mobile apps or mobile sites of any third party, even if their websites are linked to our website. It should be noted that the information and privacy functions to which Liamtra provides hyperlink(s), be it advertisers or sponsors, may possess different contents from these Terms and it is recommended to review the Terms of third parties.
  • Liamtra cannot assure uninterrupted accessibility on the Platform as we might need to confine the availability and the services provided wherein, to carry out maintenance procedures to improve and enhance our services.

Account registration, eligibility to register and member verification:

  • In order to gain access to Liamtra Platform or to register as a member by creating an account, the individual must be at least 18 years of age or a legally existing organization under the laws of India. However, a valid identification proof is mandatory for the verification process.
  • An individual must register for a Liamtra account to gain access to the member privileges, and services registered on the platform. However, if registering as an existing organization, or other legal entity, a warrant should be represented which will grant us the permission mentioned in these Terms.
  • Liamtra accesses the Liamtra Platform and its certain features under the criteria of verification processes, meeting eligibility and ratings and reviews criteria as well as the cancellation and booking history of the members.
  • User verification through the internet is tedious. For the prevention from fraudulent activities, as permissible by the Laws of Indian Government, we do not hold any obligations or responsibility
    1. To screen the members against third parties or service providers.
    2. To perform any additional security measures or checks other than providing a valid identity proof.
  • To gain access to some specific features on our platform, the members are required to accept the standards for guidelines and different policies or additional Terms of that certain feature, before availing it. If a controversy arises between the Terms of Service and the terms of that feature, the terms applicable for that feature will supersede, unless stated otherwise in the terms of the feature itself.
  • Some areas in Liamtra enforce Google’s mapping services, and the member’s use of Google maps is subjected to the Terms and Services of the Google maps.
  • An individual can register for a Liamtra account by utilizing either their email address and password.
  • One email-address is limited to create a single account, and all the information supplemented should be confirmed to be legitimate and accurate before the completion of registration of the member. The members are requested to keep their accounts up to date.
  • The members are requested to safeguard their personal information and maintaining the confidentiality of their accounts by never disclosing the login passwords or account details to any third party. Liamtra will not be held responsible for a breach of security as a result of the member’s failure to keep the details private. The members are responsible for all the activities conducted via their registered Liamtra account.


  • Liamtra allows its registered members to create, post, send, receive or upload materials like audios and videos, photos or any other content through our platform. However, only the official members of Liamtra can attain access to such contents, including LIamtra’s proprietary content as well as authorized material through a third party.
  • The user acknowledges that the Liamtra platform and contents, either in entirety or partially, are secured by copyright, trademark and other laws under the Indian Government, and agrees that all the content incorporated herein are exclusive asset of Liamtra and its authorizing third parties. The user does not have the right to alter or modify any copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights on the platform. The designated trademarks or trade names of third parties are the express property of the owner. Any copyright infringement is a crime punishable by law.
  • If a member upload, sends, creates or receives any material otherwise on or via the Liamtra Platform, the member grants a non-exclusive, irrevocable and transferable license for their content on Liamtra platform. This allows us to attain access to use, alter, distribute, publish, broadcast, or utilize in any other way in order to promote Liamtra platform. However, this term is only applicable to the Privacy Policy of Liamtra.
  • One shall not alter, distribute, use, sell, broadcast or duplicate the contents in the Liamtra platform unless Liamtra gives express right to do the same.
  • It is not allowed to publish or upload any of the content under the following criteria:
    1. The content is graphic, obscene, vulgar, violent or dangerous to any person or animal involved or includes any derogatory terms.
    2. If the content is misleading or fraudulent or promotes illegal activities.
    3. If the content promotes racism, rape, harassment or harm to any involved individual.
    4. If the content violates the Privacy Policy and the Terms of services of Liamtra platform.
  • A person is solely responsible, under their sole discretion, for the content they make accessible on the platform. Any instance of infringement, violence, violation of these terms, copyright and trademark or violation of the applicable laws of India will be a punishable crime.
  • Only under the criteria where an individual complies by these terms, will Liamtra grant the access to install the application on any device or access to the member’s content on the platform.

