The buzzing city of Hyderabad has always been known for its extravagant rulership under the Qutub, Mughals and Nizams. The city boasts a multitude of phenomenal spots not just in its arena but also around its borders. A quick or

The Rivera Group has said that the eco-tourism market is the fastest-growing sector of the tourism industry, expanding at the rate of 5 to 50 per cent. Did you know that the wealthiest Romans took trips around the globe that stretched

The changing year and times have led Travel trends to change all over the globe. It is no more just about places to visit around the globe. Travellers around are more responsible for their own carbon footprint. They wish to

Area:329,847 km² Capital City: Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Area and Population Density: Ninety-Five individuals per square kilometre. Population: As of 2019, 32.6 million  Head of state: Yang di-Pertuan Agong Officeholder: Mahathir Mohamad Language: The official language of Malaysia is Malay (Bahasa Melayu). The English language is also

With the massive outbreak of the life-threatening Coronavirus, many industries have succumbed drastically. It only seems like yesterday that the travel and tourism industry was benefiting in heaps. The tourism industry is currently among the most affected sectors and to

India is a land of different climates, landscapes, weather, lush greenery, seas, mountains and much more. Where a thick blanket covers the mountains in most parts of the month the other end of the country drips in sweat. Nature's sensational

A loved amalgamation of the sandy beach, scorching sun, seafood and Portugal heritage is everyone's favourite holiday destination, Goa. Goa is one of the smallest states in India whose capital city is Panjim. The coastline of Goa stretches up to

The sovereign city-state and island country Singapore is one of the most travel-friendly countries in the world. It offers the most-chic experience of shopping, dining topped with thrilling adventure. Over the years Singapore has managed to transform itself into an

The holiday spot for all seasons, Goa is much more than just beaches. The place embarks of great history and culture that one is fortunate enough to witness through its monuments. While going there you will get to experience other

The Indonesian island known as Bali offers the most majestic times for tourists. The place has been the most majestic architectural creative monuments and temples that have known to exist many years ago. Spend your time exploring this incredible spot

Love visiting places that speak mystery? Then the following plethora of places to visit is going to help you start planning with your buddies right now! The Deserted Town Apart from the warm sandy desert of the famous state of Rajasthan, there