Leave behind your usual hill stations like Shimla and Manali. Get some inspiration from the following places that will not only take you away from the crowd and travel up to get the best quaint time to be with yourself or your dear one and see yourself easily fall in love with these places.

Sethan Valley



Whenever tourists think or plan a holiday, the easiest place that comes inside their minds is Manali. At any time of the year a hill station that sees all kinds of visitors from different places in Manali. But, due it being the go-to hill station, many people overlook other destinations.  One such place for travel is the Sethan Valley. This valley is at an altitude of over 2700m above sea level and is roughly a forty-five-minute ride from Manali. Since many are not aware of this place, you will not see a lot of tourists visiting this town. This town is the perfect place to relax for a couple of days. the perfect time for you to visit would definitely be the winter season. The place is covered in white snow, making it the most beautiful and enchanting sight for your eyes. The pleasant Dhauladhar ranges and the river Beas flowing in its form can be easily spotted from the valley. The friendly people of Sethan that you will get to meet during your stay are actually the original migrants of Tibet and Spiti valley. It is said that they follow the Tibetian way of living.  The first inhabitants or residents of the Sethan valley were Gaddis or the nomadic shepherds of Spiti and Kinnaur. The village has been majorly occupied by the Khampa tribe of the Buddhist community. The Khampa tribe can be seen farming on this land through which they sustain their daily livelihoods. As it gets extremely chilly during the peak of winter months, most of the residents leave Sethan and move to Kullu Valley. It’s only in the summer month that they come back to their homes. Surprisingly, there are just around twenty residential houses and a few stay homes for tourists.


In 1951 when Kullu was part of Punjab, the State Government of Punjab allotted them this land that is the Sethan Valley. Hence, this is how it came into existence.


The best time to visit Sethan Valley is from December to March where you can enjoy the snow. Apart from building snowmen and indulging in some snowball fights with friends, if you are someone who loves trying out some adventure activities should surely try skiing, snowboarding, or snow hiking. If planning to come here in summers than camping under the stars or trekking through the hilly paths are also good options. It is said that the Sethan Valley has some religious significance too. It is believed by the locals that just some kilometres away from Sethan valley is a town called the Pandu Ropa. Many years ago the Pandava brothers during the Mahabharata period stayed at this place. All the brothers used to come to this place to indulge in some meditational activities. It is also known that the land area was used to grow crops. The fresh produce was later used for cooking their daily meals. 

Sethan Valley, MANALI


Naggar is an old little town located in the Kullu region of the state Himachal Pradesh. It is located at a high of 1800 meters. The Naggar town was previously known as the capital of Kullu kingdom. This town might be slightly tiny but it is perfect to spend some peaceful time you are looking out from your busy life. The place is full of greenery. Tall pine trees and bushy grasslands serve as the perfect backdrop. You will also be able to spot Beas river running right next to it.  Famous Russian painter and traveller Nicholas Roerich visited this town in the early 20th century. He instantly fell in love with this place. He quickly decided to leave his home place and permanently settle in Naggar. Though you can choose to just rest during your holiday or eat some delicious food. But, this small town offers you many other fun things to try and places to visit too.

Naggar Castle


The best place to visit here is the Nagar castle. The castle was made during 1460 A.D that is known as the medieval period. The architecture of the castle has been inspired by the western and Himalayan style of architecture. In 1978, the owner Raja Sidh Singh decided to turn this castle into a heritage hotel. Hence, inviting people all over the country to come here and experience the true heritage experience. Today you can pick to just visit here to admire its art and architecture. How beautifully it has been created by the local artisans of the medieval period. The interior walls have been well decorated with many paintings of the Russian artist Nicholas Roerich. It is said that Nicholas was staying in one of the rooms of the castle. Hence, whatever he created and collected during his stay have been hung up on the walls for every visitor to see and appreciate. The castle gained more popularity when it was featured in a popular Bollywood movie’Jab We Met’. You can decide to have your lunch or dinner at the Naggar Castle complex. They are known to serve the best Garhwali food in the town. People who are interested in admiring the Russian Folk Art like their dance, singing and art creations can also try visiting the Uruswati Himalayan Folk Art Museum. The museum was opened in 1928 as a research institute by the Russian Professor Nicolas Roerich. His aim of establishing this museum was to carry researches on Tibetan and Indian medicines. Other nice places to visit in the Naggar valley include Dagpo Shedrupling Monastery, Gauri Shankar temple, and the Jagatipatt temple. To get the best out of your holiday in this town is to go on a trek around this area or fishing for Trouts.


The best time to visit Naggar is between October and November when the weather is just perfect, not too hot nor cold. You would easily land the best accommodation facilities too. You can also choose to visit Naggar during the winter season when it is full of snow. But, come here when only if you can endure the winter season as it gets extremely chilly.

Naggar, Himachal Pradesh


The famous Rohtang Valley is visited by many tourists to enjoy the thick white snow where they get to enjoy the cold in many fun ways. But, just 12 kilometres away from Manali lies another amazing location, Kothi. Kothi is a quiet small village that is a not so popular destination among travellers. It is located at the foothills of the popular Rohtang Pass, which is a high mountain pass at a surprising height of 3,980 m or 13,058 ft on the eastern Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas. Many people choose to trek to Rohtang Pass due to its popularity. Manali being their starting point where they start their trekking and Rohtang pass the endpoint where they put up their camps. It is during the time of their trek that tourists will come across this beautiful scenic village.  This point also acts as a point where trekkers can choose to rest for some time or take the entire night off and continue their journey from the next morning onwards. The village is located at a height of 2500 meters above sea level. This nature’s impressive creation offers onlookers with a phenomenal view of snowy mountains and glaciers. The Beas River flows through the narrow and deep passes near this point. The beauty of this village does not just mesmerize people who pass by but also people from all over the world.

Kothi, Manali


Many people from across places have come to this village to seek inspiration. The place has been the inspiration behind many poems by various popular writers. Who have nicely penned down the authenticity of this place. Not only just the poems but also some Bollywood movies have been shot at Kothi. Many paintings have also featured the pristine landscapes of Kothi. Hence, if you want to gain some inspiration or just relax while admiring nature, then you should definitely visit Kothi. Like many others, you will also be left in awe after visiting this place, and it will make you want to come back again and again.


The perfect time to visit this place between October and June to see the place covered in the snow. Though the Rohtang Pass might be closed due to snowfall, you can still reach here by road. If you aren’t a big fan of the winter season, then you can choose to come here in the summer season that is between March to June. Hence, it also a more appropriate time to opt for a trek to the village or to Rohtang Pass.