Do you love looking for new tracks to explore? Then you should definitely check out the scenic Western Ghats that offer numerous trekking tracks for you to visit. These treks vary numerously in terms of difficulty. Hence, we have listed some of the scenic treks that you ought to check out in the Western Ghat region of India.

Western Ghats Trek

1. Kudremukh Trek

The Kudremukh trek is completed over a stretch of three days. The trek is located in the state of Karnataka towards the peak top known as Kudremukh. It is located in the Western Ghat region. The peak top is at an approximate height of 6207 feet. This trek enables you with one of the serenest sights to witness. Not just stunning sceneries, you will also get to experience some wilderness as the trek takes you through the popular Kudremukh National Park. The trip starts from Bengaluru and takes you to the designated location. However, you need to take permission to enter the place much before so that your trek can begin without any obstacles. The national park stretches across the hilly region of the Western Ghats. An abundance of flora and fauna can easily be spotted on the slopes of the hills. The valleys are surrounded by mountains, making it a stunning sight to encounter during the trek. A large number of animals have also now resided in these valleys. The most popular animal of this region is the Tiger. So, do keep an eye out for it. Other animals include the Indian bison, tigers, leopards, wild dogs, jackals, sambar deer, squirrels, mongooses, porcupines and many more. 

If you are planning for the Kudremukh trek do keep in mind that you have to be extremely fit to cover the distance of 16 kilometres. You should carry some warm clothing with you too as the temperature tends to go down as the altitude increases.

Kudremukh Trek

2. Kalsubai Trek

One of the most popular treks of the Sahyadri region is the Kalsubai trek. It is regarded as the highest peak of the state of Maharashtra. With an altitude of 5400 feet, the peak is visited by many Mumbaikars and Punekars. It is one of the most stunning locations to witness as it is surrounded by waterfalls, forests and historical spots. Not just naturistic views, many people choose to visit here for religious purposes too. The popular Kalsubai temple in the middle of the trek sees a flock of devotees throughout the year. The temple has been dedicated to  Goddess Kalsubai Devi. A popular story revolves around the place of a small girl named Kalsubai who lived in the mountains. During her stay, she cured the people around her of their trouble. But one day she left the town and never turned back. Therefore, a  temple was built to signify her remembrance and impact on her followers. The main Kalsubai temple was built on the peak. The trek is considered on the slightly difficult side. During the monsoon months when the area gets wet and there are heavy winds, it becomes extremely difficult to climb the peak. The total trek covers a distance of around 12 kilometres. Many trekkers love attempting a day trek as they wish to capture the view of the sun setting behind the mountains that create a phenomenal view.

Kalsubai Trek

3. Kodachadri Trek

Located in the Shimoga district of Karnataka, the Kodachadri trek is 20 kilometres away from Kollur. The place has been recognized by the Karnataka government as a heritage site. The trek stretches to up to 13 kilometres. Being the tenth highest peak of Karnataka, it is said to be the perfect trek for adventure enthusiasts who love discovering stunning pieces of nature such as the Sharavathi backwaters, vibrant green meadows, tall trees and dense forest.  You will be able to spot the scenic Arabia sea from the Kodachadri peak, which is also the reason why people choose to attempt this trek. The meaning of Kodachadri is ‘Jasmine of Hills.’ Surrounded by heavy streams of falls, peak tops and more, the Hidlumane Falls is another great tourist point to visit in the middle of the trek. Many tourists and locals visit the falls to enjoy its serenity and choose to also take a dip in its waters. One more reason why nature lovers are going to enjoy this trek is due to the diverse number of animals that one gets to encounter. Some of them include the White-bellied treepie, Pompadour green pigeon, Malabar Grey Hornbill, Malabar Pied Hornbill, Great Indian Hornbill, Black-headed Oriole, Malabar Trogon, White-bellied Treepie, Yellow-browed Bulbul, Scarlet Minivet, Painted Bush Quail, Racket-tailed drongo, Black-naped Monarch and many more.

Kodachadri Trek

4. Chembra Peak

The Chembra Peak in Wayanad is one of the most popular treks of the western ghat region. Located eight kilometres from Meppady, it is the highest peak of Wayanad. The peak has an altitude of 2,100 m. The peak further joins with the Nilgiri hills in Tamil Nadu and Vallarimala in Kozhikode. It is one of the most ideal places to go for a trek. However, you will have to take the permission of the Meppadi forest office before going for a trek at the Chembra Peak. The forest office is open on all days, so you do not need to worry. Please keep in mind before going for the trek that overnight camping is not allowed at the Chembra peak as there is a threat of wild animals. To reach the peak top, it will take you around three hours to complete. Amidst the journey, you will be able to encounter the Hridaya Thadakam Lake too. The lake has significantly dried up but still manages to attract many visitors due to its heart-like shape. After reaching the top of the peak you will be welcomed with the views of the entire town of Wayanad. You can visit the peak any time of the year, but do avoid the rainy season as the place gets extremely slippery. 

