If you are a woman traveling to New Delhi, luck is looking upon you. Thanks to the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC), you can enjoy free bus rides to travel anywhere to the farthest extent of the National Capital. In fact, nowhere in India has ever introduced free bus rides for women except in Delhi.  Meanwhile, check out for more on a free-travel guide for women to explore exuberantly in Delhi on the DTC buses below. 

A Glimpse of Free-Travel For Women in DTC Buses

A spark of blessing flickered on the morning of 29th October. It was however unusual that the conductor passed out pink slips to women boarding the DTC buses. Nevertheless, some started reaching out their bags to draw out the fare for the ride. However, the conductor halted them and told the women not to pay. Bewildered, they broke out in broad smiles with signs of relief on most of their faces. The women beamed with excitement coming to know that the DTC buses will be operated free of cost henceforth. 

Following the good tidings, most women inwardly or expressively appreciated the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) introducing the free-travel scheme. Generally, it helped all women with passion and duties to fulfill, especially when it comes to saving money. 

Explore Your Dream Destinations In New Delhi

Money and budget, although the same, are the main essentials for traveling places exponentially. However, without the fear of a pocket-pinching situation, every woman, generally, can explore Delhi like never before. Although, all you need to do is look out for DTC buses with the numbers on, hop one of them and take the splendid ride along the bustling highways. Besides, you are a lot safer traveling on this bus as they are constantly under surveillance. 

Heritage Ride Around Delhi

Red Fort:

The imposing 17th Century structure of Red Fort is a major attraction in the National Capital. A few of many reasons to visit are that it still breathes the history of the great and flourishing Mughal Empire and the architectural structure of the fort is outstanding.

DTC Bus numbers heading to Red Fort: 

These bus numbers 261, 605, 118EXTT, 449CL, 429, 425, 419 stops at the Red Fort Bus Stand. Check for the bus numbers from any bus station you are at and board any one of them. Do not hesitate to ask the bus conductor to guide you where to get down. 

India Gate:

India Gate is the most prestigious memorial built in honor of the British-Indian Army who died in the First World War. Hence, it is a signature site of every Delhiite and traveler around the world. This prestigious location is also closeby to Rashtrapati Bhawan or the official residence of the President of India. 

DTC Buses heading to India India Gate:

Take any of the buses with the numbers 0502, 181, 344, 605, 605SPL, 623, 893, 894CL, 930, 966, AC-456 to head to India Gate. The Baroda House stop is the nearest bus stand to India Gate. You can have a look around the splendid view of the monument. Do not miss exploring the Rashtrapati Bhawan which is just a few distances away from India Gate. 

Qutub Minar:

Qutub Minar is a profound structure built over the citadel ruins of Lal Kot. It is once the tallest Minaret in the world and absolutely exquisite to see. Therefore, for its fine architectural remnant, it is enlisted as one of the UNESCO sites. 

DTC Bus numbers heading to Qutub Minar: 

715, 463, 502, 534, 536, 539, AC-725, ML-82B are the bus numbers that run towards Qutub Minar. 

Humayun’s Tomb:

Sounds mostly like a graveyard but Humayun’s Tomb is a beautiful landmark to explore. The garden tomb is a remarkable Mughal pride that eventually got recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site.

DTC Buses heading to Humayun’s Tomb: 

To visit Humayun’s Tomb, check out for bus numbers 0405, 410CL, 413, 794, 794A, 894, ML-77. Delhi Public School bus stop is the nearest bus stop to Humayun’s Tomb.

Visit Religious Places To Revive Spiritually

ISKCON Temple:

ISKCON Temple at Sant Nagar, Delhi is an impressive spiritual landmark mostly significant for the Hindus. In addition, this massive complex is the ultimate pilgrimage center for Vedic learning, courses, events, and other spiritual activities. Visit ISKCON  to experience the vibrant and animated culture of the Vedic. 

DTC Buses heading to ISKCON: 

Check out any bus stands and wait for the bus with the following numbers – 429, 433CL, 460CL, 47ACL, 507CL, ML-77, ML-87, OMS (+). B Block East of Kailash is the nearest bus stand you can get down. It takes about 12 minutes to reach the destination. 

