If you recollect, the Covid -19 pandemic came like a ‘dementor’ from ‘Azkaban’ to wipe out every bit of euphoric feelings. However, the dark hours are ebbing away and are now giving way for new perks. The consecutive years 2020 and 2021 might have been desperate but are a kick-off start for a great decade. Especially a fresh start for restive individuals who love exploring! While all the weekends got wasted close-up at home, now is time to untether the invisible rope and walk the street again. Buckle up, we have a load of savvy ideas for the rest of the weekends for a fruitful 2021 weekend getaway. 

Wildlife Weekend Getaway

The picture of seeing the big wild cats or rare mammalians moving about steadily is an escalated feeling. Wildlife photography is another intriguing activity you can enjoy at will. Hence, If you get a pop-up idea of a wildlife weekend getaway, it is truly an amusing one. So, if you are one wildlife lover, here’s where you can go:

Nagarahole National Park, Karnataka 

Nagarahole National Park is one of the premiered tiger reserve destinations. The lush green forests and the Western Ghats hills surround the vicinity offering a splendid view for vivid travelers. A jeep safari is a stunning idea to look around the place. Boating along the Kabini River will show you prime spotting for crocodiles and other wildlife attractions. However, make sure you carry extra camera batteries to let your excitement continue. 

Kaziranga National Park, Assam 

Situated on the floodplains of the River Brahmaputra, Kaziranga National Park is a much-highlighted wildlife destination. Certainly, it is a must-visit on the list for your wildlife weekend getaway. Hence, savor your wildlife trip here with the one-horned rhinoceros and drive along the elephant grass to have a closer look at some majestic beasts. 

Satpura National Park, Madhya Pradesh 

Madhya Pradesh hosts the highest number of National Parks in India. Amongst them, Satpura National Park is the most sensational one to have an authentic wildlife experience. It is also one of the most scenic hotspots to spot leopards, tigers, antelope, and deers. It is a photographer’s piece of heaven as it reveals the richness of what India has to offer. 

Keibul Lamjao National Park, Manipur 

Manipur at the far east is explicitly a notable destination for explorers. The weather, the road, and the landscape towards Keibul Lamjao National Park are exceptionally delightful. While reaching there, you will come to know why we suggested. Firstly, it is the sight of the beautiful Loktak Lake with pieces of floating islands. Secondly, the National park on the floating islands itself houses the most elegant Sangai Deer. Finally, the undeniably amazing ambiance to soothe your weary journey. 

Adventure, Camping, And Activities 

Tired of hanging up-side-down from your bed during the many weekends so bored? Back to the normal position and feeling the adrenaline rushes on your head? Miss the adventures and hanging out with your peers? Well, if you absurdly miss those shrieking and spine-chilling activities, the hour is struck for your redemption. As we put up some adventure and fun-fulfilling activities for your weekend getaway, rush for your favorite destination on the list:

Bir Billing 

Exciting paragliding awaits you at Bir Billing. It is the second-highest paragliding destination in the world, and the fun is inconceivable. Apart from being an ultimate adventure spot, it is a quaint destination with amiable views and charms. The vista is beyond stunning to look at while you paraglide between heaven and earth. 


Rishikesh is one destination sheltering almost every sort of escapade. Additionally, the pristine and charming hill station is everything you hope for the best weekend getaway. Ever tried bungee jumping? Trust me, they say, it is freakingly thrilling. You and your friend deserve a fulfilling and weightless ecstasy as you soar beneath the Bungee jumping podium. However, there are several other exciting adventures which include river rafting, trekking, and many others you name it.  


If camping is your ideal hobby, Coorg is a great choice. Lush greens, rolling valleys, and tiny streams feature this idyllic destination excellent for nature lovers. While at the day you can admire the stretch of coffee plantations, misty hills, and the surreal farms, at night it is perfect for stargazing. 


Once or a couple of times you might have imagined flying like a bird. That, my friend, can be fulfilled. If you have the little daredevil courage in you, Mysore awaits your arrival. Flying like a free bird, gliding underneath the blue sky and hovering with the wind, you can feel extremely alive. 


