Delhiites love their food. They will board a metro, cab or a bus but will reach out to a beloved cafe to relish a delicious meal that they get to pounder later over a boring meeting or yap it to their friends for the amazing experience they had a few Sundays ago. The people of Delhi love enjoying their food and then talking about it all day and night and then going back to enjoy the same food over a cup of coffee and some nice company. It has largely been accepted as a vibrant culture of Delhi which runs from adolescents to Adults. Some cafes have been perfectly tailor-made for College or School goers with a little pocket money and couples and corporate employees that love relishing their days of joy. So, if you are someone who explores solo, with a partner or a gang of friends, following are some of the best cafes that can be visited any time of the month or year for a delicious plate of food combined with great ambience. 

Delhi Cafes

1. Diggin Cafe

One of the most famous eateries of Delhi, the Diggin Cafe is loved by Delhiites for its stunning exterior and delicious food. The cafe gives the perfect old school vibes with french windows surrounded with green shrubs, hanging bird cages topped with a subdued ambience. It is also loved by everyone for being the perfect place where you can get an Instagram worthy picture. The cafe has been inspired by the earthy vibes that can be witnessed in every European cafe. The perfect place to meet an old friend for a cup of coffee or for a Sunday brunch with your significant other. Located in Chanakyapuri, the Diggin Cafe can be reached by boarding the metro station to Lok Kalyan Marg. You will have to take an auto further ahead to reach the Diggin Cafe.

Diggin Cafes

2. Ama Cafe

The insanely popular Ama cafe in Majnu Ka Tila is not just a hit with the residents of Delhi but also among people who choose to visit Delhi for a quick weekend or a long holiday. The cafe has some of the most delicious breakfast options that include the Himalayan Tibetan menu, English breakfast, pancakes, grilled sandwiches, muesli bowls and salads. The chocolate chip pancakes with an iced coffee over a hot summer day is just a combination made in heaven. Upon entering the cafe you will certainly be greeted by a huge line (mostly true for weekends) and some of the most drool-worthy desserts that are a must-try at the Ama Cafe. The great thing about the cafe is that the Ama cafe opens up early in the morning at 7 am till 10 pm in the night. The nearest metro station for Majnu ka Tila is the Samaypur Badli or the Vishwavidyalaya metro station.

Ama Cafe

3. Hudson Cafe, GTB Nagar

The entire GTB Nagar is the hub for every young college student who looks to have fun times with their gang but lacks the pocket money to spend. GTB Nagar is famous for housing numerous cafes that are easy on the pockets for both college and school goers. One of the best cafes of Delhi, the Hudson Cafe serves the best oreo shakes, lasagna and red velvet cakes, that are an absolute must-have for people visiting the cafe. The food served here is of absolute great quality and variety. The decor of the cafe is also highly loved and appreciated. The interiors have a great embellishment of mirrors on all walls. Not just the mirrors the cafe has also been decorated further with some stunning wall art. The nearest metro station for GTB Nagar is the International Station and the Hakikat Nagar. From there it is hardly a one or three minute walk.

Hudson Cafe, GTB Nagar

4. Rico’s, GTB Nagar

The famous Rico’s cafe in GTB Nagar is an absolute favourite spot for people who love screening out some quick reads for themselves with a side plate of pasta. One of the famous book cafes of Delhi, Rico’s is known for its delicious range of Italian dishes that include all kinds of appetizers, main dishes and desserts. If you aren’t looking to gorge on some Italian dishes then you could just order yourself a Summer Berry Hawaiian Ricotta, a Blood Orange Lemonade or a German Chocolate Shake. Rico’s is also quite famous for its numerous coffees that include americanos, cappuccinos, lattes, hot chocolates and more. The cafe is a big hit among college and school goers. The nearest metro station for GTB Nagar is the International Station and the Hakikat Nagar. After reaching the station you will have to walk for barely one to three minutes to reach Rico’s cafe.

Rico’s, GTB Nagar

5. Social

If you ever ask a Delhiite about a cafe named Social, there is a 99.99% chance that they not only know about Social, they love it to bits. Known to the city as its first co-working space that has been clubbed into a cafe space too, offers a great rustic brick kinda vibes which make the place crowd worthy. One of the fun elements of the cafe is its menu that comes in the format of toilet rolls and dish plates that are rustic. The cafe offers the most delicious non-vegetarian dishes, a popular crowd favourite is the delicious Mutton Baida Roti. Other popular things to try out at Social include nachos, pizzas, momos, biryani, pasta with a cocktail or mocktail to accompany. After some snacks and main course do save some room for their remarkable desserts such as the Ramesh Suresh, the layer cake and the chocolate blood bath.

Top 12 cafes in Delhi

6. Nukkad

The Nukkad cafe is one of the cosiest places to dine in Delhi that true to its name lies in the corner or nukkad of the popular SDA market. The cafe is one of the most stunning places to dine and catch up with friends. The place has a rustic charm to it that looks more stunning during the evening when the fairy lights come into play. An instant hit with anyone who walks into it, the Nukkad offers some of the most delicious dishes that are loved by all. Some of the most delicious food items included on the menu are the pizzas, keema pav, fries, pasta, chilli chicken, grilled sandwiches and chipotle chicken tikkas. You could also choose to visit the cafe for a hot cup of chai for which the Nukkad cafe is very well known. The nearest metro station for the SDA market is the Hauz Khas metro station. From there the metro station is hardly a kilometre away.


