India’s First Vistadome Rail Coaches

If a train journey between Shimla and Kalka hasn’t found a spot on your bucket list, then you should. Just not an ordinary train ride, but the Vistadome coaches on Him Darshan Express ride will give an extravagant experience to all travelers. Runs regularly on the Shimla-Kalka rail route, the scenery is bestowed with pine-covered mountains, rolling meadows, bumpy valleys, and numerous streams next to the lush green forest. Hop on and enjoy the sweetest trance as the train takes you on a surreal journey between heaven and earth.  You should consider a trip, especially during winter when the snow falls on the glass ceiling making everything magical. 

About The Him Darshan Express

The Him Darshan Express runs on the Shimla-Kalka rail route and stations at Shimla. It was initially launched as a Christmas present for its passengers back in 2019. Also, it is the first-ever vista dome coach introduced in India. With the new and exciting innovation, the passengers are sure to get a totally new experience watching the scenery from the glass-ceiling train roof. Chugging on one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites and seeing a wide view of the aesthetic landscape will find yourself soaking in a piece of paradise. 

What are the surprises?

If you find Shimla’s beauty surprising from a car ride, the surprise isn’t a surprise yet. Consider a momentum ride in Vistadome coaches for a real surprise. An experience from Vistadome coaches is surreal and exuberantly exciting. Hence, these coaches allow you to see a satisfying view of your surroundings as you like. And as the slow train ride takes you forward to other amazing vistas, you’ll find your moments better. The interior has other astounding elements where you will find superior seating comforts, enough leg space, airline-like service, and well-air conditioning coaches. The gigantic windows, the opalescent ceiling windows with an impeccable view with all the ultra-specialties indicate a fresh vibe for passengers. 

The Vistadome coaches with massive windows allow viewers to see a panoramic view of the passing landscape.  The inside is well-equipped with modern amenities and the coaches are adjustable to enhance the overall experience of sightseeing. One can adjust or reverse the seating according to the movement. The Him Darshan Express has seven coaches including one special first-class sitting cum luggage room coach.

How much is the fare?

A one-way trip on Him Darshan Express costs only Rs. 630 per head without any concession on the ticket. Booking a first-class coach requires taking the ticket manually from Kalka or Shimla Stations. Although, getting a ticket for the Vistadome coaches is available through the passenger reservation system. The ride on the Kalki-Shimla Rail Heritage sites takes about 4 to 5 hours that is slower than the normal timing of a train. This is to ensure the passengers have a fun-fulfilling journey, a fully astounding experience they never felt like before. So, as for you now, you should plan your trip soon to Shimla to embark on the most pleasurable Vistadome train journey to lost in trance with the verdant valleys and lush mountains.

Who can take a ride on Him Darshan Express?

Tourists willing and wanting to experience the real taste of nature’s sheer beauty can board the train. The Vistadome coaches are open for any passengers eager to soak in the paradise journey. Apart from the first-class coach which can accommodate 14 passengers, each Vistadome coach contains 15 seating capacity for passengers. The Him Darshan express, Vistadome coaches feature refurbished wide windows with roller blinds and roof glass with honeycomb blinds to block the heavy light during summers. 

When to board?

The Him Darshan Express runs from Kalka station to Shimla. It starts its journey at 7:00 am and reaches its destination at 12:55 pm. The next exciting sojourn starts at 3:50 pm and ends at 9:15 pm. The ride covers a distance of 94 km and takes around 4 to 5 hours taking the shortest routes between Shimla and Kalka. The train is operational every day and has 19 halts

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