Apparently, guests are considered gods in hospitality services! But several guests have taken this statement too far that they cross the line of ‘human respects’. Being a guest in this sophisticated society also means being human. Moreover, being polite to everyone has nothing to do with hurting ourselves or anyone.

Guest or host, at the end of the day, both are individuals with feelings and emotions. Hence, while you travel or stay put in accommodations, do not forget to bring your manners along. It means that vacations are not a time to unleash the beast in you!

Check out these 10 takeaway tips for you on how to be a good guest in accommodations. You should perhaps learn them if you are yet to accomplish some grooming skills to be a good guest. 

A Good Guest Respects the Accommodation’s Properties

It is true, hotel or resort properties do not belong to you. Yet it is not different from how we take good care of our own properties. Therefore treat them with extra care and respect. It is menacing to use assets or items carelessly. Additionally using items rashly may lead you to penalty, lose your relationship with the hosts, or even fine you with heavy costs. 

A Good Guest Makes Things Simple for Housekeeping Staff

We are aware that household chores are massive tiresome heck. Similarly, a housekeeping job in hotels and various accommodations is a hard job to accomplish. A good Guest will try her/his best to keep things as simple as s/he can to save up some energy for the housekeeping staff. However, a Do Not Disturb (DND) sign is important to use if you do not want to be bothered. A sensible guest avoids sprawling her/his used items everywhere but keeps them in order. For instance, things like extra towels, soap, or sheets are not used necessarily unlike some careless guests who use every item in the room. 

S/he Polite and Respectful

We often put the hosts in a villain situation when things go wrong. Even so, they are right, they have to admit that they are wrong and move on. How pathetic! This must be set right from the guest’s end and should not carry forward but admit when wrong. A good guest is always polite and respectful when s/he speak with staff or other fellow guests. In doing so, they avoid mess but comprehensive towards hotel or guest house instructions. Moreover, misunderstandings between you and the staff will be resolved quickly if you help yourself polite and calm. 

Inquire About Accommodation Practices

A good guest is anticipating as well as sensitive towards the guidelines of the resorts or homestays s/he stay put. By doing so they feel like one of the house-members, thus feeling at home. If you are a guest, be flexible and get quickly adapted to the environment. 

Have Good Communication with the Hosts

Either you travel to a foreign land, language is no more a problem because of the new technologies. Therefore, communication should not be a barrier while spending a holiday somewhere new. Moreover, there are chances that the staff in your accommodation speak a language you might know. Having good and clear communication with the accommodation staff could help smooth out things you need and the things the staff wanted to fulfill for you. 

Shows up on Time

Most of our biggest challenges as earthlings is being punctual. In fact, various occasions demand us to be on time. When it comes to travel and hospitality, punctuality rules out the entire work and human ethic. Most hospitality accommodations have tight schedules, therefore guests should be simply aware of their availability and preplan their schedule. They should be mindful of the check-in and check-out timing of the hotels or accommodations. A practical guest is consistent in setting his/her schedule ahead of time. Moreover, s/he anticipates her/his forthcoming plans and schedule to avoid any possible mess at the end. 

A Good Guest Tips Staff when Appropriate

Tipping is clearly up to one’s willingness, however, it also varies from place to place where it is allowed. Tipping is one great acknowledgment of our gratitude towards the impeccable services of a particular staff member or of every staff collectively. Hence, if you feel grateful for the service a housekeeping staff or a doorman provides, you can enlighten them with your generous tip. 

A Good Guest Leave His/Her Territory Spick and Span

Who wishes to have disorganized and irresponsible guests in our homes? None of us do. Likewise paid accommodations do not expect a highly chaotic guest even though guests have paid for it. They have no right to abrupt every corner of the rooms and premises. Although hotels or resorts have housekeeping staff to clean up your rooms, it is wise to keep your space tidy before you leave. This however leaves a good impression on you and will have high regard for you.  Besides, you may be the accommodation’s favorite guest who, but glad to have you around. 

Compliments and Supports the Accommodation Services

In certainty, some of us ignore being positive and appreciate others for what they do. If you happened to be a guest in a hotel, be sure to compliment the staff for the service they render throughout your stay.  If they have a request for you to fill a survey about their premise and service via email or form, help them in giving your genuine experience. Also, this is the time you may suggest or support them to do better in the coming days. Vividly, being positive enhance creativity and boost our self-confidence. 

A Good Guest Never Forgets Her/His Table Manner

‘Eat what you take and take what you eat’ is a sensible rule to improve our table etiquette. Often, people are intrigued by delicacies. Thus they stuff their plates and bowls with varieties of foods they do not even consume. Later, they dumb the left-over in the trash. It is indeed awful and very wrong to waste food. A well-mannered guest will not think about stuffing her/his plate but take only what he eats. S/he responds to the table manners as a civilized person and avoids fussing around the food station or the dining table. 

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