Has your closet been shut for a very long time? Well, let’s unleash them to shine again with you! So, pack them up and head for the destination to blend with your glamorous outlooks. Meanwhile, call your bestie(s), glam up, get ready for the pose, and drop the best snapshot on social media! However, put aside the complication to choose a destination. We got your back to sort out the best places for a captivating glamping trip!


Of many other things, the lakes in Udaipur draw the attention of many glam lovers. True to its name as the city of lakes, it is epithet as the ‘Venice of the East’, and the sight is sheer beauty. The coffee houses and cozy restaurants dotted on the streets added a great amount of charm. So, walk the royally mimicked street along with your favorite outfit, hit the pose, and there you go, the most glamorous person in the whole wide world. 

Chamba Camp, Thiksey 

Do you fancy one of those luxury tent houses in the outskirts? Chamba Camp that features a dozen of colonial-style African tents at Thiksey is one you can stay. They are charmingly stationed at the base of the Thiksey Monastery and offer a spectacular view. The site will give you almost total peace and have all the fun to yourself. The campsite around the Himalayan region overlooks the most stunning view and is a place to bask yourself in the sun. 

The Serai, Jaisalmer 

Sitting pretty between the dunes of Jaisalmer, the Serai is an elegant campsite. This luxurious campsite offers a reminiscence of the glorious past of the Rajput Prince camping amidst the desert on their royal detour. At day you can see the ornamented camps and the vista looking extremely beautiful. And at night the campsite looks impressive with the cluster of stars and blinding lights from the sites. The experience will make you feel like taking you to an Arabian Night-Esque milieu.  

Treehouse Resort, Jaipur 

A flee from the city life to a house on the tree! Sounds like a wonderful glamping journey in the lap of nature! The Tree House Resort at Nature’s Farm is an alluring slice of heaven with a zest of urban conveniences. You will be bewildered by the exuberant ambiance of the exotic place and indeed glad that you make up for your weekend getaway. 

Getaway To Romantic Weekend

Staying apart that long with bae, eh! Or are you both confined in a home together for so long? It is time you execute the trip you have been discussing. (We know you discuss a romantic trip a lot) Nothing can be more romantic than leaving the comfort zones at home and exploring beyond. Moreover, it is good that you feed your relationship with great and memorable memories. So, considering your lovey-dovey situation with your better half, we have destination presentations for you to choose from: 


Shillong is a heart-throbbing destination idyllic for a romantic weekend getaway. Unboxing a truth while you reach, it will confuse you either to fall in love with the destination or your partner. Everything is fine though if you can balance the love between them. Enjoy a great deal overlooking the canyons, lakes, and the most highlighted Seven Sisters Falls. Besides that, you will have great fun exploring the culinary delights.


You must go to Manali if you and your partner want to be full of each other. Flowers, rolling meadows, and surreal mountain peaks are all that will care to distract your attention and not the hustling neighbors. The snow-clad mountains and the lovely landscape will melt your onlooking heart adding more attractions for one another. 


Darjeeling is a hill station soak with splendor and endearing beauty. This quaint place will make you whimper with joy! Spend the most romantic weekend getaway with your favorite person. Either it is the air, the mountain, or the scenic beauty, the place will devour your full attention. So known for its excellent signature tea, brew some of it and have a cherishing sip with your honeybun. 


When you are in love, you take delight in nature deeply. Munnar is an unparalleled, quaint, and verdantly green destination. All you can see are the stretches of green patches, swaying palm trees, calm backwaters, and picturesque landscape. Walk around the tea estate, feel elated at the sight of Rose Garden, and pose for your favorite selfie moment with your partner. 

A Weekend Getaway Beside Beaches and tides 

With the ebbing tides, the swaying palms, and the smooth sand, you cannot explain the kind of happiness on the beach. If you fervently love the aura of beach life, we have curated a destination you are looking forward to visiting. So it is a damn sure thing that you will fall in love with all of them: 


Goa is a great place for a beach cation, or rather a beachy weekend getaway destination! It is a coastal hub where EVERYONE utters instantaneously when it comes to beach holidays. A plethora of activities sprawl the land of art, culture, and pop sensations. For a great bonfire, and beach party head straight to this place and create your ultimate weekend story. 


