A travelling experience to an unknown or never experienced before is one of the most prestigious experience that one incurs during the course of their lifetime. Whether it is a small age or later in life, travelling provides you with such experiences that even after a considerable time, one cherishes and recalls their entire lifetime. Knowing a state or cities history, their architectural brilliance, their culture, language or just their uniqueness is enough to broaden your horizons. 

One such experience that everyone should gain at least once in their life is that of travelling but solo. Right from building an itinerary to deciding the budget or where you would stay is altogether a different experience. Not only does it make one responsible but leads to memories and experiences that are enough to cherish for a lifetime.

Many believe that India is not apt for solo travelling. But, that is surely not true. Following are some of those places that have gained major popularity since the past few years among solo travellers. These places have also been marked high on safety for female travellers.



Marked as the ‘Mini-Switzerland of India’, Khajjiar is a quaint small town 24 kilometres away from the famous Dalhousie. Surrounded by dense pine and deodar forests, Khajjiar is etched at an altitude of 6,500 feet above level. The town is nestled on the foothills of the Dhauladhar ranges of the Western Himalayas. Many solo travellers choose to visit Khajjiar for its scenics and tranquillity. The ride from Chamba to Dalhousie to here is adored by many. You can opt to board a bus up to here that are frequently run by the HP Tourism Development Corporation. There are many budgeted hotels in Khajjiar that are perfect for solo travellers. If you are an adventure sport lover then you should surely visit Khajjiar as it offers paragliding, horse riding, zorbing, trekking and much more.





Located in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka is the popular city of Gokarna. The perfect spot for solo travellers who wish to ditch the usual beaches of Goa and hop onto its much cleaner and serene neighbour. Gokarna is majorly known for its rich mythological background. The city is surrounded by numerous ancient temples that have been dedicated to the Hindu god, Lord Shiva. Many locals and foreigners flee to Gokarna to experience its tourist spots and beaches.  Surrounded by the River Aghanashini, it is considered as a highly sacred and auspicious site for devotees. But if you are someone who is looking to relax, then you should surely visit Gokarna. Gokarna has all types of accommodation facilities that suit various budgets. 





The capital of Meghalaya, Shillong comes under one of the most breathtaking destinations to visit especially for solo travellers. The capital gets its name from Lei Shillong, an idol worshipped at the Shillong Peak. Etched at an elevation of 1496 metres, Shillong is the perfect hill station stop for solo travellers to enjoy. Shillong can easily be visited during any season. Often called as the ‘Scotland of the East’, Shillong is home to numerous waterfalls, peaks, lakes, museums, zoos and many more. If you are a true nature lover then you will surely fall in love with this place. The stunning landscapes and waterfalls are not the only things that drag many up to Shillong, its unique culture is also worth witnessing.  The place is well-known to be visited by numerous backpackers and solo travellers for its beauty located in the northeastern part of India.





Located in the Western Ghats of Kerala, the quaint town of Munnar is one of the most prestigious spots to discover in the southern part of India especially for solo travellers. The town is etched at an altitude of 6000 feet in the district of Idukki. Munnar has been majorly known for being the summer resort of the Britishers during the colonial period. The place is surrounded by lush green bushes and tea estates. Tourists also love visiting here to spot the Neelakurinji and Nilgiri Tahr. A look at its stunning tributaries, hills, terrains and more will leave you mesmerized. Solo traveller looking for some adventurous experiences can surely opt for mountain climbing, paragliding and boating. Munnar has some of the most stunning resorts that offer visitors the perfect staycation experience. 


Munnar, Kerala



Popularly known as the lake city, Udaipur is one of the most royally rich cities to visit in Rajasthan. A visit here will surely leave you mesmerized. The city has been surrounded by many man-made lakes that stretch on s vast area. So whether you are strolling or exploring, the view of the lake is always by the corner. Apart from lakes, you will so get to witness some great historic years of the former royal families through its forts, places and more. One of the main reasons why Udaipur is famous is because it provides you with the most tranquil surroundings. So if you want to just sit by the lake and sip your coffee or read a book then Udaipur is the ideal place for you. There are many great eating out options. So, you can choose to either binge at a vegan cafe or gain the true Rajasthani experience by visiting one of their true authentic restaurants.  While choosing an accommodation pick the one that offers the views if the grand Lake Pichola.


Udaipur, Rajasthan



The scenic beauty of Himalayas can be easily witnessed while solo travelling in the spiritual town of Rishikesh. Many forms of travellers choose to visit Rishikesh for its calmness and tranquil surrounding. Rishikesh is also well known for its numerous yoga centres. This the reason why it has been addressed as the Yoga Capital of India. You can also opt for some relaxing ayurvedic massages and retreats. Rishikesh is also famous for hosting numerous adventure activities such as river rafting, bungee jumping, camping, mountain biking, flying fox, cliff jumping, trekking, body surfing, rappelling, kayaking, paragliding. While experiencing the hoghs and calms of Rishikesh to not forget to witness the Ganga Aarti.


Rishikesh, Uttrakhand



Manali is one of the most popularly stunning hill stations of the northern Indian region. The region is surrounded by a mystic cool climate and hills that are perfect to flee to when you wish to avoid the scorching summer heat. Manali is surrounded by the hills of the Pir Panjal and the Dhauladhar ranges. The hill station is surrounded by scenic trails and landscapes, leaving many in awe. Solang Valley is another favourite of tourists visiting Manali. Tourists visiting here can enjoy adventurous activities such as trekking, mountaineering, skiing and more. Visit here during the Winter season and enjoy its thick blanket of snow. The breathtaking views of the surroundings have been known to lead many into a blissful state.  MAlai has many local homestays that are perfect for solo travellers. Touring around the region is also extremely convenient. Therefore, making it an apt spot for travellers.





The city of dreams, the city that never sleeps also known also popularly known for being the home of the Hindi film industry, Mumbai is where you should be if you wish to go solo travelling. Mumbai is considered as one of the safest cities to visit for solo travellers, especially for girls. There is a lot to explore in the city, right from architectural monuments, shopping streets, food spots and much more. One of the most ideal places to roam around Mumbai is the Gateway of India. The monumental brilliance overlooks the stunning Arabia Sea. Hence, a relaxing walk around is considered a must. You can also choose to visit the Elephanta caves, Iskon temple, Siddhivinayak temple and many more. Another great experience that many tourists love exploring is Marine Drive, especially during the sunset. Nearby you will also get to spot some food joints that offer some of the most delicious pani-puris and pav bhajis. 





The state of Kerala is prestigiously adjudged as ‘God’s own country’ is one of the ideal places to visit in the southern region of India. Many solo travellers around the world love visiting Kerala for its stunning beaches, backwaters, national parks, plantations and much more. A paradise for solo travellers, Kerala is the apt place if you’re looking to just relax. The place has many ayurvedic retreat centres too that many visitors love to experience. Due to its proximity to the equator, Kerala has been marked as one of the hot and humid states. Therefore, if you plan to visit here you should do so in the latter months of the year.  Some of the top places to visit in Kerala include the remarkable Dutch Palace,  Cochin Jewish Synagogue, the Willingdon Island (One of the largest man-made islands in India). If you wish to enjoy some hill stations of South India then you should surely explore Munnar. It is marked as one of the most beautiful hill stations to visit as it is enriched by a large spread of tea plantations, diverse fauna, rich forests and grasslands.