Lotus Temple:

Gaining the most popularity and bagging multiple architectural awards, Lotus Temple is a classic house of worship. The lotus-shaped temple is also a spectacular attraction that lures thousands of visitors throughout the year. 

DTC Bus Numbers heading to Lotus Temple:

Spot buses with the numbers 469, 493, 511A, 534A, 930, ML-81 to take you to Lotus Temple. The nearest stops to Lotus Temple are Paras Cinema / Bhairav Temple and Nehru Place Terminal and Kalkaji Temple Bus Stops. 

Jama Masjid:

Considered the largest mosque in India, Jama Masjid is an iconic structure in Delhi. It is one of the imperial sites among the other exotic religious heritage in Old Delhi. Shah Jahan, the most popular Mughal Emperor of all time built this masjid to witness the passing phase of time that leave generations bewildered. 

DTC Bus heading to Jama Masjid:

Have an eye for buses with these numbers 114ST+901, 402CL, 405A, 429CL, 502. If you see one, hop in and head to Jama Masjid. You can always ask the conductor which station to get down to go to Jama Masjid. 

Sacred Heart Cathedral:

Sacred Heart Cathedral is located in Ashok Place. It is a Roman Catholic cathedral which is also one of the oldest churches in Delhi. This Italian architectural design is an eclectic masterpiece that attracts most visitors not only to see it but draw themselves towards a spiritual turnover. The tranquility of the holy shrine is everything a stressful person is seeking for. 

DTC Bus heading to Sacred Heart Cathedral:

Watch out for buses with the numbers 410, 410CL, 73, AIRPORT EXPRESS – 4, 73, 957, 408 to reach Sacred Heart Cathedral Church. St. Columbas School and Gurudwara Bangla Sahib stops are the nearest bus station to get down. 

Food Junkies for Foodies!

Majnu Ka Tilla (MT):

Known as mini Tibet, the street of Majnu Ka Tilak gives a sheer aesthetic vibe. A whole lot different than most of the Delhi popular places, it is the most explored place in the whole of Delhi. While you can enjoy a delightful walk, a little whiff of food will not leave your tummy still. 

DTC Bus heading to Majnu Ka Tilla:

Take buses with the numbers 447, 53, 260, 333, 907 to reach Majnu Ka Tilla. The Pwd Office and Aruna Nagar Ring Road stop is the nearest bus stop to Majnu Ka Tila. 

Dilli Haat:

Dilli Haat near INA is an exuberant one-stop hub for cultural and food expo from various states of India. The exquisite collection of cultural items almost devour every visitor’s interest while strolling this place. However, visitors cannot pull their eyes away from the mouth-drooling food they pass by from stall to stall. 

DTC Bus heading to Dilli Haat:

Bus numbers 344, 605, 548EXT, 548CL, 548, 400, 433 stop and pass through Dilli Haat, Delhi. So, board on one of the buses to have a fun-fulfilling experience. 

Netaji Subhash Place:

If you are an insane lover of every Indian food, head to Netaji Subhash Place to satisfy your taste buds. You will find extensive varieties of food that will craze you and leave you with great memories. Moreover, there are popular restaurants most people often talked about for serving the best portion of famous Indian food. 

DTC Bus heading to Netaji Subhash Place:

Board on any of the buses with the numbers 971, 167, 197, 990ECL, 990EXT, GL-90 to go to Netaji Subhash Place. 

Cannaught Place:

Cannaught Place is more than the aesthetic shopping malls and stores. Imitating the Georgian-style buildings in the crescent shape, it is the most highlighted tourist spot in New Delhi. While you enjoy shopping and enjoy the nightlife here, the variety of food tops them all. 

DTC Bus heading to Cannaught Place: 

Bus numbers 391, 505, 522A, 522CL, 720, 783, 793 runs daily towards Cannaught Place. Dip into the classic culinary delight while you also explore the beautiful place. Besides, It is one of the sought-after destinations for visitors. 

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