Specific terms for hosts:

• To host a unique home, you should first create a listing on Liamtra platform, providing all the necessary details about the service, including the description, locality, rules and regulations, requirements to apply or any mandatory information requested by Liamtra. The hosts are solely responsible for updating their listings on a regular interval accordingly.

• The pictures or videos uploaded with the listing should not be misleading or fraudulent and should portray the actual and exact quality and condition of the listing. Additionally, the listings can incorporate a minimum number of images with a certain format and resolution.

• After accepting any booking request by a guest, the host enters into an official contract with the guest and is required to provide all the amenities and services listed on the platform.

• Liamtra encourages the hosts to procure any appropriate insurance for the mentioned host service and familiarize themselves with the same too before accepting any bookings for Give&Given, unique home or tours.

• The placement of any listing on Liamtra platform depends on various parameters such as the ratings and reviews, guest preferences, price, the service provided and the quality as well as quantity of images.

• The hosts are entitled to decide a fixed price for their services for their listing(s) on the platform and are not allowed to request a higher pay from any guest.

• All the terms and conditions mentioned in your listing description must not inculcate any controversies with these Terms of Services.

• The host should justify any bookings or listing that they published on the platform complies with all the laws and other rules and regulations such as licenses, permits, and so forth. Additionally, agreements with any third party or organization should not be breached. It should be noted that the hosts will be responsible for the behaviour and acts of their own as well as for the people residing at the property, excluding the primary guest and the people accompanying them.

• To list any Give&Given or events, a listing must be made with Liamtra and should meet all the requirements mandatory for hosting. Refer to Liamtra’s ’how to host’ for the same.

• Before accepting any booking by a guest through the platform, the guests must be educated about all the dangers and risks involved, any necessary skillset requirement for participation, fitness level, age restrictions and so forth.

• The hosts are solely responsible for Give&Given that they publish on the platform. Liamtra merely makes the host services visible through the platform and is not itself any retailer, estate agent, operator or provider of the tours, activities or the services. We do not own, sell or promote any Give&Given or tours listed on the platform.

• After listing the Give&Given or the unique home on Liamtra platform, the hosts will be provided with the facility to incorporate the specific dates when their listing is available to the guests. The host should agree that only the people who book through Liamtra will attend and no individual will be allowed to attend unless they have made through Liamtra platform.

• The hosts are responsible for obtaining all the equipments associated with the Give&Given or tour necessary to host it. Furthermore, the hosts are solely responsible for confirming the safety, security and operational capability of the equipments and if the eligibility criteria are not regulated, then the hosts themselves will assume the responsibility for any damage or loss to the equipments.

• The hosts are responsible for acknowledging and complying with all the mandatory laws, rules and regulations which apply to the Give&Given. The hosts should procure any mandatory licenses, permits or registrations for providing the Give&Given beforehand.

Specific terms for Guests :

• The guests must meet the mandatory requirements as fixed by Liamtra and complete the verification processes. Only the registered guests can book the listings on the platform, following the respective booking process. Furthermore, the applicable fee including the taxes will be displayed prior to booking, and the amount needs to be paid if any booking request is made through their Liamtra account.

• The primary guest booking any service should be at least 18 years of age. If the guest books a service on behalf of some other individual, it should be noted that the individual must comply with the Terms and conditions of the listing, Terms of Service and the rules and regulations set by the host. However, if the individual is a minor, then the one booking the service must have a legally authorized warrant. Furthermore, a minor attending any Give&Given must be accompanied by an adult responsible for them.

• Once a booking is confirmed through Liamtra, the host and the guest enter into a legally binding contract, complying with all the terms of services, cancellation policy and the mentioned rules and regulations of the listing. The guests are required to pay the total amount payable at the time of booking.

