Talakadu Beach is a destination that will turn you on to a weekend miracle. It is, in fact, one of the distinct places in the South Region of India. Every person of any age loves to explore the sandy river beach that breathes a wistful history. Not only is the landscape impeccable, but the ancient temples nearby leave every visitor extremely thrill. Moreover, the sandy, desert-like town of Talakadu immensely portrays a religious significance. Therefore, it is the most popular pilgrim site for the Hindus. A weekend trip to this whimsical spot is not a thing to miss. Scroll down to know more about the epic historical landmark of Talakadu. 

Where is Talakadu Beach?

People staying around Bangalore find Talakadu beach a nice destination to spend a short weekend getaway. However, it does not stop any willing souls to explore the desert-like place irrespective of particular location. 

The ancient town of Talakadu resides on the left hand side bank of River Kaveri in Mysore District, Karnataka. The perk of this place is that it is reachable and explorable within a day. Besides, one can find time to visit other places of interests at the same time. Myth speculates that more than thirty temples lay buried beneath the sand following a dreadful curse from an ancient queen. Over the years, the site gained its popularity among the Hindu believers and has become the most highlighted pilgrimage sites in India. 

The Myth Of Talakadu Beach

Devotees and visitors having wee time at the Kaveri River

Well bespoke of several myths and mysteries, the one licit evidence is that the name Talakadu derived from two twins Kirāta brothers – Tala and Kadu. One day, they saw wild elephants paying homage to a tree that they had cut down. When they observed the event closely, the tree resembled an image of Shiva and the elephants were the disguises of the rishis. In an instant, the tree was miraculously restored to its original. The event made both the brothers and the transformed rishis obtain mōksha. Later, the place was named Tala-kādu owing to the two brothers, or Dala-van in Sanskrit. Some years later after the event, there is a believe that Rama took rest upon here on his onward journey towards Lanka. 

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Though most evidence of civilizations are hidden in the course of centuries, two stone images stand out as a representation of the two brothers displayed in front of the Veerabhadra Swamy Temple.

The Story Behind The Buried Town and Temples of Talakadu Beach

coracle or traditional boats at talakadu beach

Although lost in antiquity, there are potent explanations about the site discovery of several temples. The tale behind the buried city in the Talakadu Beach is fascinating to uncover following a curse from a queen. 

Tirumala-Raja or Sri Ranga Raya, a certain Vijayanagar Raja at Seringapatam was afflicted with an incurable disease. As for him, he journeyed to Talkād (present-day Talakadu) to offer sacrifices at the Vaidyēsvara Temple. Meanwhile, his second wife, Queen Alamelamma went after him to Talkād to see him for the last time as she knew that it was her husband’s last. She was then in charge of the Government of Srirangagapattanam. However, before she began her journey, she handed it over to Raja Wodeyar of Mysore who was obsessed with the queen’s jewels. It so happened that the queen took the jewels along with her. Noticing that, Raja Wodeyar who decided to possess the jewels at any cost summoned his army to attack the queen. 

The queen not capitulated by the attack went to the bank of Ca uvery (Kaveri), threw the jewels in the water and drowning herself in the river uttering a curse that goes “Let Talakād become sand ; let Mālangi become a whirlpool; let the Mysore Rājas fail to beget heirs.”

The Effect of the Queen’s Curse 

The curse city by Rani Alamelam

Strangely, years later, the curse had come to an effect on the proud ground of Talakadu city. Two strange events eventually occurred in the very place to stand as proof. Firstly, the Mysore royals encountered troubles in appointing the rightful heir to the throne since the 17th century. Secondly, once a sprawling city, Talakadu lay low beneath the sandhills, unsure to revive again in its glory. Sadly, the landmark is a landscape of dunes, and the city is seemingly several meters deep beneath the sand. Presently it has become worldwide attention to explore, study and discover the legendary city buried with the curse of Rani Alamelamma. 

