‘Prevention is better than Cure’, to ‘Prevention and fashion combined are Dope’ is a menacing transformation of masks in the current world! Masks today is a trending hashtag for the hipsters escalated by the COVID – 19 global pandemics. However, the journey of masks has very intriguing stages that influence the core of health, fashion, and travel industries. In fact, it helps discover creative individuals or groups to innovate the use of masks for different people with unique interests. 

Let us pour out more about this enticing journey of masks.

Journey of Masks from the Past

Wearing a mask is an ancient practice for humans across the globe. As for more thoughts, let us take you on a trip back to the early civilizations. Meantime, picture a damsel covering her face with a silky veil inside a splendid palanquin. Or plague doctors putting on outfits with beak masks in the 17th century till the mid 20th century. These portrayals should have you a flashback of the journey of masks till the present day. 

Masks have, however, taken a different note as parts of the performance, disguise, and entertainment other than protection and styles. They have been used in ceremonial as well as for performing arts too. By far, various nations inculcate the wearing of masks for any festivity occasions and ceremonies.

Masks Evolution – Life Before Covid and Post Covid 

Masks were not that familiar until the COVID – 19 Pandemic hit the planet. Surprisingly, no matter how many batches of viruses people had faced before, this one is inevitable. It was then, only a sparse number of people with infection, allergic, or breathing problems were seen wearing masks. Otherwise, sometimes worn by people to avoid unclean air to breathe. Pre-COVID had life doubtlessly careless, oblivious, and free. 

Sadly, the new year 2020 suddenly turns the world into complete madness with the Corona Virus Outbreak. The world is abruptly forced to shut down the happy ordinary life and step into a paranoid phase. Masks are a mandatory part of the armor to battle against the deadly virus. Hence, it has become a new statutory outfit to keep an individual safe and protected. 

Journey of Masks as Fashion Attire 

For a fashion maniac, it is pain in the eyes to see a blue surgical mask in every outfit. As a result, the COVID situation escalated boredom which is the new ultimate plague in the crumpling globe. Somehow, the whole perturbed society gave in to something innovative. The creative community, AKA, designers, clothing brands, and skilled entrepreneurs amusingly tailored glamorous masks for almost every occasion. 

Subsequently, the fashionable approach of masks became a one-shot solution for multiple national problems. First of all, it wipes out the greyish milieu to a colorful place, fantasizing people to survive through the dullness. Secondly, it lightened the burden of over-worried medical front-liners in meeting the demands of the mask consumers. The third solution work as magic for meeting the necessity of outfit-obsessed individuals. Finally, the introduction of fashionable masks for the travel freaks keeps them safe and stylish while traveling. In full aspiration, these fashion designers observe a strict guideline to stitch reusable masks in three layers.

Various routines and customs specifically demand different mask designs. Occasions like sports, marriage, casual hangouts, work specifics, journey, or feasts have a different design for masks. Consequently, you will find enticing masks almost everywhere in branded shops and outlets on your utmost pick and like.

Journey of Masks In the Travel Industries

A genuine fact is that the majority of individuals cannot survive without traveling. Truly, a year of lockdown and quarantine had added a nightmarish situation for the travel enthusiasts. Despite the innovative solutions the travel industry has been introducing, the thirst for real exploration has never quenched them. When the world has finally welcomed good news about reopening flights, transportation, and even the success of vaccination, avid travelers are on the run to explore again. However, travelers have to follow strict guidelines such as wearing PPE kits while traveling. With masks being a new chicky trend, travelers are vividly embracing the new mandatory items in their travel equipment lists. 

Most travel industries strictly adhere to safety protocols and encourage their employees to wear masks on every occasion or journey. 

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Trending Designer Masks Idea to Wear While Traveling

We are familiar with all the safety precautions while traveling. Nowadays, the situation is easing but every destination or public place demands strict adherence to wearing masks. On the record,  surgical masks were the first protective masks instigated to the people during the outbreak. Masks, as a matter of intrigue, came out in different designs. Check out some of the trending designer masks ideas to wear on your next journey. 

Vistaprint RFS Reusable Masks

Vistaprint RFS Reusable Masks materials are polyester ideal for machine wash. They come in different colors from solid to flowers to camouflage with a pocket for a filter. It is available for both children and adults.

Hedley & Bennett Wake Up & Fight Mask

Hedley & Bennett is a woman-founded designer company that recently designed masks made from a cotton blend. They are conveniently adjustable and securely fitted. They also come with a filter pocket and available in different sizes and colors. 

Old Navy Face Mask for Kids

Kids love animated-designed masks as much as they love clothes. Old Navy Face Mask for Kids are attractive masks for children that comes in different pattern and styles. Masks are pleated and contoured design. Fun and animated patterns such as hearts, dogs, sharks, bears, and other designs are available. These masks can keep kids amused while traveling. 

Everlane 100% Human Face Mask

Style-conscious travelers will find Everlane masks a perfect choice. The materials are cotton or fabric blend. It is also comfortably soft and adjustable, ideal for any face size. 

Kenny Flowers Non-Medical Lifestyle Mask

These tropical-themed masks are a perfect match for beach enthusiasts. Kenny Flowers Non-Medical Lifestyle Mask comes in single sizes, but the ties can be adjusted accordingly. The front patterns come with tie-dye, tropical leaves, or parrots. They are either made from cotton or rayon. The island of Bali significantly donates these masks for visitors in need.

Dr. Talbot’s Disposable Kid’s Face Mask

A pack of Dr. Talbot’s Disposable Kid’s Face Masks displays an array of attractive designs like rainbows, hearts, or castles. However, the earloops are made of soft elastics and have an adjustable nosepiece. These disposal fun masks please both parents and kids as they meet the demand for children of different ages. 

VIDA Protective Mask

VIDA Protective Masks come in kids, regular and extra-large sizes. They are 100% cotton made with filter pockets and are equipped with metal nosepieces. They are available in different colors, front designs and are washable. 

VELCRO Face Mask Extender

VELCRO Face Mask extender is an alternate solution from those regular masks troubling your earloops and alleviate the pain. The extender pulls away from your earloops to avoid the ache and holds securely at the back of your head. Using this extender for people traveling a long distance should take one of these.

Proted Kids Face Shield

Proted face Shield for kids have a combined ability to adjust and attract its consumers. This polycarbonate shield is a colorful head strap with adjustable velcro. It comes in varieties with stickers, animated pictures, and patterns like dinosaurs, soccer players, rainbows, and ice-cream corns. Kids absolutely love it. Unlike other face shields, this need not remove since it can be flip to the top of the head while having snacks and drinks.