Did you know that there are certain airports constructed in the world that can be extremely hazardous? There are many airports in the world that have been marked as the most dangerous airports. Know more about which are these airports

The Indonesian island known as Bali offers the most majestic times for tourists. The place has been the most majestic architectural creative monuments and temples that have known to exist many years ago. Spend your time exploring this incredible spot

  Commuting on a daily basis in an international country, looking for a not so expensive accommodation option, ordering food is considered expensive, that is why people start preparing a  budget and saving money many months in advance. But, that

The lake Baikal said to be the oldest lakes in the world, ageing around 25 to 30 million years approximately. The lake is also known to be one of the clearest lakes in the world. The lake forms a stunning

Named after the famous lake Rotorua in New Zealand’s northern island, is Rotorua or the Sulphur city. The city has an estimated population of mere 72,500 people only. But that isn’t just known for its tiny population. Rotorua is famous

Recognized twice by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage Area for its exquisite beauty, the Halong Bay, located in the northern part of Vietnam is one of the world's greatest natural wonders. Towards the northeastern side of  Halong Bay is

This former capital of Turkey is quickly climbing the ladder of the most popular holiday destinations and after reading these unknown facts, you will surely be taken a step closer in understanding the history and rich culture of Istanbul. Istanbul was

No words are enough to describe the sight one gets to witness while paying a visit to enthralling and magnificent, Iguazu waterfalls. Tourists that have witnessed the true beauty of these waterfalls say that the sight truly is an indefinable

Cappadocia originated from the Persian word 'Katpaktukya' means 'the land of beautiful horses' as it was earlier known for its horses. It resides between Nevsehir, Nigde and Kayseri in Turkey. Cappadocia is one of the most unheard magical and picturesque