Love visiting places that speak mystery? Then the following plethora of places to visit is going to help you start planning with your buddies right now!

The Deserted Town

Apart from the warm sandy desert of the famous state of Rajasthan, there is a little unknown desert of the southern region too, known as Talakad. Talakadu is a small town that is entirely deserted in Karnataka. It is said that the town is home to about thirty temples in which five (Pathaleshwara temple, Maruleshwara temple, Vindhyeshwari temple and Mallikarjuna Temple) of them are Lingams that show the five faces of Lord Shiva. Few of the temples lie beneath the sand. A popular mystery follows around the reason why the town is entirely deserted. Once the King of Mysore wanted to obtain the jewels of Rani Alamelamma. An army was sent to conquer those jewels. After seeing that Rani Alamelamma drowned herself and the jewels. While dying she cursed that the town of Talakad would become sand. 


The largest number of Twins in the Country 

The Kodinhi village in Kerala is famous for being mysterious for having the largest number of twins in India. The last estimate of the village was approximately two thousand families out of which four hundred of them are twins. It is said to be a weird phenomenon because the national average of twins being born is just nine out of a thousand births. Whereas in Kodinhi it is around forty-five births per thousand births. The phenomenon has intrigued many people around the country and the world. In the year 2016, researchers from the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad, Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies (KUFOS) and the University of London and Germany visited the village to figure out the answer. According to the samples they collected, they speculated that there were some elements in the water and air that could be the cause behind it. But, the phenomenon is yet to get a scientific explanation. 

Kodinhi village

The Levitating Stone

The levitating stone at Shivapur, a small village located in Mumbai is known for its miracle phenomenon. At the shrine of Qamar Ali Darvesh, who was a Muslim saint that lived seven hundred years ago houses a stone that weighs around 90 kg. Usually, it will take the strength of a fixed number man to loft it up. But, the weird part of this stone is that it can be lifted by anyone over their heads of any strength with just a finger. Though it is said that it is only possible when people chant Qamar Ali Darvesh’s name while lifting it. A famous story follows this phenomenon that Qamar Ali was teased his entire life due to his lacking physical activity interests and skills. While he was dying he cursed a stone that was used for physical training to prove that spiritual power is much greater than strength. Only eleven men who jointly call out Qamar Ali’s name will be able to move the rock. though many people also believe that it’s a gimmick just to shelve out some money from tourists. 

Qamar Ali Darvesh st

Karni Mata Rat Temple

The Karni Mata rat temple is a popular Hindu temple in Deshnoke that is famous for being inhabited by 20,000 black rats. A popular story follows this phenomenon. When Karni Mata’s youngest son drowned she asked the god of death, Yama to make him alive. He couldn’t bring him back to life, but, permitted Laxman and other members of her family to be reincarnated as a rat or kabas. A rat that passes over your foot or nibbles the food you have offered is considered highly auspicious. Out of the sea of black rats, you will be able to spot some white rats too that are considered to be a form of Karni Mata and her sons. If you get a spot it is considered as an auspicious blessing.  If any of the rats are found accidentally dead then the temple replaces it with a rat made up of gold or silver.

Karni Mata Rat

No Door Houses in Shani Shingnapur

The houses of the village of Shani Signapur in Maharashtra are famous for being visited by devotees all over for its prestigious Shani temple. But this is not the only reason why it’s famous. The village is known for its houses that apparently have no doors! Over the years, the villagers have stopped feeling the need to put doors as there is already a sense of security due to the Hindu deity Shani Dev. It is said that Shani Dev came into the dreams of the devotees and told them to not put any doors on their houses. Despite some theft cases, being reported in 2010 and 2011, the villagers have maintained their beliefs and their devotion.