7. Farzi Cafe

The Farzi Cafe in Connaught Place is one of the oldest laid back cafes of Delhi. Despite it being named Farzi (Fake), the cafe shares one of the most real and authentic vibes all around. The food prepared here is known to be given a modern approach to the already famous Indian cuisines. The dishes are served with great innovation, modern cooking and contemporary techniques that will certainly leave you in a search for your forks. The crowd favourites of the Farzi cafe include the Elvis Presley French Toast, Goan Prawn Curry, Galouti burger and much more. The nearest metro station to reach Connaught place is the Rajiv Chowk metro station on the blue line.

Farzi Cafe

8. Triveni Cafe

A favourite chilling spot for most Delhiites, the Triveni cafe located on the opposite side of the FICCI Auditorium is one of the most simple yet charming cafes of Delhi. The spot is loved by everyone because the ambience of the cafe is very real, perfect for a winter day when the sun has chosen to bestow its warm rays for a pleasant time. Out of the many food options that you will get to choose from, the Aloo Tikki Chaat, Shami Kabab, Apple Pakoda with some Masala Chai are among the must-haves. If you are in the mood for something more fulfilling than you could try the delicious Palak Patta Chaat, Chicken Biryani and Beetroot Halwa. One of the loved facts about this cafe is that you will get to spot a vibrant mix of professional and art lovers launching at the Triveni cafe. The closest metro station to reach the Farzi cafe is the Mandi House metro station on the violet line.

Triveni Cafe

9. Big Yellow Door

The Big Yellow Door is the famous hangout spot of every Delhi college-goer who wishes to try out great food over some great conversations without shelling out too much money. The entire aroma of the cafe gives you a whiff of some delicious urban herbs that is accompanied by loud music and fun interiors. One of the most fun and vibrant places for people across Delhi, the Big Yellow Door has become the top hangout space of the city for years. The cafe has two chains- one is in Satyaniketan and the other in Hudson lane. Both are equally popular and loved. Try a plate of nachos with a burger of pizza when at this cafe. The nearest metro station for Satya Niketan is the AIIMS metro station on the yellow line. The G.T.B Nagar Metro Station is the nearest metro station to reach the Big Yellow door cafe in Hudson Lane.

Big Yellow Door

10. Rose Cafe

Date night this weekend but don’t know where to head out with your partner? Then you should definitely head out to the Rose Cafe in Saidulajab which is one of the best cafes in Delhi, especially for couples. The cafe has one of the most beautiful ambiences in the entire city that make it perfect to spend some quality time. The Rose cafe has a simple yet beautiful interior as well as exterior. The theme of it revolves around the pastel hues of blue and pink. The ceilings have been lit up with vintage lamps, giving the entire Rose cafe a classic feel. Try some delicious cheese pizzas, spaghetti with meatballs, red sauce or white sauce pasta, waffles topped with ice cream next to a glass of sangria or mint lemonade. To reach the rose cafe you will have to get down at the Saket metro station on the yellow line. 

Rose Cafe

11. Big Chill

Big Chill is an absolute favourite spot of the people of Delhi who share a common love of Italian food. This cafe is a must drop by for people who enjoy a delicious plate of pasta, pizza or some Italian bread. You will be able to spot a Big Chill cafe mostly around South Delhi. Hence, a lot of North and Central Delhi crowd can be seen gorging at these outlets. The latest joint to be added to the list includes Block B of Connaught Place. It is a two-floor cafe that has matching quirky interiors to the rest of the Big Chill cafes. So drop by here on a Sunday for some brunch, but be ready to wait for your turn as the weekend usually faces a lot of crowds from all corners of the city. When eating out at any of the Big Chill cafes, do try their Penne Vodka Pasta, Lebanese Mezze Platter, Belgian chocolate milkshake, Sicilian Chicken, and the Mississippi mud-pie. To reach the Big Chill cafe in Connaught Place, you will have to get down at the Rajiv Chowk metro station on the blue line.

Big Chill

12. Cha Bar

Located in Connaught Place, the Cha bar is one of the most happening eating spots of Delhi. The Cha bar is popular for being a library kinda cafe due to its plethora of books found on its shelves. Guests are welcome to grab a book and have a great time along with some delicious food. You will be able to spot some classic historical or fantasy genre books. With blue and white entertaining both its furniture and walls, the Cha bar has the perfect simplistic outlook to it. In terms of dishes that you can choose to order include some sixty-odd teas, ice creams, bun kebabs, fish and chips, chicken shawarma wrap, smoked barbecue sausages, and delicious muffins. In order to reach the Cha Bar cafe in Connaught Place, you will have to get down at the Rajiv Chowk metro station on the blue line.

Cha Bar