Udaipur, the city of lakes or as every layman is aware has the most prominent lakes that suffice the entire city. Though most of the lakes have been made artificially they have been sufficing the water requirements of the locals since they were created. Famous for the art, culture, beauty and its architectural monuments, Udaipur is knowingly also called the ‘Venice of the East’. The palaces or castles that sit in between the waters of the lake adds tranquillity and charm of the royal era. The royal era can be witnessed through the paintings, antiques and artifacts that have prominently left the mark of the famous royalties of the previous centuries in the palaces of Udaipur. 




Lake Pichola

The three-mile-long Lake Pichola has been mesmerizing onlookers with its crystal clear waters since the 1362AD. The Lake Pichola has been named after the Picholi village near which it resides. The Lake was built by a Banjara tribesman, Pichhu Banjara who used to transport grain during the reign of Maharana Lakha. Its enchanting and charming abilities led the former Maharana of Mewar, Maharana Udai Singh to form the grand city of Udaipur around it. He wanted to spread its enormity and splendour in such a way that he ordered his followers to expand the lake by countless kilometres. Hence, the people of Udaipur created a dam on the lake to increase its vastness. Over the years, the beauty of the lake was enhanced due to various ghats, palaces and temples. The lake’s beautiful waters host one of the most stunningly created palaces of Udaipur, the Lake Palace.  Apart from the Lake Palace, the Jag Mandir or Lake Garden Palace is also situated amidst the waters of the Lake.


Lake Pichola


Fateh Sagar Lake

Adjudged as one of the precious lakes of Udaipur, Fateh Sagar lake is a sight that dazzles every onlooker’s eyes. The Lake has been named after Maharaja Fateh Singh, who ruled Udaipur for almost five decades. Regarded as the second largest lake of Udaipur, it sits right across the Moti Magri hills and is surrounded by the warmth and serenity of the Aravali hills. It is also surrounded by three little striking islands. After two hundred years of surviving, the lake sadly was washed away due to the onslaught of floods and rain.  But, credit to the great Maharaja Fateh Singh, he ordered to restore the waters of the lake by building a dam that today is known as the Connaught Bund. Hence, the reason why it is today called the Fateh Sagar Lake.




Lake Palace

Built over a period of three years, the Lake Palace was constructed under the rulership of Maharana Jagat Singh. The black-white marble that ornaments the palace while exposes itself to the rays of the beaming sun is a sight not be missed. Earlier called Jag Niwas after the name of the great Maharana Jagat Singh. A leisure spot of the former royalty, the place is stunningly located on the centre of the lake waters. The beauty of the Lake palace is enhanced by the Aravalli hills in the backdrop. Inside there are tons of striking spots that include the gardens, fountains, terrace and courtyards. The palace received acclaim and bundles of praise when it was featured in the famous James Bond film ‘Octopussy’. The hotel has over sixty-five luxurious rooms and eighteen grand suites that offer the most breathtaking views of the lake and hills to the guests. Defile or clicking the most exquisite assortment of cuisines or spend a relaxing day away from the chaos at the Jiva spa. One of the most romantic locations of Udaipur, the palace is ideal for a wedding, reception, vacation or a romantic lunch date.


Lake Palace Udaipur


Artist House

The Artist House is a well-known and prominent eighty-year-old theatre building that was formerly called the ‘Picture Palace’. If on a search to find a quiet spot to read a book, brainstorm ideas for a new venture or catch up with a long lost friend in Udaipur then, The Artist House is just the ideal space to spend time alone or with a companion. The place has been built with the natural resources and hence, offers the perfect light, fresh air and fresh farm produced ‘Blue Tokai’ coffee for the best times. The place also gained popularity as its son became a hub for new business ventures. The Artist House can be utilized as a coworking space which lets innovative and bright minds come together. If willing, a person can choose to attain membership packages. You can also choose to stay at ‘The Artist House’ to enjoy its rusticness and novelty for a longer span.


Artist House


Jheel’s Ginger Cafe and Restaurant

Have you ever eaten a meal or had brunch next to a lake? Well, the stunning Jheel’s Ginger Cafe and Restaurant offer such an experience. The place lets in on an up-close and personal to the serene view of the beautiful Lake Pichola that enhances the deliciousness of your meal with fresh air in the subtle daylight. Visitors can also choose the indoor seating that is fully air-conditioned and gives an upper-level view of the lake. Munch on the delicious pastries and sundaes while sipping on one of the best shakes or mocktails. Avid readers would want to keep coming back here as the cafe offers a huge range of books for them to fall in love.


