Is it just bragging or the truth that Mizoram is breathtaking? Clearly, it’s the truth! With nature dotting every part of the state, the rich culture and heritage of the indigenous people add more to its splendor. Besides, the locals in Mizoram are fond of recreating their strong culture and traditions through various occasions and festivals. Therefore, one of such chief events is the Anthurium Festival showcasing the surpassing anthurium flowers widely grown in the state. Take a detailed tour below to find out why you will love the Anthurium Festival celebrated annually at Reiek Tlang. 

What Is the Anthurium Festival All About?

When you have something rare, you treasure it, don’t you? That’s how the village of Reiek Tlang in Mizoram observes the widely grown Anthurium Flower in pomp. The locals cherish it by hosting a grand event during the peak season of the exotic Anthurium flower every year. Hence, the sole purpose of this graceful annual event is to promote the cultivation and marketing of the enthralling flower and entice visitors to the scenic beauties of Mizoram. Over the years, it has been encouraging the amusing customs of the Mizo, their traditions, culture, and primarily Anthurium horticulture. The Tourism Department in collaboration with the Horticulture Department hosts the event with the financial support of the Central Government. 

This year, the event will take place from October 28th to 30th with limited spectators as a bit of pandemic trail still prevails in the place. However, you can be part of the event online where numerous others too, will be part of the online spectators. 

Where does the Anthurium Festival Take Place?  

29 Km away from the capital city Aizawl, Reiek Tlang is a typical Mizo village that breathes a lot of historical remnants. Promoting its vibrant heritage this aesthetic village is the annual venue for the state-level Anthurium Festival. The fact that this place is selected as the destination adds more alluring details. The sloppy Reiek Mountain filled with lush greenery and vegetation, the breathtaking landscapes to feast the eyes, and the awakening call of nature compiles the reason to come to Reiek. Meanwhile, the Tourism Department of Mizoram takes good care of preserving the distinctive traditional huts of the different Mizo sub-tribes, the chieftain’s residence, a bachelors’ dormitory, and a widow’s house in this village. 

What to see at the Anthurium Festival?

As the festival is all about the valiant anthurium flowers, it is celebrated in its peak season that arrives in late September or October. The setting of the festivity venue is ornamented with freshly fragrant anthurium flowers in myriads of colors, sizes, and species. While the air blends with the vibe of jubilation, any tourist can enjoy the climax of exploring the proximity. 

  • The extravagant event itself continues for three straight days. Music, Dances, Multi-talent Shows, Games, and Handicrafts are fascinating episodes to watch.
  • Cultural events, fashion shows, archery, rifle shooting, angling, and other competitions are the major featuring events.
  • The seductive local cuisines displayed in different varieties will leave you drooling over them. You can’t help yourself but try one or many of those to realize yourself lost in the Bon appetite world. Along with the delicious cuisines, the local drinks work like magic. 
  • The legendary Mt. Reiek speaks of the enthralling folklore and feats bagged by the chief of Mizos. The vistas around the mountain are an absolute charm. 
  • The heritage village of Reiek with the hued culture and traditions is an enchanting experience. 
  • The overwhelming encounter with the locals of the Mizos, their lifestyles, and their benevolent hospitality are the legitimate courtesy of the people. 

How to reach Reiek Tlang?

The nearest downtown to Reiek Tlang Village is Aizawl which is just 22.1  to 19 km. 

  • By Air

The only airport in Mizoram is the Lingui Airport in Aizawl. Approximately, the distance from the airport to the Anthurium Festival venue at Reiek Tlang is 35 Km. Meanwhile, you can book a taxi or hire a reserved vehicle to reach the destination. 

  • By Train

Although, heading to Reiek taking a train might be a poor decision, but if you must, Silchar is the nearest Train Station to Aizawl. It is 158 km from the capital city of Mizoram and can board a bus or hire a vehicle till Aizawl. 

  • By Road

Aizawl is well connected with cities like Guwahati and other North-Eastern cities. The capital city is about 450 km from Guwahati. Transportations such as buses, and taxis heading to Aizawl are constantly available. Upon reaching Aizawl, you can carry on till Reiek by taking taxis. 

Where to stay At Reiek Tlang? 

With a reasonable number of options to choose from, staying at Reiek is a breeze. Ranging from budgeted hotels to luxurious ones, tourists can select hotels or stays however they prefer. 

Hence, to embrace a natural homelike environment, stay at Reiek Tourist Resort. Also, Jenny’s Guests House and Homestay introduce a homelike stay for tourists and travelers seeking a real Mizo traditional blended with sophisticated services

However, for more luxurious services and experiences, one can book your stay at Keeper’s Inn. 

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