The dream of going to a foreign country is sadly not fulfilled for most people. It isn’t because their plans changed the last minute, the ticket fare increased, or a massive hailstorm struck Earth! Shockingly it is because a maximum of people’s visa applications gets rejected every year. According to data, it is said that more than fifty million people would be travelling abroad by 2020 that means that these number of people will also be applying for visas to their respective foreign destinations. But, sadly many won’t be able to make it because of the small mistakes they commit at the time of their visa application submission.


Visa Application


Correct Information

Writing all the correct information on your visa application is very important. All the information that has been asked should be written in the exact asked format. If you feed incorrect details such as date of birth, name, passport number, etc. your visa will definitely be rejected in less than a second. The way the information has been written in your official documents should match the application information. Like if your first name and last name have been written in the opposite order in your official documents and you end up writing it in the other way on your form is going to land your visa getting issued with incorrect details.


Visa Application


Every country has its own document requirements. A customized list according to the destination you plan to travel to is present at the VFS global visa service provider’s information pages. All the documents that are required for you to submit for a visa application have been clearly mentioned. Many people are not aware of this list, and hence, without referring to this list, they choose to submit without the necessary documents. Your application will be stated incompletely because of these missing documents. Therefore, it is necessary to look and cross-check the list before submitting it for a visa.


Bank Statement

Any country you travel to, asks its tourists to attach their bank statements with the other documents. The document is essential to show your financial bandwidth and credit stability for your travel. Though most people are aware of attaching this statement, many people still miss out on it.


Documents for Visa application


Last-minute submissions

Many people in the chaos of getting everything ready, forget to submit their applications or purposely submit it later than usual. Most countries accept applications up to 90 days before the date of your travel. Therefore, when you apply for a visa well in advance, it gives you enough time to deal with any unexpected situations.

Sponsor section

The sponsor section of the application is very important as it helps the officials understand who the applicant depends on in the country they are choosing to travel. It is important to ensure that you fill in the correct details in the sponsor section of the Visa Application Form as per the requirements of the country of travel. While this is a minute section, it still holds great importance in getting your visa application accepted.