Temples In Talakadu Beach

Escavated Temples of Talakadu

Talakadu associates with the “Curse of Talakad” where queen Alamelamma of Mysore pronounced the curse. History states that about thirty temples lay buried deep under the stretch of sandhills. While most temples are beneath the dunes of sand, some sites such as stone pillars, squares, and other objects lay scattered around the excavated area. At present, the archeologists successfully unearth the Pathaleshwara, Maruleshwara, Arkeshwara, Vaidyanatheshwara, and Mallikarjuna temples. These temples are the five Lingas or the Panchalinga temples representing the five faces of Shiva manifesting the Pancha Pathi that eventually became popular in the contemporary. Vydyanatheshwara temple is the most outstanding temple among the five others where Vishnuvardhana, a ruler belonging to Hoysala built the temple after defeating the Gangas and Talakadu. 

Top Things To Do At Talakadu Beach

Shivanasamudra Falls, nearest place of interest from talakady beach

The sleepy town is much more than a place to hang out on weekends but much to the delight has a lot to unfurl its wonders. Knowing anyone who says there ain’t no beaches in Bangalore, introduce the Talakadu Beach to them, the most popular river beach to visit in India.  The view of Talakad Beach and its surrounding landmarks resound the best landscape one could witness. Things you can do and see at Talakadu Beach are below.

  • Visitors can enjoy a coracle ride, a kind of traditional boat of Talakadu on the Kaveri River which the experience is one of a kind. 
  • The exotic river beach of Karnataka offers myriads of fun activities such as sightseeing, volleyball or football matches, swimming, and other aquatic activities. 
  • The enchanted town best known for some of the latest advances in horticulture and winemaking, travelers can experience the rich gastronomy of the region. Although, the chef keeps the secret safe on how well they costumes, without a question, explorers can relish the unique tastes of fine wines, exotic fresh organic produce, artisan cheese, and other diverse culinary delights. As for the record, this sleepy little town is considered as Bangalore’s Gourmet Valley by the name Cauvery Valley. 
  • Plan a decent picnic at the beach while the surrounding nature will take care of your merriment and elevate you to the best weekend you ever had. 
  • Visit the legendary temples such as the Pathaleshwara, Maruleshwara, Arkeshwara, Vaidyanatheshwara, and Mallikarjuna temples. Make time for Mudukuthore Temple which is 4 km from Talakadu to see the most stunning view. Moreover, you will enjoy the serenity of the place. 
  • The locals also suggests visitors to visit the imposing Shivanasamudra Falls on the Kaveri River while exploring Talakadu Beach. It takes about 49 minutes to reach the beautiful site.

How to Reach? 

Mysore JN

Mandya, Mysore JN and Bangalore CY are the nearest major train stations to reach Talakadu with convenient transportation. The nearest Airports are the Mysore Domestic Airport or Bangalore Airport. 

However, there are two options for visitors to commence the Talakadu Beach Journey once they reach by flight or train. The road from Mysore to Talakadu covers about 45 km and is a promise of a smooth ride. One can also take the NH 209 which is by far shorter but really in poor shape due to the recent construction of Metro. 

The distance from Bangalore is about 133 km with good road conditions. Meanwhile, one can enjoy the scenic drive. Once the journey finds its rest at the spot, the baffling sandy landscape is one of a kind. Hard to believe that once it was a sprawling city in its prime time. 

Where To Stay? 

Accommodations in Mysore

Bangalore city or Mysore Town has many good accommodations according to the needs of each traveler. However, it is unsure to promptly assure the availability of stays at Talakadu or in its vicinity. Yet one can try booking at Rayaa Resort by the River Club for the best experience.  Luxurious stays in Mysore include Radisson Blu Plaza, Lalitha Mahal Palace, Bed & Breakfast Jungle Trailz Kabini, and others. Other budgeted suggestions are such as Hotel Mb International, Villa Park, or Yadu Skypark with high-quality high-quality service.