Packing can be scary for some people at times. How to pack luggage What to carry and what to leave behind may be a big question for them. But, don’t worry we have listed down the most important items that you should carry with you on a trip.

Pack like a pro

Make A List

Since you are planning to go on an adventure trip, it is very important that you start making a list many days in advance. Either if you are planning for a trek in a hilly area or just rafting. It is necessary that you pack the right amount of clothes and the required gear. When you will start writing down all the items that you plan to take on the trip, you will be able to also judge if the bag you are going to take on the trip will fit all these items or not.

Travel Packing


For an adventure trip, you would most likely carry a backpack. Hence, choose the stuff that will easily fit and not make it too bulky to carry. If you’re going to be travelling by bike or exploring multiple destinations, it is possible that you might be moving every night, so you don’t want to have a lot of stuff to carry. Therefore, keep your luggage light and compact in size.



Whether you are going to travel to a local destination or an international, do not forget to carry all your important documents and the amount of money and which form (card or cash)  you plan to carry it with you. First, you need to decide the cards you plan to carry. Please do not carry all your cards. As any mishap or accident is going to make you regret carrying them all. Then the next things you should not forget carrying with you are all your other essential documents like your car information documents, hotel booking, directions, passport(if travelling internationally) and others. Most people choose to carry the digital copy of their documents. This may be convenient for you to carry, but a hard copy of all your documents is necessary for back up.

Pack like a pro


It will be good that before going on your trip you get a proper health check-up done. Consulting a family physician or a full body checkup, whatever you think will work for you. It’s important that you carry the prescribed medications that you’ll need to take while travelling so that your health is not affected during any time of your vacation. Make sure that you carry as many refills as you’ll need. Since you may not get your prescribed medicine in some areas, it’s a better idea to carry more than required. Don’t forget to carry a basic first-aid kit too. Some common pain relievers, bandaids, or allergy medicines should also be carried along with the rest as adventure activities mostly require physical effort.

Medicines to carry on a trip


What gadgets or electronics you plan to carry, depends on what would you actually require on the trip. Everyone now days loves clicking pictures and loves to upload them on Instagram and Facebook to keep in touch with everyone. On a leisure trip, you can afford to carry your gadgets, but, make sure that there aren’t too many. A cell phone is definitely a necessary gadget as you can access a lot through it such as Maps, cameras, posting photos contacting loved ones or seeing recommendations for which place to discover next. People like bloggers, or writers can try carrying a laptop with them too. As nothing is more soothing than writing down your thoughts and experiences when you are enjoying your holiday. Other things that you must not forget to carry include things like chargers, an adaptor for international travels where there are different voltage level electricity sockets. Carry an iPod or mp3 player for a long plane or train ride. Also, a headphone to go with it. 

People travelling to an adventure stop should not try carrying all the above-recommended gadgets. The less you carry the better it is for you. If you choose to carry a heavy laptop or a bulky camera, you will definitely regret it. Either you will panic losing it or the weight of carrying it will make you lose your speed and pain to your shoulder and forearms. Therefore, carry a phone, charger and power bank for emergency situations.



When you are on the go, at some times, or in some situations you may require you to get ready in a public washroom. Enhancing the entire adventure feels, right? So, it will be good for you that all your toiletries are carried inside travel size bottles like face wash, shower gels, face cream, lotion, shampoo, and conditioners. Make sure to see that all these bottles are leak proof otherwise you’ll have your shampoo and other liquid items exploded on your clothes. 

People on a relaxing vacation should choose to not carry all these toiletries as many are offered to you at the place of your hotels. You can keep only those that you think will not be given to you or absolutely necessary to carry.


Research the climate of your holiday well in advance as it will influence all your shoe and clothing decisions. Trekking on hilltops or rocky areas requires you to carry/ wear strong shoes that won’t breakdown in between. either a comfortable pair of tennis shoes or hiking boots both can help you walk easily. But if you are going to be just exploring new streets, resting at the beach or history-oriented places that require less travel on foot, then you can choose to wear some light footwear like sandals and slippers. But obviously, wear them at a decent climate location. The footwear should be suited according to the climate of the place. Like for snowy regions you should definitely carry your snow boots. Not only would they save you from frostbites but they also look great in pictures!

Your clothing items are hugely dependent on the temperature of your destination. For chilly weather don’t forget to pack your warm winter coat. If it’s a slightly warm location pack a light jacket. 

Backpack carriers should choose to carry some breathable clothes like cotton shirts and pants that would soak up all the sweat. If you choose thick clothes while trekking or exploring it may cause you to itch and your skin would not be able to breathe properly. Hence, wear only clothes light in fabric and colours.

A laid back trip calls for a little dressier outfits because you might choose to have food at a fancy cafe or restaurant. Hence, choose the number of clothes items according to the days you plan to stay.

Pack like a pro