Hi guys, have been curious to know how you travel to places! There have been so many buzzwords referring to traveling as Workation, Staycation, Slow Travel, or Mini Moon. Past these, what are the chances to call you between these two classic categories Backpackers and Glampackers… or both? Found out that these two nature of traveling differs distinctly from each other but with a common goal, reaching the destination, ANYHOW! They both fascinate each individual in equal measure and leave a mark of memories either way. For this new whole breed of travellers, here is everything you need to know whether you are a backpacker or glampacker or know the differences.

Backpackers Vs Glampackers

Introducing the Backpackers

Truly we know that planning a trip is a whole chapter of preparations. What a backpacker will do is fix everything systematically. They choose authentic long trips compared to every weekend vacationer. They travel a lot different than the rest of the travel freaks. Backpacking is influenced by young adults and college students more than working individuals. Mind not, we are not setting a bias on age factor or professions for such traveling. 

Backpackers define their journey by experiencing new cultures.  In fact, getting to know the locals, socializing, adventure, and exploring the unexplored is their ultimate character. On the otherhand, budget is a really typical thing backpackers are mindful. They don’t have issues with sharing rooms in dorms. Either eating simple meals does not bother them. Their goal is meant to achieve their dreams of visiting places. Hence, they are ever ready to explore the world most of the time they get in their hands instead of zipping in hotel rooms. 

Backpackers are effortlessly tempted by traveling along the journey, other than the actual destinations. The little things that they enjoy sums up that they feel one with the place and the people. They are so comfortable with inexpensive places to stay, public conveniences and transportations. Therefore they have no accurate plans for the journey if they enjoy it to the fullest. 

What Makes Backpackers happy? 

The idea of happiness for these dudes is to travel the world when they feel down and be healed by exotic destinations. Traveling is a way they express their inner joy. It rejuvenates their spirits from their sullen mind and helps them examine themselves once again. They are free-willed wayfarers with no rush of getting back to the real world but take time to indulge all the chances of traveling and experiences. 

Well hey, it is unusual to mention, but their journey is not held back by what they wear, or by any unfavorab le weather. Nor by not taking showers for straight two or more days. Hence, they are but proud about it. They choose to travel to secluded destinations and mostly avoid the common ground of attractions. And it is obvious, they are obsessed to count every bit a big opportunity for them!

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Introducing the Glampackers

On one hand, glampackers are a trending traveling paradox loved by this exotic generation. Sacrifice is not on the list for these travelers, but comforts, luxury, fame, and likes in their social profiles are a must in every episode of their travel. They have healthier budgets as compared to backpackers. So often, traveling is considered as a career break or a recreational activity for them. They run after finer things in life and easier ways of spending their ultimate vacations in their dear selected destinations.

Glampackers approve themselves to stay in grand hotels or other comfy accommodations over the ordinary ones. They overlook their privacy as their priority and love having bathrooms, bedrooms, and dining tables of their own. They love to throw themselves into the fluffy beds, have fancy meals with etiquette, and present themselves in a sophisticated version.  

What Makes Glampacker Happy? 

Glampackers seemed to be always on set with their polaroid cameras or DSLR to capture the perfect frozen jiffy at any stunning spots. They gladly embrace huge luggage, making rooms for every souvenir to bring home and share with their loved ones or keep them as prized possessions. They carry all their beauty equipment and gadgets along with them to look glamorous in photographs and occasions. It sounds a lot like a girl thing, but nuh-uh, once more, it is not a bias situation between the universal genders. 

Booking way ahead and fixing a specific destination with a planned itinerary is what glampackers will do. They avoid hustles along the journey and lessen the stress of getting delayed transportations. 

More scratches in credit cards, slimmer wallet, massive luggage to drag home, and a broad smile are the end outcome for glampackers. Period! 


Difference between Backpackers and Glampackers 

Backpackers and glampackers land on the same goal of exploring the world, but the mode of traveling and budget is a huge difference. The former of the two keeps a record of every penny, literally every single penny spent during their entire journey. The latter lavish their expenses and do have preference for the first-class reserve.

These two breeds of travelers have a huge contrast in the way they dress and pack their things. Backpackers’ luggage is compact, light,  and uses a lot of travel hacks for conveniences. Glampackers do not mind dragging a massive suitcase bringing as many items as they want. They must have all they need for every occasion. 

On reaching the destination, a backpacker will indulge himself in the laps of nature, and the indigenous folks, but rare with snapshots though they take it along the journey. A glampacker is more inclined towards snapping good photos. He/She gets ready for a set in-camera pose and puts it up on social media as quickly as they can. 

Accommodation at a low cost is an ideal choice for a backpacker. Homestays, low-cost hotels, or hostels are the apple of their eyes. A Glampacker, on the other hand, despises ordinary accommodation but chooses boutique hotels during their vacation. 

bacpackers and glampackers


Let us consider that these two travel breeds ie, backpackers and glampackers are two sides of the same coin but with different levels of styles. However, there could be a coincidence that a person can become both types of travelers in most cases of travel experiences. In full aspiration, readers like you may find the variation of these two queer types of travelers and to which category they belong. Both types are fascinating in the uniqueness of their own. For you, it leaves with a question: Which of the two is you?