Shani Signapur

Gravity Defying Bada Imambara

Lucknow is famously known among tourists for its Kababs and Nawabs but little do others know it houses a gravity-defying palace too. It is also known as the Bada Imambara that translates into a big shrine in English. The palace showcases a great blend of Arabic and European architecture that has a mosque and step well too. The interesting fact about the palace is that the palace which is three stories tall is being supported without any beam or pillar. There are over 1024 ways in which you can reach on top of the terrace but there is only one way to come back. As per stories, the palace was built by more than 20000 workers. According to a myth ordinary labourers used to work during the day time at the construction site, whereas courtiers and architects worked on during the night time so that their method and appearances were not identified by anyone.

Gravity Defying Bada Imambaraa

The Magnetic Hill of Leh

Located near Leh in Ladakh is a popular hill known as Magnetic hill that is popular for its magnetic powers. There are many stories that state the reason for the existence of the magnetic hill. The villagers of Ladakh believe that there once existed a road that led people to heaven. Those who rightly deserved were pulled to the path directly while those who didn’t deserve could never make it there. Many researchers have stated the scientific reason behind it that states that there is a strong magnetic force emanating from the hill that pulls vehicles that are within its range. The hill is known to have caused Indian Air Force planes to divert their route to avoid magnetic interference on them.

Magnetic Hill

The UFO Spot

The Kongka Pass or Kongka La is a low ridge pass of which the southern west part is held by India and is known as Ladakh. The northeastern part is held by China and is named Aksai Chin. The Kongka La Pass is the spot where the Indian and Chinese armies had a war in the year 1962. Apart from that, the Kongka La Pass has been in the news because of UFO sightings. Both the Indians and the Chinese have witnessed various UFOs at the Kongka La Pass. It is said that it is actually the place where UFOs actually land. Not just that, the site has an underground UFO base too. People who have reported to have seen UFO landing, also say that they have seen UFOs emerging out of the ground.  Both the governments of India and China are aware of the UFO phenomenon.


The Skeleton Lake

The Roopkund lake is a high altitude glacial lake in the Uttarakhand state of India. Despite being surrounded by the picturesque snowy Himalayas the lake is popularly called the Skeleton Lake. The lake has a depth of two meters that is occupied by the skeletons of various humans. When the snow melts at the end of the winter season, the skeletons can be seen lying on its bottom. Approximately two hundred skeletons can be seen disposed of into the lake. According to researchers conducted by a team of Indian and international scientists, they reported that the remains belonged to Indians, Greece and South East Asia. They further added that it wasn’t just a single cause that led to the death of so many people.  Many incidents that occurred were said to be approximately 1000 years apart. It is estimated that the total number of skeletons remains around the shores of the Roopkund Lake is around 400 to 600 individuals. Though there are many hypotheses to explain the lying skeletons reaching the lake requires a person to trek for four days.


Blood Rain in Kerala

Ever witnessed a blood-like liquid substance dripping from the sky? The people of a small town in Kerala surely did witness something similar. From 25th July to 23 September 2002, a red coloured rain slathered all across the town of Idukki. The colour was not only red but during some days the colour of the rain also changed into yellow, green and black. The colour stained crisp bright white shirts of many. This led it to be known as ‘The Red Region’. Initially, scientists suspected that fallout from a hypothetical meteor led to the coloured rains. But a study by the Government of India found that the rains had been coloured by airborne spores from a locally prolific terrestrial alga.

Blood Rain in Kerala

Bullet Baba in Jodhpur

Once a man named  Om Singh Rathore was travelling from Pali to Chotila when he crashed his motorcycle into a tree because he was drunk. According to locals, after the police brought the bike away to the station, it was mysteriously discovered back at the site of the accident the next day. Thinking that it was a prank, the police took the bike, emptied its gas tank and chained it up. The next day the chains were found broken and the bike was found back at the site of the accident. A shrine with a lass enclosure has been built around the bike. Since then it has been known as Om Banna the Motorcycle God or Bullet Baba.

