If you are wondering about a perfect weekend getaway, Pahalgam is one you should pick! The reason is, if you are a nature enthusiast, it has everything you are looking for. Indeed, the charming milieu and the vivid nature circumscribing the very place will leave you breathless. Moreover, it is far-flung from the chaotic bustling cities ideal for you to relax and chill at the same time. Gonna remind you once again why you should visit this incredible piece of destination. You should perhaps go through the lines below. 


Did you know that Pahalgam is known as the “Valley of Shepherds”? Sure enough, you will agree with its epithet once you visit this surreal place.

Pahalgam is a picturesque town located in the Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir. The proximity is set on the banks of River Lidder at an altitude of 7200 feet. It is a decent place dotted with towering fir-covered mountains. A highly tourist-friendly destination now, Pahalgam was once a humble shepherd’s village, owing to its epithet, the Valley of Shepherds. 

Pahalgam is verdantly surrounded by greenery and lumps of smooth hillocks. Climate out here isn’t harsh and the breeze brought out of the stunning River Lidder is thrilling. Additionally, the delicate meadows, enchanting landscape, snow-clad mountains, and lush green forests are things that describe half of this place. Hence, these factors make Pahalgam one of the best and most visited spots among other top attractions in Kashmir. 

Things to do in Pahalgam

Dwelling vividly on the frotting and gurgling Banks of the Lidder River, one can enjoy the bare landscape of this Kashmiri pride. Pahalgam offers a myriad of activities and fun regardless of seasons and choices. Hence, family, groups of friends, couples, and individuals can find this place beyond worth. Go through a few of the mentions for exciting holiday activities below:


Any group of holidayers can find a fun-fulfilling experience. Besides the refreshing banks, one can bask and enjoy the bliss of nature in absolute peace. One can also take a visit to nearby places such as Aru, Betaab, and Baisaran valleys to exalt the true beauty of the rolling meadows, pretty lakes, and gushing streams. Stroll the extent of the vicinity and admire unstoppably the sky-kissing mountains, fir-covered forests, and the apple orchards.


Pahalgam has adventures lined up for adventure enthusiasts. They can have fun camping beside Tarsar Lake, Panchtarni, Lidderwat, or Kolahoi Glacier gazing at the clear starry sky at night. Truly, one should not miss trekking along the mesmerizing landscape, get away without white water rafting or fishing. Furthermore, one should experience a heart-throbbing adrenaline rush along the waters and the lush green valleys. 


Pahalgam is also famous for its spiritual retreat for Hindu believers. It is one of the popular destinations for annual pilgrimage usually carried out during June and August. The yatra starts at Chandanwari, 16 km from Pahalgam to the shrine Amarnath Yatra. In fact, this spectacular pilgrimage attracts almost 70% of visitors that overwhelms almost every local folk and concerned local administrative body. 

Other Attractions

This exciting town is more than sightseeing or adventure. Avid photographers find the landscape highly magnetizing and perfect for the snaps. Its stunning views often suit every single picture taken out of a camera. The ardent place is full of explicit varieties to chill, shop or explore the cafes and mini restaurants around the town for a light meal or quintessential experience. If time permits, you shouldn’t miss the Pahalgam golf course for a long gaze at the valley or play golf along the carpeted valley. 

When can you visit the Valley of Shepherds?

The pristine little town invites visitors all around the year. In fact, it draws an unbelievable amount of tourists every time of the year. If you can’t do away with the extreme heat in summers, escape a little while at this chilling hill station. Although you can visit as you like, here’s a seasonal break-down for your knowledge:

  • October to February – With the fall approaching and the advent of winter, this period gives the best vibes to visit Pahalgam for winter Darlingtons. The temperature drops below zero during the peak winter. Hence, the entire area is fully covered with snow that looks almost magical. If you love snow, you can arrange a trip during this season. 
  • March to June – The season of springs begins during this period. The proximity experiences a very pleasant climate during these months with temperatures ranging between 11 to 26 degrees. Amazingly, nature breeds out new shoots, green buds, and blooms everywhere like a miracle at this time. It is also an interval time for the most revered Amarnath Yatra. Actually, tourists favored visiting Pahalgam between March to June. 
  • July to September – Pahalgam experiences monsoon during these months. However, it receives moderate to light rainfall making it easy for visitors to explore the places. Nevertheless, during the day the weather can be sometimes humid and at night a clear, dreamy, and starry sky. Visitors love to come here during this season as they can do a lot of outdoor activities and sports. Moreover, the famous pilgrimage of Amarnath Yatra takes place during this time. 

How to Reach Pahalgam?

Pahalgam is a town in the Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir which is well-connected with various cities and towns in India. It is approximately 95 km away from Anantnag. Reaching here is distinctly favorable by any mode of travel. However one can pick a choice through the following options:

By Air

The closest airport to Pahalgam is Srinagar Airport which is 95 km away. The airport is well-linked with most of the major cities in India. On arrival at the airport, you can hire or take a taxi heading straight to the spot. You can also pre-book your transportation from tour operators before you leave your embarkation. Hence, reaching the destination is very convenient as you can find transportation easily available at your fingertips. 

By Train

The train station nearest to Pahalgam is Jammu Tawi at a distance of 157 km. On reaching the train station, take a taxi or book one that will take you to the destinations. Vehicles are available all round the clock to take travelers to Pahalgam via Srinagar. Otherwise, if you are a happy economical traveler, you can opt for a shared taxi that is also preferred by most explorers. 

By Road

The town is connected by well-laid highways and Major cities with the rest of the Kashmiri Valley. Taking a long road trip from any of the neighboring cities such as Delhi, Chandigarh, Dehradun, etc is possible. Although hiring a private taxi to reach the destination is more convenient, one can also opt for bus services. Buses run regularly from Srinagar, Jammu, and Anantnag at economical rates, however, there are luxurious bus coaches as well for your other preference. 

Where to Stay In Pahalgam?

Pahalgam is a well-trodden destination and there is nothing to worry about where you would stay. Visitors can find ranges of accommodation as they like from budget to luxurious one. Resorts, homestays, luxurious hotels, and budget hotels are lavishly available at your convenience. Hotels such as Pahalgam Hotel, Hotel Heevan, Pine Spring, Alpine K2, Himalaya House with other hotels provide the best accommodation one can find. 

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