As most parts of the country experience less rainfall, people in India is crazy about the monsoon season. It is perhaps, the most magical season that many will admit. Moreover, most avid travelers find this time of the season amusing. Firstly, because of the pleasant weather where driving or riding is explicitly enjoyable. Secondly, the dampness of the rain brings a rejuvenating breeze and an irresistible petrichor. Finally, the rain, of course, drenching every spot clean and splashing all over places generously. Additionally, most destinations in India spring to desirable places for ardent nature lovers. With great delight, explore the best monsoon destinations in India, considering the best time to visit!


The tiny coastal state of Goa is a monsoon paradise for vivid explorers. It is an absolute attraction throughout the year, yet, the monsoon season makes it one of the most spectacular destinations. The beaches and the views mimic a beautifully painted canvas that can stun anyone easily. The never-ending horizon of the sea and the sky with a tint of mist is picture-perfect to behold. It is one of the most sensational episodes one could witness in this little hub. Moreover, the cozy cafes and cute bars mingle a touch of nostalgic thoughts as you stare at the pleasant weather.


Munnar in Kerala is also one of the most distinct monsoon destinations. This heart-throbbing spot is simply a nature lover’s hide-out. You will be blown away by the silvery mystic charm around the place. Besides, the lush green will intrigue you beyond words. Admittedly, this spectacular place in God’s own country will bring a chilling vibe perfect to spend all kinds of holidays during the monsoon. Trekking, hiking, romantic outings, and other activities are the most thrilling things to do. This greenery-dotted hill station is one of the most loved destinations for tourists. Some other chief attractions are the mesmerizing sea of tea gardens, the multi-slurpy cuisines, and the locals with their warm hospitality.


If you would like to spend a lake-side monsoon treat, think of going to Udaipur. It is one of the classic monsoon destinations to escalate you. Rain brings the city to life as if washing away the saturated coat and re-painted with fresh varnish. The greens become more verdant surrounding the placid lake and the bustling markets sprawling to one inevitable place to visit. The residence and temples give the sensational feeling of royalty, and the breathtaking views are flawlessly awe-inspiring. The place is a splendid reminder of how glorious it is, and it has been in the past. One can take amazing photographs that turn every place and backdrop alluring, promising a prized possession for social media. Hence, it is one of the best monsoon getaways.

Spiti Valley

Himachal Pradesh is gracefully adorned with magnifying places. One of the most mystic places is the Spiti Valley. Also epithet as ‘Little Tibet’, it is naturally an offbeat place. The crowd-free Spiti Valley is a popular tourist spot luring visitors all-round the year. Yet, one of the best times to visit this spirited valley is during the monsoon. One is bound to be contended by nature’s bliss and the enchanted breeze brought by the rain filling the place with verdant greens. One can enjoy staring at the blooming flowers and the rolling valley that gives a leap of happiness within. Fascinatingly, the ever-consuming fairy-like place is one of the best monsoon destinations in India.  


One of the happy destinations during the monsoon is Darjeeling. When the drenching splash of rains is lifted by the feeble sunlight, the place becomes inconceivably the best to explore. Also known as The Queen of Hills, Darjeeling flourishes with thick vegetation and incredible landscape. Staring at the stretch of the tea gardens, the spectacular views of the surrounding hills are some of the pleasing sights to feast the eyes. The adventures are great and sorts of activities such as cable car riding, toy train sight-seeing, and trekking. One must assuredly try the most authentic and slurpy Darjeeling Tea brew here as the fame goes. However, take a mindful decision before going here as the place often receives heavy rainfall because of the lush green surroundings. 


With moderate rainfall during the peak rainy season, Allepey is also one of the most iconic monsoon destinations. A trip to this destination is a rejuvenating nature retreat worth the visit. The sleeking feeble beams of sunlight caress the lush green surroundings after a light rainfall. In truth, it is the most enjoyable phase one could experience. One can explicitly enjoy boating, or boarding on a backwater cruise while the water produces a sweet breeze blowing all the weariness away. One can stare at the splendid water bodies as the rain pitters-patterns on the surface producing a spontaneous ripple effect


Shillong in monsoon is another astonishing destination to experience. In fact, the neighboring regions receive the highest amount of rainfall the world had ever known. It is almost rare to receive sunlight but when it does it casts slanted beams of light, wondrous to behold between the thick clouds steaming up the waters. The place brims with splendid natural beauty and offers the most scenic views of the Khasi valleys and Jaintia hills. The auroral landscape after the downpour gives a shuddering and peaceful vibes. Truthfully, it is no surprise that Shillong is one of the best monsoon destinations getaway most people picked to visit. Nature enthusiasts, trekkers, and adventures find Shillong as a solid paradise for all sorts of activities. The canyons, lakes, and waterfalls are the imposing call of this blessed land mostly alternated as the Scotland of the East! 


While the panoramic landscape will enchant a person abruptly, the drenched scenic view is no surprise to it. Coorg has a dense forest that serves as a biodiversity hotspot displaying a range of flora and fauna. The waterfalls, gigantic coffee plantation areas, and the lakes are the mentions that make it one of the best tourist zones. The place becomes phenomenal after a shower or two allowing it to appear with a volume of green radiants. It is vividly attractive and the beauty is spontaneous to thrill a joyful soul. While one enjoys the exploration, scoop into some cuisines that can’t help you but drool, sip on the authentic coffee and relish the pleasant weather. 


Most significantly considered as a winter destination, Auli is a go stunner all around the season. It is described best for winter as it is a popular skiing spot but Auli is not all it is. the place is certainly one of the outstanding monsoon destinations too. It offers a high-spirited place for monsoon lovers as the large pillow of clouds fills the skies and gives a supernatural sensation. This dreamy destination is an ultimate hangout for romantic lovers, nature enthusiasts, and rain lovers, of course. Spot for a mystifying rainbow over the horizon and stare long at the stupefying landscape. However, the place looks classic, beware of the sluicing of water from the sky as it may be difficult for a smooth journey.


Pondicherry is a magnetizing coastal territory for beach lovers. It is a place to admit love at first sight with myriads of landscape and activities. The warmth of the beaches outlined by palm trees and cute villas and cafes are iconic. When the earth is drenched in the rain, the place looks exotic and elegant at the same time. The area looks sublime with the effect of the molten-gold sun and the gleaming rays of the eye of the day. The beach appears lively with all sorts of activities and is full of fun. The once upon a time colonial territory is a brilliant place to try multi-cuisines presented from anywhere around the world. A stalk along the lines along the gentle ebbing waves during the feebly shining sun is a perfect ideal thing to do. No doubt, Pondicherry is one of the best monsoon destinations in India.

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