Assam’s Sixth National Park 

At India’s North-Eastern part of the great plain lies Assam with its grandeur and prestigious destinations. Assam is well-known for its spectacular stretch of tea gardens, the abundance of oils, and other spots. Even so, they are not far from surprises for wildlife too! This mesmerizing state in India hosts about six National parks, of which Raimona National Park being officially the youngest one. 

Assam does not leave just the park, but the whole state geography is one of a kind. Discover the great extent of Assam for amazing heritage sites, the largest river island, and other tourist attractions. However, whilst we think about that, let’s spare a room to know more about Raimona National Park – Assam’s Sixth National Park in this article. 

A highlight of Raimona National Park

Raimona National Park is located in the Gossaigaon subdivision of Kokrajhar district, Assam. The state Chief Minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma declared it as the National Park on 5th June 2021. As a matter of fact, the occasion was a double pride moment as it was proclaimed on World’s Environment Day at Gandhi Mandap, Guwahati. Henceforth, the National Park became official on 9th June 2021 through an Assam Gazette Notification no.FRW.02/2021/27.

Raimona National Park covers an area of 422 km². It shares a contiguous forest patch that covers the northern part of the Ripu Reserve Forest. The Park manifests as the westernmost buffer to the Manas Tiger Reserve in the southern foothills of Eastern Himalaya Biodiversity Hotspot. The Sonkosh river runs beside the west of the park and the Saralbhanga river on the eastern part. However, in the Northern part, the Pekua river dominated the boundary area of the National Park. In fact, this Bodoland Territorial pride houses the most picturesque landscape that almost makes the place magical. 

Besides the Raimona National Park, the other existing national parks in the state are Kaziranga, Manas, Dibru-Saikhowa, Manas, and Orang. Hence, these vast wildlife coverages actually attract visitors from far and wide. If truth be told, Assam is almost aided by most wildlife tourism to most of its major National Parks. Officially now included the recent park, Raimona National Park. 

What to see at Raimona National Park?

Assam is composed of diverse landscapes ranging from dotted hills, flourishing valleys, and vividly mixed culture. The state is also eminently prosperous for lusciously green forests and wildlife reserves. Consequently, the state now holds the third position with most National Parks in India after Madhya Pradesh and Andaman & Nicobar Island. Benign beasts such as one-horned Indian rhinoceros, wild water buffalo, pygmy hog, and White Asian Elephants find their habitat in this vast state. Assam is also home to the Bengal Tiger, Leopard, and other ferocious beasts. Birds of Asiatic species and other species are also found in most parts of the state especially in the preservatory areas. 

With so many wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks to visit, Raimona National Park is a first call to explore. Let’s see what this new National Park got to show the world:


The vicinity is assured of about 380 varieties of plants and exotic orchids that charms the whole place. Mostly, this park flourishes with myriads of orchid species, other tropical rainforest species, and riverine grasslands. Other intriguing fauna includes varieties of bamboo and numerous wetland ecosystems. 


Raimona National Park boasts of an endemic species called the Golden Langur, which has been named the mascot of the Bodoland region. 

Other considerable faunas include Royal Bengal Tiger, Asian Elephant, Clouded Leopard, Wild Water Buffalo, and Indian Gaur collectively likely to be the ‘Big 5’ of Raimona National Park. Additionally, the most substantial species include Spotted Deers, Hornbill, above 150 butterfly species, and 170 bird species. 

Having to declare Raimona National Park as the sixth National Park is an added feather of success for the state. Eventually, it is one of the most renowned manifolds for the Bodoland Territorial Council. Addedly, it is a massive possibility of ecotourism for the localities who supported their livelihood fully or partially from the forest resources.  

Best Time to Visit

Assam faces a temperate atmosphere due to the tropical monsoon climate. The state also experiences heavy rainfall and high humidity. However, it is pleasant with moderate rainfall and temperature during Autumn and Spring. As a result, the weather is usually perfect during the Autumn and Spring periods. Autumn starts from mid-September to October and Spring from March to Mid-May. 

With the pleasant weather, Raimona National Park is best to visit during Spring and Autumn. Tripping on winters that starts from November to February, is also acceptable if you insist and able to keep up the extreme cold. 

How to Reach Raimona National Park?

By Air: Nearest Airport to Raimora National Park is Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi Airport, Guwahati. One can book a cab or hire a taxi straight to Raimona National Park. The approximate distance is 236.6 km and takes 5 hours 30 mins. 

By Train: Nearest Train Station to Raimora National Park is Kokrajhar Railway Station. The distance from Kakrojhar to the National Park is around 53 km which takes about one and a half hours to reach the vicinity. 

By Road: Raimona National Park is accessible from different directions of the states. One can take from Rangpur (177.6 km), Siliguri (239 km), or Guwahati (201.1 km) to reach Raimona National Park. If you enjoy a long road trip, you are welcome to roll down the highway. 

Local transportation such as buses, taxis, and liners are available at your convenience.

Where to Stay?

There are several hotels and accommodations available ranging from luxurious to budget packages in Gossaigaon. In fact, this uptown is conveniently located near the National Park where one can enjoy absolute hospitality from the people.

However, accommodation options run out faster since it is a small town. Wherefore, getting a prior booking is encouraged. If not, there are nearby major cities one can find expediently apart from Gossaigaon.  

In some consideration, places nearer to Raimora National Park are yet to update, hence the best place to put up is Gossaigaon Town. The quaint town is more than a place to stay. One can feel the local vibe such as the lifestyles, vivid culture, and yummiest meals. A day is enough to explore this beautiful town. 

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