Once a French town, the ambiance of Pndicherry still has the touch of its predominant art and culture. It hosts the most ethereal beaches that are calm, surreal, and undisturbed. It is one of the best beach weekend getaways. Whilst here, have the joy of devouring the scenic beauty, water activities, building sand mansions, and running crazy around the outlined beach.   

Havelock Island

Havelock Island is one of the masterpieces of all islands in Andaman and Nicobar Island. Brimming with the philanthropy of sights and scenic beauty, this coastal island is a heavenly destination for beach lovers. M moreover, the turquoise waters, the white sparkling sands, and the vividly enchanting coral reefs are feasts for the eyes. Have an excellent holiday mashup with thrilling water activities to fulfill your weekend getaway. 


Kovalam is a great beach destination for beach vacationists. It is also one of the oldest beach hubs that attract hundreds of visitors almost every day. The coastal region is prettily outlined by the palm trees and the adjacent curved beaches offer a spectacular view. It is breathtaking as well as relaxing to spend a fruitful weekend getaway here. 

Shopping, The Best Weekend Getaway

Shopping is also one of the savvy ideas for an ideal weekend getaway. But where to go is a question! However, India is a great place for any kind of shopping. And the most fun part to begin is every Indian Market is a good place to bargain. Here are places you can go and shop a good amount of booties. 

Connaught Place, New Delhi 

If you are looking for a cheap but exquisite place to shop, Connaught Place in New Delhi is a great destination. You will see a crowd flocking for the best attires, selection of branded and street styles at cheap prices. You can consider going to Sarojini market, Lajpat Nagar market, or Khan market in similarity with Connaught Place. 

Hong Kong Market, Siliguri 

Hong Kong Market at Siliguri is a one-stop destination for hyper-shopaholics. All commercial goods are stationed here from Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, and other international goods for reasonable prices. 

Fashion Street and Hill Road, Mumbai 

For imposing malls and window shoppings, Mumbai is the heart destination. However, you will enjoy a great deal shopping from Fashion street and Hill Road. It is the most highlighted shopping destination there. Chic fashion, sleek dresses, footwear, and other temptations at reasonable prices are available. 

Moreh, Manipur 

Moreh in the Indo-Myanmar border is a must-visit shopping destination. Being one of the best commercial towns in India, it is the best hub to find what you need instantaneously. Clothes, eatables, footwear, and other products are totally awesome and available at affordable prices. Most tourists love this bustling town, especially for shopping. 

Go Bike Riding For A Weekend Getaway 

What is more amusing than riding your blues away on weekend! If riding is one of your passions, and haven’t tried it out, just do it. It is the greatest sensation and exclusively entrancing. Here’s where you can take your two-wheelers and get the cue: 

Delhi to Leh Ladakh 

The smooth road from Delhi to Leh Ladakh will lead you to the most dazzling snowy landscape. The snow-clad mountains and the vivid vista to look upon as you ride along is a thrilling experience. You can have all the white adventures to yourself and encounter the best ride ever.  

Guwahati to Tawang 

Among other motor-cyclable routes, Guwahati to Tawang is an ascending gateway to heaven. A vivid nature lover will find this route idle for a long ride whilst he/she enjoys pure scenic nature. Certainly, the spectacular sight and the enthralling landscape are one to leave you enchanted as you make your way through your final destination. Enjoy a delightful trip to one of the picturesque places called Tawang.

Chennai to Munnar 

A mesmerizing ride you can count upon is from Chennai to Munnar. Have fun riding between the verdant tea plantations and the sensation is one of a kind. The green patches will leave you speechless and give you a nerve-racking joy. 

Bangalore to Goa 

The Bangalore to Goa route is another euphoric vibe for passionate riders. Riding along the coast with the wind, the sea, and the crying seagull will take you to cloud 9. It is sheer bliss to ride on the coastal route outline with the swaying palm trees and the ebbing waves on the scene. 

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