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About Kiphire 

Bounded by the immense charm of the Majestic Mt. Saramati, Kiphire is a petite town offering various interests for travel enthusiasts. It is one of the most stunning places in Nagaland preserving its natural looks and an untouched destination waiting for many to unfurl its beauty. Sightseeing, canoeing, rafting and trekking are some of the prevailing activities in this beautiful destination. Apart from various interests, homestay experience in Kiphire will give you a thrilling and authentic experience of life being a Naga. 

Unique Homes/Homestays In Kiphire

When it comes to choosing Unique Homes and homestays in Kiphire, there is nothing to fret about as there are many good options. Through Liamtra, one can easily find unique homes and homestays at affordable prices. Explore the delight of Kiphire staying at Homestay offering unique experiences. Take a peek at the lives and rich traditions of the people of the locals who welcome you heartily like one of them. Spent an exotic stay at the Athong Homestay, Rose Homestay, Asang Homestay, Alliance Homestay, Ating Homestay, Ritsa Homestay and Ajung Homestay.

Booking Information

Finding and booking Unique Homes in Kiphire is easy. Book and Get the best homestay and save up to 50% on Liamtra platform. Choose from arrays of fully serviced unique homes and homestays in Kiphire for affordable prices that start from as low as 500 per night. Comfy rooms, free wifi, modern amenities, well equipped kitchens, free on-site parking, ac and other amenities are assured to enjoy your stay in Kiphire homestays. Check real-time fares  of Unique Homes on Liamtra site. 

Nearby Sightseeing

Kiphire is studded with so many places to explore and enjoy every bit of the moment. Where you at this place, visit the following places: 

  • Mt. Saramati
  • Mimi Cave
  • Sukhayap
  • Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary 


Q. How many unique homes in Kiphire are available for booking at Liamtra?

There are about 18 or more unique homes available on the Liamtra platform. Book from these wide range of homestays in Kiphire for a good price and avail lots of exciting deals through Liamtra. 

Q. Where in Kiphire are the popular places or landmarks to book homestays?

Places around Kiphire Town are some of the major points or landmarks to book unique homes/homestays in Kiphire. 

Q. What are some Homestays/Unique homes in Kiphire? 

Athong Homestay, Rose Homestay, Asang Homestay, Alliance Homestay, Ating Homestay, Ritsa Homestay and Ajung Homestay are some of the Homestays/Unique homes in Kiphire. 

Q. What is the lowest price for Kiphire Homestay?
Price of Homestay in Kiphire can be as low as 500 per night depending on the location, seasons and offers. 


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