The Indian sub-continent might not be the first destination option for remote working! Nevertheless, on second thought, this homeland promises a plethora of dream destinations just like the one you wished for. Remote working is a new era of work nature for digital natives and nomads to go places for work and fun. Known by many names such as Workation, Bizcation or Bleisure that attracts working adults. As most millennials favored it, the responsible hotels and stay fashion it innovatively. Hence, they give a lot of interest in providing the best service for the digital nomads as they carry their work gadgets into their abode. 

Become Digital Nomads

Fortunately, nowadays besides the tourism industries, companies of all sorts promote remote working to their employees. This shifting trend is crazing the digital environment claiming that it has helped them enjoy work and fun simultaneously. Moreover, it has proven that an open-ended nature of work promotes mental and physical health positively. Workation or however you wanted to call it, is a raw skill making a person resourceful, productive, and satisfied. So, why not become a digital nomad for a while to taste the real set of knowledge!

Handpicked, selected, and approved, we have a list of the best places in India to work for Digital Nomads. Explore the height and the lows of existing and unexplored destinations for inspiration! From the tranquil mountains to the sublime beaches and surreal valleys, may we wish you a 

Where Will You Enjoy the Blithe Spring?

Picture the butterflies fluttering their wings, or bees buzzing over the bed of flowers! That’s likely a thought of spring bringing the fresh breeze of aromatic grass and flowers. If you are keen to stroll or roll over the lofty grasses and bed of myriads flowers, head to these places:


If a quiet place favors you, your next stop is Kalimpong. It is a little quaint village town at the edge of the state of West Bengal. The surreal place is a mountainous abode only to discover yourself with a strange vibe of attraction to nature. This place is one of the most iconic hill stations less trodden by tourists but a promising destination.  


Ladakh is another ethereal destination any digital nomad would madly fall in love with. This land of high past is a pristine, calling destination most suitable for your craving spirit for nature. The picturesque view is painted with the perfect backdrop of the arid mountains and lakes. Though the network sometimes may hurdle the workload, your weekends will not stand a chance to fail you. 


Known as the capital city of Sikkim, Gangtok is a fountain of abundant places of interest. Anyone will be extremely enchanted by the fact that the city itself is a gem of fascinating sights and amusements. Moreover, the city will captivate you with the hospitable folks, the never-ending walking trails, colorful markets with traditional crafts and arts, groves of silvery fir trees, waterfalls, lakes, and magnificent starry nights. A perfect digital nomadian getaway indeed!

When The Summer Heat Gets You, Where Will You Go?

If you are set up in big cities, the heat is obvious in summers. Perhaps, it is the most desperate season to walk out of city life. All you need is a long workation trip to hill stations to soothe your heated brains. Have amusing work cum fun over these amazing summer destinations.


Rishikesh is one of the top summer destinations in Uttarakhand. It is exciting and full of adventure waiting for you to rampage all sorts of activities when you are done working. The brimming sports opportunities and the overwhelming views of the place are doubtlessly beguiling. It is not an exasperation but Rishikesh is often recognized as a traveler’s paradise. Hence, with all the convenience you require for work, have a fulfilling nature retreat in the care of nature.


Shillong is a young destination hub for way-farers. Digital nomads can really feel the blessings of walking and working on this land of abundance. Naturally, Shillong proves as the coolest destination throughout the year due to its enjoyable weather. Metaphor as Scotland of the East, it has gained its popularity for carrying the resemblance of Scotland. Working in such an environment lures you to gain skills and rejuvenate yourself at the same time. 


Nothing can beat the enthralling view of Pahalgam. The landscape here itself is dotted with its glory. Epithet as the ‘Valley of shepherd’, the place is outlined by the fir-covered mountains and smooth patches of meadows. During the weekends, a digital nomad has a lot of adrenaline activities and sight-seeing to do and enjoy the hustle-free milieu while he/she works during the weekdays. 

Winter’s Coming, Digital Nomads, Head South To Save Yourself!

Or somewhere in the West to keep up with the warmth of the sun. Winters in most Indian cities are chilly with biting cold. Additionally, seeking a way out from the cold is a time-taking decision. However, without much ado, these places perhaps may embrace you for a winter workation:


Undoubtedly Jaisalmer is the best winter destination if you hate cold feet while you work. Sure enough, you will enjoy the view of the rippling desert surrounding the golden city. Meanwhile, you can gaze at the limitless sand waving seamlessly like a golden ocean. Nothing looks stupefying than the view of the city turning golden as the sun sets for its slumber. 


If you love the tide washing over your feet after a hideous typing and rambling over your laptop, go to Goa. In fact, the extravagant beach life and activities will keep you less bothered from stress and rage. During the day you can fulfill your tasks as solemnly as possible and then join the night as it sprang to life with varieties of fun. Basking on a hammock with a slurpy drink staring at the setting sun is a perfect evening picture.


Another wanderlust and digital nomadic escapade are Wayanad. Indeed, the stretch of greeneries will drag your step along its path making each moment dissolve in your happy memories. Enjoy the best trekking along the trails in the reserved forests and spy on some fascinating wild animals minding their business. Food, culture, adventure, and sightseeing, all you are looking for is in Wayanad! Hence it is a must-visit in the vicinity of the ‘God’s own Country.

Places For A Blissful Autumn Break For Digital Nomads

The semi-winter is the beginning of the most suitable season for Workationing! In fact, most places are so inviting that one could not resist wasting staying home. Hence, to make a simplified decision, here are few places you might have to pick for your fall workations:


Coorg is a benign hill station nestled in the heart of the Western Ghats. When you need solitude and reflection this place is a must for you to visit. The manifold freshness, breathtaking landscapes, and the scented breeze of the coffee plantations are all you need to heal your disturbed mind. 


Kasol has the inevitable views and is considered the most pristine destination in India. The place is outrageously raw and gravely imposing. Moreover, a digital nomad will feel completely drowned in the laps of nature, making them detox from stressful events in their life. 


There is nothing more awe-inspiring than the solid beauty of Nainital. This charming hill station is digital nomads’ ideal for workation. A nature’s retreat and a feast for the eyes blend the significance of the place. When numb from thinking and tasking, a little stroll along the nature path is great healing. While enjoying your work in the serenity of the place, you can take a break in some cozy cafes and restaurants for a sip of coffee or some food bites.

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