Contemporarily and commonly, most companies eventually require their employees to take a business trip. However, most of the time, business travelers may find the trip routine dreadful or might even develop anxieties during the process. Meanwhile, though exhausting from the

Travel Industries run with a circle of alleviating one another. Evolving from traditional or offline methods to the cutting-edge technology travel experience, travel business never wears out to surprise their consumers. In fact, the Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) must be

Post Pandemic Of all the struggling events through the pandemic, Travel Industries received the hardest blow. Currently, it is uncertain to recover to its finest potential. To delay the consuming virus, each country took steps to mandate the safety protocols. They

Social media paved so much for the travel industry to grow and evolve tremendously. We can say that travel marketing and social media are a match made in digital paradise. Travel companies have to keep up-to-date with the new marketing

India is not all about the landscape, historic venue, or religious-hued destinations. Literally, food and beverages are part of the intrigue of this great nation. With a unique topographic structure, India variedly introduces myriads of popular alcoholic beverages too. Trying

The Global Pandemic had gone too far in disrupting the lives of people. It has been more than a year since the virus has breached the entire world and faced a common crisis. Moreover, it has affected most exciting events

Apparently, guests are considered gods in hospitality services! But several guests have taken this statement too far that they cross the line of ‘human respects’. Being a guest in this sophisticated society also means being human. Moreover, being polite to

‘Prevention is better than Cure', to ‘Prevention and fashion combined are Dope’ is a menacing transformation of masks in the current world! Masks today is a trending hashtag for the hipsters escalated by the COVID - 19 global pandemics. However,

There is no general remark that loving the sea defines an outmatched tagging than loving the mountains to ace our quality. Besides, to like one of these natural destinations does not stop us from being the best version of ourselves.

A lot happened in the month of August. Didn’t have the time to catch up? We have listed down below the top ten highlights of August. 1. The New Travel Trend- Staycations As the pandemic has hugely impacted the way holidays used to