Chembra Peak

5. Bhimashankar Trek

The popular Bhimashankar trek is located in the Western Ghats region of India. The trek is at a height of 3400 feet that covers a distance of 120 kilometres. The Bhimashankar trek is mostly famous because it hosts the popular Shiva temple. The temple is surrounded by tall trees and green bushes. The temple is auspicious for many tourists and locals because it is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas in India. A popular story revolves around the temple that states that when Lord Shiva killed Rakshas Tripurasura, it led to the formation of the River Bhima from his sweat dripping body. Hence, that is the reason why it is known as the Bhimashankar. The temple was built in the eighteenth century that displays both ancient and modern architecture, leaving one spellbound. The shikhara of the temple was built by Nana Phadnavis. Apart from the Bhimashankar temple, you will also be able to spot the Sakshi Vinayak temple, Ganesh Mandir and the Shiva Linga known as the Gupt Bhimashankar. The trek is considered as mildly difficult. It takes a total of eight hours. Four hours to ascend and the other four to descend through the Shidi Ghat.


6. Dudhsagar Trek

The Dudhsagar trek is one of the most popular treks of the Western Ghat region. Many tourists from Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore frequently choose to flock over the weekend to visit the famous Dudhsagar waterfalls. Many people visiting Goa for the holidays make it a point to visit the Dudhsagar waterfalls. To reach the waterfalls, there are many route options and ways. The Dudhsagar waterfalls is a four-tiered waterfall that descends from the peak of the mountains of Karnataka and falls into the ancient Portuguese colony, Goa. The waters of these falls further enrich the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. The Dudhsagar waterfalls are regarded as the highest waterfalls of India because it covers an area involving both Karnataka and Goa. The trek begins from the railway tracks of Kulem. Further down the trek, you will have to cross the Braganza ghat that will take you through various tunnels. The trek stretches up to a distance of 11 kilometres. But if you begin your trek from the state of Karnataka, you will have to cross the railway tracks from the Castle Rock. The total distance from there up to the Dudhsagar waterfalls is around 14 kilometres.

Dudhsagar Trek

7. Ratangad Fort Trek

Located in the Kalsubai range, the Ratangad fort is surrounded by some of the most stunning peaks of Sahyadris and the Bhandardara dam. A natural rock cavity named as the ‘Eye of the needle’ or ‘Nedhe’ also exists. The stunning views that one gets to witness consists of many forts, especially the popular Ratangad fort. The trek is at an altitude of 4,255 feet. The trek takes a total of five hours to cover the distance. The trek starts at the Ratanwadi village and takes you to the Amruteshwar temple which is around 1200 years old. The temple consists of some of the most intricately stunning carvings that make it more beautiful to witness. It also consists of many sculptures. One of the most stunning parts about the temple is that the waters of the Pravara river flow inside the temple, making it more stunning to witness. The complete trail to the Ratangad Fort has been marked by white arrows on stones. Therefore you do not need to worry about losing your track. But if you are worried that you will lose your track up to the fort then you should hire a guide from the village. 

Ratangad Fort Trek

8. Tadiandamol Trek

Tadiandamol Peak is one of the highest peaks in the Kodagu region. The top of the peak is stunning to witness due to its stunning surroundings. The view is absolutely surreal to be introduced into when you manage to reach the top of the peak. Tadiandamol is bestowed with an abundance of flora and fauna that are frequently experienced by many nature enthusiasts. The peak is also the third-highest point of Karnataka that leads you to the magnificent grasslands, water bodies, forests and lush green vegetation. This peak stands at a height of 5,735 feet above sea level and acts as one of the most adventurous treks today. However one also needs to be extremely careful as trekkers get to start from the  Kakkabe village. The early part of your journey consists of snaking trails that are mostly broad and made of concrete. But a few times you will have to be careful and cross the muddy trails as well. However, after covering a significant part of the trek you will get to witness crop plantations. Not just that you will also pass the famous Shola forest and some rivers too. If you are a beginner at trekking then you should definitely opt for the Tadiandamol Peak trek as most of it can be accessed through a car.

Tadiandamol Trek

9. Meesapulimala 

Meesapulimala is regarded as being the second highest peak of the Western Ghats. The Meesapulimala Peak trek is considered as one of the easier treks to attempt. It is said that people of any age can try this trek. The place has abundantly dense and green surroundings. You will get to see various Rhododendrons, tea estates, and more throughout the journey. With an altitude of 8,661 feet, the Meesapulimala trek will take you through eight hills. In this trek, you will have to pass through the shared borders of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The Meesapulimala stretches up to 8 kilometres. It stretches through a wide range of grasslands, wildlife and more.’ Meesapulimala translates as ‘meesa’ means moustache, ‘puli’ means tiger and ‘mala’ means hill. The peak has been named after its resemblance of the face of a tiger, but sadly you will not be able to spot any tigers at Meesapulimala. 


10. Mullayanagiri Trek

 Just 45 minutes from Chikmagalur is the Mullayanagiri peak. It is located in the Baba Budan Giri Range of Western Ghats and serves as a favourite spot for trekkers. It toils as the highest peak between the Nilgiris and the Himalayas. The place is known for its ambience which consists of vivid grasslands and peaks. The area has a well-maintained trek path which makes it easier to commute. The place has become a hub for adventure enthusiasts and trekkers over the years. The trek starts at Sarpadhari which is a fairly steep trail. Tourists visiting here can also opt for adventure activities such as mountain biking and road biking. Apart from trekking to the peak, you can also choose to visit Chikmagalur which is the nearest town to the Mullayanagiri peak. You can also choose to explore the small caves, which are located just below the peak. There is a temple of Lord Shiva on the hilltop. Standing on top of the peak on a clear day, you will be able to spot the magnificent view of the Western Ghats.

Mullayanagiri Trek