India, in all credit, beholds the most stunning places in the world. Myriads of attractions ranging from heritage, culture, religion, arts, to impeccable landscape and vistas, this country never fails to surprise any visitors. This sub-continent showcases a distinctive diversity

If you recollect, the Covid -19 pandemic came like a ‘dementor’ from ‘Azkaban’ to wipe out every bit of euphoric feelings. However, the dark hours are ebbing away and are now giving way for new perks. The consecutive years 2020

Splish-splash goes the monsoon rain again, miracle drops for the heated summer! And there the weather goes blissful and saturated, busy breezing its fresh air everywhere. It is agreeable to fall in love with the satisfying petrichor tempting to sniff

India is not all about the landscape, historic venue, or religious-hued destinations. Literally, food and beverages are part of the intrigue of this great nation. With a unique topographic structure, India variedly introduces myriads of popular alcoholic beverages too. Trying