Hidden in the picturesque land of the dawn-lit mountains lies the quaint old town called Ziro. The town is known for its lush green valley and paddy fields in this town that offers its nature lover visitors with an eye-pleasing experience.  The place offers a whirlwind of experiences from mystical views to the vast cultural experience, the stories that go back decades and decades ago, in this old town in the Paradise of the Botanists, the glorious Arunachal Pradesh. 

A land beyond its photographic beauty, the Ziro Valley town showcases and stands out for its vast cultural and unknown customs. A lot of exploring for someone who is looking for stories that go way back in time, stories that have paved way from being backed by a saddened thought to something the women now, here take pride in calling it there culture and heritage. A land that is yet to be explored and stories that still have to make a way in. 

How to reach Ziro?

The place is an escape and escapes don’t come easy, so, one cannot reach Ziro directly. You can either choose to reach there either by a bus, train or flight. The nearest airport to Ziro is Jorhat, Assam which is about a hundred kilometres from the place. And the nearest International Airport is the Guhawati International Airport which is about 450 Kilometers.  If not through the air, you can also choose the rail route. The Naharlagun Railway Station is the closest to Ziro Valley. The station is approximately 100 kilometres away from the town. A private taxi from there will take you to your destination. Another option would be via bus. One can board the government-owned buses which run four times a week. The roads around the area are well connected and can be chosen for a smoother and direct ride. 

Worshippers of Nature

Ziro is home to the Apatani tribe also known as Apa and Apa Tani. Initially a migratory tribe, they often refer themselves as “tanis”, but now with time they have settled there and made it their home. The natives of this tribe are one of the rare worshippers of nature, Donyi and Polo (Moons and Sun) in the world. As the Apatanis are prominently into farming they are known for practising sustainable and efficient methods for cultivation. In 2018, the Apatani cultural landscape made it into the tentative list for their unique agricultural techniques practised within their community.  

Ziro Tribe

Apatani Tribe

Apart from their sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices, the Ziro town is known for its tribal people, especially the older Ziro women. They are commonly known to follow a tradition of wearing nose plugs and inking their faces. Despite this tradition being banned by the government since 1970, you will still get to witness it boastfully by the older Ziro women of the  Apatani tribe. For decades the women of the Ziro valley have always been acknowledged for their beauty. Sadly with sharp and stunning features came unforeseen consequences which eventually led to the inking and nose plug practice. The admirability and hearsays around their beauty caused them to be abducted by the men of the neighboring villages of Ziro and by the men of the other tribes. As a quest to put an end to this petrifying scare, Ziro women from a very young age were made to ink tattoos across their faces, starting from the forehead to the bottom of the chin. They were also made to wear massive nose plugs known as yapping hurlo to dim their beauty. With beauty came a price they had to pay, but the women of the Tribe took all of it in with pride and never looked back. 

Though the intention behind this tradition was to save the Apatani Ziro tribe from being abducted by the neighboring village men, sooner it became a part of their identity and pride. A symbol of their strength, courage, and intolerance against such practices. However, it caused difficulties and acted as an obstacle for the Ziro women that went out of the town seeking job opportunities. Due to this, you will find mostly the older section of the Tani Ziro tribe continuing this part of the tradition even today. 

Arunachal Pradesh Tourism

Ziro Valley

At any given time of the year, travellers in pursuit of an amalgamation of nature and an unforgettable travel experience should surely visit Ziro in Arunachal  Prades, located in the northeastern part of the country. A peaceful and soulful experience that will take you on a drive of exploration and discovery. It also provides adventure seekers with a wide array of experiences, whether one is looking forward to an adrenaline-pumping trek, camping under the stars or a wonderful wildlife encounter. Hence, your next holiday destination should surely be Ziro. 

Ziro Music Festival 

Ziro Valley Festival

Ziro is also popular for hosting the Ziro valley festival, also known as the Ziro festival of music every year. The Ziro valley festival is known to be one of the most eco-friendly festivals in India as it employs locally sourced material for its infrastructure. It encourages its attendees to avoid leaving any waste or usage of plastic. As, to truly experience, a place is to be part of it in a way that leaves an everlasting print on you. Ziro Music Festival might be the coolest thing you might experience in the grim mountains cape of Arunachal Pradesh. 

Ziro Valley Music festival

Best time to Visit Ziro

The place is covered in beauty all through the year and would offer you all the eye-pleasing views at all times of the year.  The place in Summers would act as a great haven for people who would want to experience beauty and serenity at the same time also, adding up to your experience would be the beautiful scape that place has to offer. In the winter season, the place gets pretty cold, where the temperature drops to about -12 degrees and the mountains & place are covered with snow. If you like beauty and can bare the cold, go in winters. Ziro gets even more picturesque in the monsoon time, as the valley is the kind of sight you would want to experience, nature and bewitching scapes.