• The guest agrees to leave the accommodation on the mutually accepted checkout time, as mentioned in the listing. If a guest stays past their check-out time, the host can make them leave by any means necessary with the applicable law. However, if the host agrees to accommodate the guest after check-out time, then any additional fees for every 24 hours must be paid.

• The guest acknowledges that the confirmed booking is merely a temporary license granted by the host to reside in and use their accommodation for a specific interval of time.

• The guests are required to thoroughly analyze the description of any Give&Given or host service they book to ensure that they meet the age requirements, necessary skill set, acknowledge the risks involved and the fitness level as mentioned in the description. It is recommended to educate the host about any physical or health-related issues.

• The guest is solely responsible for acknowledging and complying with all the terms of service, laws and rules and regulations which apply to the service that they book.

• Prior to the commencement and during the Give&Given or service, the guests are required to follow the host’s instructions at all times.

• The guests are not allowed to bring any other individuals.

• Liamtra also possesses it’s very own Cryptocurrency reputed as the Liam coin. As a complimentary service, every Liamtrian is entitled to earn the Liamtra Cryptocurrencythrough chain of service user’s networks and referral. As a consequence, this currency can be redeemed in making any future transactions with Liamtra. The Liamcoin can only be redeemed after they are reflected in the member’s account.


  1. Online card payments -
    Visa, Master and American Express card payments are accepted and processed through an online payment gateway system. The members can rest assured, as the credentials will not be in the wrong hands because the bank will authorize the card transaction directly without any credentials being passed on to Liamtra. The bank will issue, via the online payment gateway system, an authorization code with the confirmation of completion of the transaction. Liamtra is a Verisign Certified Site and other crucial security measures to safeguard your credit card details. We will not store the credit card information, and you can rest assured that Liamtra will offer the highest standards of safety as possible and currently available on the Internet to ensure that all details are safe, secure and completely private. However, if any payment via the Credit/Debit card is declined, alternate payment should be submitted to Liamtra within 72 hours, or the booked service is subject to be cancelled.
  2. Internet Banking -
    if the user has an account with a bank, they are entitled to avail the facility to pay through the respective bank’s net banking procedures and the total amount payable will be directly debited from the holder’s account. Liamtra processes all of its payments through the safest online gateway system.

Copyright Policy:

Liamtra secures the copyright in respect of the Liamtra website, Liamtra mobile applications, the content provided on the site, including text, button icons, images and video clips, digital downloads, data compilations and software, may not be retransmitted, posted, broadcasted, published, copied, used or distributed, by any means, mechanical or physical, without the express written permission by Liamtra, except that you may review, display, print, save or download the materials mentioned within this site for your personal, non-commercial use only.

It is not permitted to use a “robot” or any other mechanical or automatic device, algorithm, or program which possesses similar functionality or manual processes to copy, analyze or monitor the data or the content on the website and all other platforms of Liamtra without the exclusive written permission by Liamtra.

You agree that none of the data or content within this website will be transmitted to any other device or server or any other medium promoting the mass distribution of commercial enterprise. Unauthorized copying or utilization of the material or content within this website is a violation of the copyright, trademark and other governing laws. It is prohibited to modify, copy, sell, upload, publish or exploit any material on any other website or networked computers.

Prohibited Practices:

The members are solely responsible for complying with all the laws, Terms and rules and regulations that are mentioned on Liamtra Platform. Whilst using the platform, the members;

• Will not breach the laws, rules or regulations or the terms mentioned in our Terms of Service and Privacy policy.

• Transmit, copy, use, store or access any information including exclusive member content or personal details in a way which conflicts with the Privacy Policy or Terms of Service.

• Violate or contravene other member’s rights.

• Try to hack, disassemble or decode the software used in the making of Liamtra platform.

• Utilize any robot or other automated procedures to infiltrate, gain access to data from Liamtra platform.

