Totally, It is yes to drive in other countries with Indian Driving License! But, hang on, it is not every country that allows that. Nevertheless, to countries okay with it can duly give you a huge favor. Without taking the trouble of having a chauffeur around or the driver’s fare, you can be the one taking the wheel. Where you will, you can drive, take a break, or plan an unscheduled destination trip any time you like. That being said, you can take these advantages to certain countries if you are from India with a valid Indian Driving license. So, Have a peek at these 10 countries that allow Indian driving Licenses as it might give ravishing information for your next international trip.

United Kingdom

Riding on the two-storied bus, taxis, tramp, or subways are definitely exciting when you are in the United Kingdom! However, avoiding the crowds, and having the most of the time by yourself at your utmost convenience is a brilliant advantage. The bottom line is that you can drive around the country using the Indian license for one year. The UK permits Indians to go anywhere to three of its states viz England, Scotland, and Wales. One can enjoy a blissful vacation by visiting places such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, The London Bridge, Stonehenge, and others.

Germany Accepts Indian Driving License

You can drive anywhere in Germany without the worry of how you would go after reaching there. The German state permits Indians to drive around the country with a valid Indian Driving License. However, you have to translate the language into German or English. Using the Indian license you can drive or rent cars for six months within the country. Fun places you can visit in Germany are Neuschwanstein, Rhines, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Lake Constance, or any other stunning places.


Australia allows Indians to drive with an Indian driving license for a span of three months. You can drive around this continent country without hiring drivers, chauffeurs or rely on public transports. However, take an English-translated license while you are taking a trip by car. With the country emerging rapidly as a tourist destination, international studies, or job opportunities, it is the best place to explore. While driving out for contended holidays, visit places like the Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef, Kangaroo Island, and many more. Consequent is that, like India, Australia takes the left side of the road to drive. 

New Zealand

New Zealand welcomes Indian travelers to drive in their home country using Indian Driving License. Hence, they let you drive around the beautiful country with a valid English-translated license for about a year. However, the type of license you use can condition the type of vehicles you can drive. This little coastal country neighboring Australia has the coolest vistas and clear roads almost immaculate for long scenic drives and sightseeing! Additionally, you can have the most memorable and fabulous driving experience between the fresh air and nature. Some of the iconic places you can drive through are Rotorua, Bay of Islands, Queenstown, Auckland, and others. 


Indian visitors with valid and English-translated driving licenses can come and drive in Switzerland. The Swiss allow a span of a year for visitors with valid licenses to drive in their exuberant countryside. This country is home to the Swiss Alp, delicate cheese, savory chocolate, and grand watches. As a matter of fact, this place is a haven for most visitors as the country is popular as a safety zone. Enjoy a delightful ride around the country. 

South Africa Allow Indian Driving License

South Africa permits Indian visitors to drive with a valid Indian driving license translated to English. One can enjoy a self ride around the vibrant city and the lovely landscapes for a period of one year. This impeccable city marvelously charms the world with breathtaking destinations and natural beauties. Driving through the valleys and reserve forests is one of a kind experience. Hence, one can have a fulfilling ride without the trouble of taking a driver along with you. Table Mountain, Kruger National Park, Cape Town are a few of the admirable places to visit.  

United States of America

A valid Indian license, one-year validity, documented in English, and you are good to go to the United States of America. While reaching the states, you can take the wheel to visit anywhere you want with an Indian driving license. Besides, you will avoid the trouble of getting taxis or private cabs which might cause a fortune to pay. The USA is a vast country, hence you can enjoy slashing holiday options taking a ride wherever you want. 


Singapore lawfully allows Indian visitors to use an Indian driving license while taking the wheels of their own. The Singaporean law permits the driving license for a year which means you have a load of time to enjoy the blissful city life and cityscape. This small, independent and peaceful city is the perfect getaway for short international holidays to the fullest satisfaction. Drive around the streets for exotic street foods, nightlife, shopping, and beach walk. 


The Eiffel Tower, the costumes, the food, and the landscape sound fun to visit France once in a lifetime. Moreover, exploring the vast country and outskirts on the road sounds like a satisfying travel experience. And indeed you can self-drive using the Indian driving license as the country allows Indian travelers to use it. France is very popular for its exquisite food and delicious wines that can lure your excitement to the fullest. Venture the streets and little cozy and romantic cafes for a sip of coffee and music.

Norway Permits Indian Driving License

Taking an Indian driving license along with you to visit Norway can help you a lot. You can take a road trip on your own using an Indian driving license as the law permits it. However, this far-flung Nordic nation close to the Arctic allows a validity of three months on the driving license. One can enjoy the milieu of the country, almost close to inhabited areas with great experience and amazing road trips to many intriguing places. 

Which of the countries sounds fun for you to explore taking the wheel of your own? We should know your thoughts and opinions while you avoid drivers or chauffeurs.