Bullet Baba-Rajasthan

The Jwala Devi Temple

The Jwala Devi temple is located in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. A famous Hindu temple dedicated to Devi Jwalamukhi that is regarded as a Maha Shaktipeetham as it is one of the fifty-one Shakti Pitha. It is believed that this is the place where Sati’s tongue fell. The unusual phenomenon about the temple is the eternal flame that has been burning since time immemorial. It is said that the flame is where Jwala Ji resides. It is said that the flame has been burning for over a hundred years without any fuel. 

Jwala Devi Temple

Bird Death Village

A small village in Assam known as Jatinga has garnered attention for being the death village for many birds. Every year during September and November, various local and migratory birds commit suicide. Just after sunset, hundreds of birds crash into buildings and trees. For many years it was believed by the villagers that evil spirits living in the skies were responsible for bringing down the birds. Since birds acting suicidal is not a known phenomenon it led many scientists to search for its cause. It has been inferred that the birds are usually disoriented by the monsoon fog. They are attracted by the village lights towards which they fly. Birds sometimes hit walls and trees during the fall. Some of the birds die, while others are injured. Hence, they become easy prey for the villagers to capture. 

Birth Death Village

Ghost Town of Jaisalmer

The town of Kuldhara near the city of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan was left by the people residing overnight. Earlier inhabited by the Paliwal Brahmins the town comprises of eighty-four villages. According to legends, the Paliwals were often harassed by the local ruler. They were asked to pay huge amounts of money in the form of taxes. One day the ruler asked for the hand of the chief’s daughter for marriage. The Paliwals were given no choice in the matter. Therefore, the entire community had to leave their homes overnight. Some say that before leaving the entire area was placed under a curse, which prohibited anyone from residing there again.


The Haunted Black Beach

Dumas beach is a famous beach located in Surat, Gujrat. The reason for its popularity is its inclusion into the list of top 35 haunted spots in India. The beach is considered one of the most scenic spots in the country. but, once the sun goes down you will not be able to spot a single soul lurking around. Those who dared to stay back and explore the beach are said to be not found. The Dumas beach of Arabian sea is also considered as a haunted spot. The beach is known for its grainy black sand and for its paranormal activities. It was once used as a Hindu burial ground and hence is possessed by several haunting spirits that are said to have never left the region. According to known tales the black sand is the cause of the ashes that were left behind when the dead were burnt that got mixed with the white sand. 

Dumas Beach

The Floating Stones

During the Hindu mythology, while Lord Rama was travelling to get Sita back from the evil Ravana he had to create a bridge to cross a river. The Ram Setu bridge was conducted by throwing stones that floated in the waters because the words ‘Rama’ were imbibed on them. The stones are found only in the coastal regions of Rameshwaram that each weighs 10 to 20 kgs that have been kept in the ancient Rama Temple. The stones are similar to that of the coastal regions. Various devotees and tourists travel up to this place to experience the floating of the rocks. 

The Floating Stone

The Visa Balaji Temple

The Chikara Balaji temple is also known as the Visa Balaji Temple is an ancient Hindu temple in Hyderabad that has been dedicated to Lord Balaji. The temple earned the name Visa Balaji temple after many people who had a difficult case of getting a visa to a foreign country got it done easily after they visited the temple. The temple has over 75,000 visitors in a day. Avoid visiting the temple during the weekends as you’ll have to stand for a long duration in the queues.

Chilkur Balaji Temple

Aleya Ghost Lights

The Aleya ghost lights in West Bengal have been famous around the country for its paranormal activities. While you are roaming around this area you will be able to spot a spooky display of flickering colourful lights. When you move forward in its direction the water of the sea is bound to drown you. You can spot these exactly in the marshy regions and jack-o-lanterns. Locals of Kolkata believe these lights are the spirits of the dead fishermen who lost their lives fishing in the marshes. These lights have often confused the local fishermen which have caused them to fall in the water and drown. 

Aleya Ghost Lights