• Attempt to use the content on the platform for commercial use without consent or exclusive permission in a false manner that insinuates any partnership or affiliation to Liamtra.

• Initiates any action which damages the reputation or performance of Liamtra platform.

• Shall not export or import or transfer the application without the official authorization by the laws of Republic of India.

• Offer any accommodation that the host does not legally own by themselves on the platform.

• Cannot demand or accept any payment (booking fee) anywhere other than Liamtra platform. By accepting or requesting payment outside the platform, the members acknowledge the risks involved considering that such actions will be a breach of these terms of services.

• The content provided on the site, including text, button icons, images and video clips, digital downloads, data compilations and software, may not be retransmitted, posted, mirrored, broadcasted, published, copied, used or distributed, by any means, mechanical or physical, without the express written permission by Liamtra.

• Use derogatory terms, defame or discriminate against someone on the basis of caste, culture, religion, race, gender, any mental or physical disadvantage, sexual orientation or to indulge in graphic, violent or harmful behaviour.

If you sense that a member has acted, online or in person, in an offensive or sexually improper behaviour, disruptive conduct or attempts to harass, steal or harm someone, you should straight away report to local authorities and contact Liamtra immediately.

Termination and Suspension:

• The agreement will remain operative for a 30-day term, after which it will automatically be renewed for the following 30-day terms until Liamtra terminates the agreement.

• Members can terminate the agreement at any point of time by sending an email to Liamtra. If a member terminates their account as a guest, the confirmed booking, if any, will immediately be cancelled and the refund will be processed as per the terms mentioned by Liamtra. If a host cancels the account, any confirmed bookings will be terminated, and the guests will receive a full refund.

• Liamtra has the right to, without prior notice, terminate this agreement if a member has violated the laws and rules and regulations or made a breach in the contract of the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

• Liamtra can, in good faith, may take these prevention measures (1) If someone has breached the Terms of Service, privacy policy, laws and rules and regulations. (2) To abide by the applicable laws or under the request of a court, law enforcement or other governing body. (3) If the host fails meeting the quality, legality or eligibility criteria. Moreover, if the descriptions provided are misleading, fraudulent, or inaccurate whilst account registration with Liamtra. (4) If Liamtra receives any complaint regarding the host’s conduct or services. (5) If a member, be it host or guest, frequently cancels the confirmed booking without any valid explanation.

• Liamtra believes that such rational and reasonable measures are necessary for the safety of individuals, properties, or to prevent fraudulent activities.

• In the instance of non- material contravention, a notice will be given regarding the measures that will be taken, and an opportunity will be given for negotiating.

• After the agreement has been terminated, the members will no longer have access to their account or the member’s content herein. If a member’s account has been terminated or suspended by Liamtra, that individual does not have the right to register for a new Liamtra account or access the account of another member or to access the Liamtra platform.

Governing Laws:

• In the event of a dispute, whatever nature it may be, between you and Liamtra during the use of this site, or in connection with your use or attempt to use this site will be referred to as arbitration and under this agreement, shall be settled with a negotiation between the involved parties.

• However, in the case where the dispute cannot be resolved merely by negotiating within a month, then both parties should agree to a sole arbitrator, and the place of arbitration will be Delhi. All the proceedings shall be made in the English language.

• The arbitration proceedings will be demonstrated and governed by the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 and the alterations will be enforced at the relevant time. These terms have been constructed and governed by the laws of the Republic of India, and the disputes are subject to jurisdiction of the appropriate courts in Delhi, India.


• The company does not guarantee the completeness, accuracy or quality of the member content, and if you use Liamtra platform and its content, you do so on your sole discretion.

• You agree to have thoroughly analyzed the Liamtra terms of service, laws, rules and regulations and privacy policy which apply to the services or listing you have provided.