Jheel's Ginger Cafe and Restaurant


Hello Boho cafe

Looking for a quiet yet cute place to sit and have some delicious falafel or pasta in Udaipur, then all your search should stop at the Hello Boho cafe. The cafe is located next to the Gangaur Ghat that looks over the quaint waters of the Lake Pichola. The rugged walls and antique colourful sitting arena add a cute little touch to the cafe. The desserts of the Hello boho are a must-try of this place.


Hello Boho Cafe


Lake Badi

Another precious lake of the city of Udaipur is the Lake Badi. Built by Maharana Raj Singh I between 1652 to 1680 as a way through which people could survive the harmful effects of the famine that had led to a massive disruption in the city. The lake resulted in quenching the thirst of many people. The lake was earlier named Jiyan Sagar who was the mother of Maharana Raj Singh I. But, was later renamed Lake Badi as it resides in the small village of Badi. The lake stretches up to 155 km and is one of the most prestigious tourist spots of the city. The view of the lake on top of the Bahubali is absolutely enthralling. The mountain top offers a faraway view of the Aravalli hills and the Badi village. The water of the lake is ideal for a swim and a boat ride too. The boating charges start from Rs. 20 an up to Rs. 400 per head.


Lake Badi - Udaipur


Gangaur Ghat

The Ambrai Ghat, popularly known as the Manjhi Ghat Udaipur is the highlight tourist spot in the old and subdued part of Udaipur. The ghat is located opposite of the Gangaur Ghat just near the familiar water of Lake Pichola. As every ghat around the world is customed to religious and devotional practices, similarly the Ambrai Ghat is known to conduct artis every day. There are a total of six artis that are conducted in a day. The commencement of the arti takes place at 5:30 am in the morning and the conclusion of the holy practices is conducted at 6:30 pm in the evening. Visitors will get to witnessed devotees take a holy bath inside the waters of the ghat and performing religious practices for the attainment of peace within their minds and souls. The ghat gives great scenic views of historically and acclaimed spots like te Shiv Niwas, Jag Mandir and Lake Palace. The place being a sacred point gives open access to people, one can also choose to sit at the chairs put up near the ghat to take in the picturesque panorama of the place.


Gangaur Ghat


City Palace

The city palace has been standing tall and sturdy for a period of four hundred years on the banks of the Lake Pichola. The palace has been bestowed by the royal and significant presence of many rulers for decades. The first ruler to reside inside the palace was Maharana Udai Singh II in the year 1553. Regarded as one of the most prestigious places for its intricate and stunning artwork display. The massive walls, domes and pillars depict the carvings that have taken inspiration from Rajasthani and Mughal architecture style. Many rulers of various generations that came and left the palace. But, their style, heirlooms and amendments that they created inside the palace during their reign has managed to convey every tourist their remarkable presence over the four hundred years. The city palace has been entirely built with white marble and granite. The palace has been remarkably created with stupendous features that when hit with sunlight appears as a phenomenal yellow stone castle. The interiors of the city palace feature complex mirror work, marble work, stunning paintings, murals and silver antiques.


City Palace Udaipur


Monsoon Palace

The monsoon palace or the Sajjan Garh Palace has been built on top of the Aravalli Hills, that adds serenity into the city of Udaipur. The palace sits next to the Fateh Sagar Lake and offers a birds eye’s view of the rest of the four prominent lakes and of the city too. The palace was built in 1884 under the ruler of the Mewar Dynasty Maharana Sajjan Singh. Hence, was named the  ‘SajjanGarh Palace’. But, was later named the ‘Monsoon Palace’. The reason behind the place being called ‘Monsoon” is that it was built to study the dark grey heavy monsoon clouds from a better view. They used the palace to keep a track and assess all the weather changes that used to occur. The path that leads up to the palace is up to a distance of 4km that makes it perfect to go on a trek with your pals or a significant someone. The Sajjangarh palace surrounds the area of the precious palace. Therefore, you’ll surely come across various species of birds flying in the sky and animals lurking inside the sanctuary. Visit here between 8 am to 4 pm. The Monsoon palace has been featured in the famous bond movie  ‘The Octopussy’ too.


Monsoon Palace Udaipur


Bahubali Hills

The Bahubali hill is a steeping top hill among the vicinity of Udaipur. The hill is situated near Badi Lake that is the ideal spot to spend some quiet time. Surprisingly, the hill was discovered just a while ago and received acclaim and accolades overnight. Also called the Badi hill due to its close proximity to the Lake Badi. But, was named the Bahubali hill after receiving suggestions from a Google user who mentioned that the hill looked similar to the one in the Bahubali movie. The walk up to the hill takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes. the Bahubali hill is the perfect spot to catch the sunrise or set over the hills of Aravali. Spend a peaceful evening at the hill either picnicking or trekking. Don’t forget to click a picture on top of the hills as the memory of visiting this scenic location is absolutely phenomenal.


Bahubali hill