There are places as old as time, and oddly the most inspiring ones ever. Ancient places are the ones that make us forget about the sophisticated world we live in now. Moreover, it makes us stop, rewind, and let us

If you recollect, the Covid -19 pandemic came like a ‘dementor’ from ‘Azkaban’ to wipe out every bit of euphoric feelings. However, the dark hours are ebbing away and are now giving way for new perks. The consecutive years 2020

Splish-splash goes the monsoon rain again, miracle drops for the heated summer! And there the weather goes blissful and saturated, busy breezing its fresh air everywhere. It is agreeable to fall in love with the satisfying petrichor tempting to sniff

 Conceived with admirable landscape and historical pride, India has a complete package a traveler is dying to explore. Worthy for all types of visits, this diverse land acutely drove an unbelievable amount of people from all places. Besides the most

Orissa or Odisha is an Indian state that lies in the eastern side of India. Derived from the ancient Prakrit word, 'Odda Visaya', the state in 2011 was named Odisha from Orissa. It is surrounded by the states of Jharkhand,

Gujarat is one of the most vibrant states of India. It has made itself a prominent feature on the Indian map through its culture, wildlife, caves, handicrafts and much more. A vibrant and diversified way of lifestyle portrays the true

Lying in the North-East corner of India, the most prestigious Arunachal Pradesh is home to numerous peaks, valleys, greenery, lakes, Buddhist monasteries and temples. It is the perfect place for people to explore in the country as it offers great

Missed out on your daily dose of news? Well, here are the top ten travel news that made headlines this week.  Where some places are still trying to recover from the impact of the global pandemic, some respite can be seen

Just a forty-five-minute speedboat ride or a ninety-minute ferry ride from Phuket or Krabi lie the beautiful Phi Phi islands. The islands are picture-perfect that would make you want to just click your time away. Turquoise blue waters, diverse marine

India around the world is known for being home to a varied number of cultures and religions. Due to which the country has known to be the celebratory hub of vibrant festivals. These festivals have been identified for their uniqueness