• You agree that some Give&Given or other services might include some risks and you voluntarily assume the risks and dangers associated with it. You assume the responsibility for the decisions you make prior to and during your participation in the service of Give&Given.

• If a minor is accompanying you, you are the sole supervisor, and by the extent of the law, you agree that Liamtra does not hold any liabilities in the matter.

• If we feel there is a need to undergo background check on a member, as permitted by law, such checks will ensure that the member will not immerse in any misbehaviour.

• The disclaimers mentioned apply to the maximum extent permissible by the law of the Republic of India.

• Members are responsible for attaining the appropriate software requirements to access the website.


• You acknowledge and accept the inherent risks involved when you access and operate the platform and the content within, along with your booking any Give&Given, accommodation at a unique home, participation in any tours, hosting any service or whatever other relation you harbour with the members resides with you.

• Liamtra will not be liable to you or other individuals for any indirect or direct or punitive loss or damage howsoever caused by accessing this site.

• Liamtra platform, the content within or Liamtra itself will not be liable for any accidental or consequential damage or failures in the services or equipments or physical injuries arising from the Liamtra Terms of Services, the negligence to ensure permits, failure in a listing or service based on a warranty or inability to access the platform.

• Under the criteria, for any reason, where law does not permit exclusions of liability then, the liability of the Company will be limited to the amount paid by the user and retention will be set forth by the company for the transaction in question.


To the maximum extent as permissible by the law of Republic of India, you come to terms to release and indemnify Liamtra and its affiliates, including but not limited to, the officers, directors, employees, harmless from any liabilities, damages or losses arising from , but not limited to, your inappropriate interaction with Liamtra platform and services, breach of the terms of service, privacy policy, laws and rules and regulations, or with your connection with the members, whether online or in person, participation in any tour or Give&Given, stay at any accommodation or any injury or damage as a consequence of such connection.

Rating and Review:

The members can write a public review or leave a star rating about their experience with a particular host or guest. These ratings mirror the opinions of the members about a certain experience and do not reflect Liamtra’s opinion. These rating and reviews can be misleading as they are not verified by Liamtra.

Ratings and Reviews posted by the members should be exact and no derogatory or violent terms. Furthermore, manoeuvring the ratings and reviews by instructing any third party to publish any positive or negative comment about another member is forbidden.


Liamtra motivates and embraces the valuable feedback about your experience and suggestions to improve the Liamtra platform. You are free to submit your feedback through email at support@liamtra.com

The feedback posted about us on the platform or sent to us via email will be classified as non-confidential and submission of your feedback will grant us the right to publish or display those material or reviews without any compensation to you.

General Provisions:

• No joint partnership, employment or relationship exists between Liamtra and you by your use of Liamtra platform.

• Liamtra reserves the right to alter, modify, remove, discontinue or remove any content published on the site, including but not limited to, member’s content, features, services and descriptions, wholly or partially, temporarily or permanently at any time.

• Liamtra reserves the right to alter, add, change, modify any of the Terms of services if deemed necessary. The changes to the terms will be effective directly after being posted on the website. If a member continues to use this site after the changes have been made effective, it will be assumed as acceptance to the updated Terms of services.

• You do not hold the right to assign or transfer this agreement without express permission by Liamtra.

• Liamtra also reserves the right to participate in all necessary measures to validate the security and safety of the systems and the users, so the preferences and details stay well protected. We take multitude measure to verify whether the listings or bookings are authenticated or not.

Liamtra, in its sole discretion, has the right to check the authenticity or validity of listings.

• Liamtra reserves the right to modify, limit or discontinue the website, the application and the content posted within, in its sole discretion, at any point of time.

• Liamtra can deny in its sole discretion, the user’s access to the site without prior notice.

• No waiver by the company of the mentioned Terms of Service shall be binding except as set forth with the signed and written permission by its duly authorized representative.

• If you have any questions, queries or issues regarding these Terms, you can contact us through email.

We are happy to help. Thank you for using Liamtra!