From cheap and trendy styles to exclusive designers’ fashion, India is a perfect destination for shopaholics. Visitors overseas enjoy coming to the country for many reasons, yet shopping tops them all. Nevertheless, it is not about the stuffy malls with gasping prices for one piece of clothing we are saying. Instead, the talk is about street shopping, a delightful experience without a worry about a penny-pinching situation. These shopping destinations in India require only a minimum extraction of your budget. But at the end of the day, you will end up hauling stuff just for fair prices. Get everything you need from high-end brands to tiny souvenirs you can gift to your friends and family. Run through the lines below to find out more about Shopping Destinations In India You Can’t Resist To Haul!

Sarojini Nagar Market

One of the most enjoyable shopping destinations in India is Sarojini Nagar in New Delhi. Perhaps, it is the best flea market you will ever visit to find boutiques to high-end fashion items in multiple choices. You can find an array of branded clothes, footwear, bags, accessories, and a lot more. Owing to its popularity, the SN market as fondly tagged by Delhiites keeps you highly irresistible when you are good at bargaining. So, get set and wear that bargaining hat to crack good deals on all stuff. Also, get prepared to slip and slide past the pack of crowds rushing for the same mission. 

Police Bazaar, Shillong

If you are looking for an exotic collection of fashion brands, Police Bazaar in Shillong is the right place. Ranging from local handicrafts to trendy and chic accessories, this appalling street shopping place will keep you fascinated. Make your feet drag through the Glorious Plaza for exquisite clothing and wears that will rightly suit your styles. Get amuse walking and stopping along with the small shops and stands where you are safe from the trouble of running vehicles and traffics. Moreover, you won’t regret trying those mouth-drooling street food from the little food stall. All these varieties sum up Police Bazaar as one of the captivating shopping destinations in India. 

Ima Keithel, Imphal

Ima Keithel in Imphal amazes the world as the only market dominated by women traders. Eventually, it is one of the best shopping destinations you will find ever lucky to explore in India. Surely, the nation is very proud to introduce this unique and diverse destination as a tourism destination to show the world. Ima stands for Mother, and Keithel spells market. Hence, the name expresses, you can find only mothers ruling over the trading activities.

The market is right in the heart of the city and is the largest women’s commercial market on earth. That sounds about right as you can find this kind of market only in Manipur. The intriguing handicrafts, fine fabrics, traditional attires, pieces of jewelry, mind-blowing crafts, and other exotic goods in wide ranges will firmly captivate you. Also, you must try those delicious snacks such as nga-bora, singju, and other appetizing eatables with a satisfying cup of tea. Telling yah, you will have the best memory here.

Commercial Street, Bangalore

Bangalore is not only popular for being the birthplace of start-ups and electronic goods but also for fashion. When recalling one of the best shopping destinations, Commercial Street in Bangalore, India, slay the point. If you love going shopping in an organized area with pocket-friendly prices, this is it. It assure you a grand shopping experience with no worries of draining out your budget. Meanwhile, a delightful sensation will take over as your eyes dance from store to store under the open sky, well-maintained streets, and to stuff ranging from household items to chic clothing. 

Arpora Saturday Night Market, Goa

Goa is every hipster’s dream to travel and feel the sophistication of parties and beaches. But It is more than that. Also famous as one of the finest shopping destinations in India, visitors love every vibe of the place. The Arpora Saturday Night Market is a day attempt for all shopaholics. Perfectly milieu by the dreamy lights and acoustic live music, it is one of shoppers’ paradise to soak in the business. Although the market operates once a week, it draws massive attention to all visitors. They come for the exquisite products and all-inclusive street market that cost a fortune for them. Shop for lovely clothing, handicrafts, ornaments, leather items, arts, and other enticing traditional accessories that will dazzle you.

However, do not forget to feed your tummy with delicious varieties of seafood and quintessential cuisines on the roadside stand. You can also delight yourself in the cozy restaurants, bars, and pubs after a hideous shopping.

Fashion Street, Mumbai

Fashion Street in Mumbai is a highly recommended shopping vicinity for shoppers who are looking for period fashions. If you are a passionate shopper hunting for moderate prices but right to your style, head here. Items such as jeans, sunglasses, sandals, bags, ethnic wear, and much other attraction will please your temptation. It is a central shopping hub especially for students that explains getting stuff for cheap prices. Experience exuberant shopping at Fashion Street and do grab some morsel of street foods. 

Bapu Bazaar, Jaipur

You will definitely fall in love with Bapu Bazaar as it is one of the best shopping destinations in India. Located in Jaipur, the market vividly invites shoppers from all over the world for well-crafted items. If you are someone easily attracted to traditional and cultural-related stuff, you should head for this place. The market area will astound you with antique jewelry, fine dupattas, mojaris made from camel skin, and other fascinating items. Culturally, this market is so rich that you will be awe-inspired each moment with eagerness to see what’s next. Enjoy beautifying your pair of hands with henna art, explore the street foods that are by far the best thing to do. 

Mall Road, Shimla

Every tourist that comes to Shimla never misses a chance to visit the famous Mall Road. It is the main shopping complex which is also one of the best destinations for shopping in India. A distance more than a kilometer is exuberantly dotted with colonial buildings, pretty shops, and stalls. It gives a whole vibe of the colonial era with a touch of sophisticated charm. Moreover, one will find the street so well-organized, neat, and peaceful. You will love to walk past each pretty stall and chicky shop peacefully. Additionally, the cozy bar and pubs, the music, and the charismatic street put together a sensation of a perfect day for shopping. Look out for desirable accessories, handicrafts, shoes, and just other things you weren’t expecting to get attracted to. 

Hong Kong Market, Dimapur

If you are a huge fan of foreign goods with great interest in perfect fashion, Hong Kong Market in Dimapur awaits your arrival. It is a massive opportunity to haul a good deal where you will find an imported collection of brands and styles, especially from Thailand, Nepal, and Myanmar. Clothes, accessories, bags, footwear, dresses, and other charming items for varied genders, ages, and occasions are available in abundance. Although shopping here does not require any season, you will love to shop in winter. Enjoy a relishing shopping experience here at Hong Kong Market where you will greatly appreciate the things you purchase.

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