What is life without a little trekking on the verdant green mountains of the famous Antara Gange! So much as your spirit yearns for peace, the lovely wood, the rolling meadows, the circumscribing mountains, the valleys, and the surreal landscape will take your woos away. Therefore, plan your next weekend anytime soon to visit AntaraGange. The retreating, soul-soothing place is a dream destination for both spiritual and nature lovers. Be one of them, you will have the best time ever amidst the Nilgiri Trees resplendently dotting the entire area. 

The Prehistoric Existence Of Antara Gange

The beautiful view of the kashi of the south

The thought of caves, mountains, temples, and a calm breeze gives an impression of a perfect weekend trip. That being said, Antara Gange is an idyllic destination soaking in the depths of spirituality with a plethora of adventure activities to offer. So often epithet as the ‘Kashi of The South’, the name when translated means ‘The Ganges from Deep’ in Kannada. The ancient shrine on top of the hillock called Kashi Vishwanatha temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is crucial for the Hindus and is one of the important temples of Antara Gange. The lush green of Nilgiri groves surrounds the little temple which truly is splendid to look at with the most tranquil sensation one could experience.

Also known by many names as Antaragang, Anthragange, or Antara Gange, it is a popular pilgrim site that attracts thousands of devotees across the country.

A little pond beside the temple fed by underground water from the mouth of Basava the Bull is another mythical significance and plays an important to Hindu mythology. Since time immemorial, the pond from the water from the perennial spring is believed to have healing power for any kind of illness and disease. And when one should drink it from the pond, it will cure a person suffering from any illness. The devotees also believe that the water is of the Holy Ganges that pours down from the head of Lord Shiva to heal the sick. 

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Where Is Antara Gange?

Kolar, Karnataka

The mystic abode of Antara Gange dwells pretty in the Shathashrunga Mountain range in Vibhuthipura. It is in the Kolar District of Karnataka, one of the highlighted places of the state for weekend trips. Raised above 1226 m, the beautiful range of Antara Gange hills persistently invites adventurers, pilgrims, and avid travelers from all over the world. Moreover, the rocky landscape and the sublime nature demand it as the most coveted spot for trekking and other adventurous activities. 

Should you be visiting Bangalore, never fail to explore the Antara Gange region to have the ultimate adventure of your life. The trek towards the spot is moderate and anyone can enjoy the rhythm of the journey. After all, it is one of the best sought-after trekking destinations in the state. 

Transcendental Ascent To Antara Gange

The Stairs leading up to the hill top of Antara Gange

The 3 km trekking and covering about 350 steps over the plight of stairs takes about one and a half hours to reach the top. Much to everyone’s delight, the ascending trek is non-extreme to take in and any person of different ages can enjoy it. However, you are not alone on the path as several other monkeys will accompany you. Hence, it is advisable to conceal your eatables or any foodstuff as at times they can be troublesome. The rocky landscape is another breathtaking feature that makes the destination more attractive. 

A 3 to 4 km from the temple will lead you to ancient cave sites. Most ideal for adventurers, cave exploration is the most thrilling part of trekking. The caves have small passes that cut through the rock interlinking other caves. While some caves are dry, other caves are moist and have lots of water in them. 

Things To Do At AntaraGange

sunset view in anthra gange

As mentioned before, Antara Gange is a popular trekking spot with ample activities to venture into. There isn’t anything fun other than exploring the heights of the mountain, walking along with the lush greens and its impeccable landscape, and the elating entrance inside the cave. Moreover, it’s a sheer joy to overlook the eye-catching view from the top of the mountain. Things you can expect doing there would be the following: 

  • Make out early for the trek to see the mesmerizing sunrise at the top of the mountain. The conquering view will automatically pay off your weariness.
  • Nothing but a moderate trek will fill you up with an extra pound of zeal. The upward journey is a surety of beauty at its excellence. The higher you climb, the better it gets captivating.
  • Let your spiritual needs be fulfilled by paying homage in the temple once you reach the top. 
  • Faith does move mountains! If a broken-you yearn for healing, take a sip from the little pond near the temple but with absolute faith.
  • For an ultimate adventure activvity, you and your friends can relish the joy of rock climbing.

Other Amazing Things To do

Cave in Anthra Gange
  • Continue towards the verdant green path to lead you on to more adventurous spots. Some little way ahead will find you trekking through rocks and boulders to reach the splendid campsites. You cannot miss exploring the prehistoric cave with fascinating things to see there. Walk past the little footpath through the rock cuts to reach the other caves.
  • Camp around the vicinity and witness the most alluring starry night sky that you miss seeing in the cities. The stillness of the night will make you wiser in thoughts and create an artist in you.
  • If luck is on your side, you can spot some wild animals 
  • There are few villages in the mountains including Therhalli. Visit the folks and have a delightful chat over a cup of chai. 
  • Witness the beautiful sunset and experience the dusk as it turns into a mellowing night. The night view of the villages around, dotted with lights is overwhelming sights. 

How To Reach Antara Gange

Kolar Train Station

Antara Gange, residing amongst the breathtaking Nilgiri Wood is not a far-fetched destination with a promising good road condition. The journey can commence from Bangalore which is only about 67 km and hardly 2 hours drive to Antara Gange. 

Traveling by air, Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru is the nearest airport to reach the destination. The distance is 70 km which is about 1 and a half hours if you take the Chikkaballapur road. 

Kolar Train Station is the nearest train station to reach Antara Gange. It takes just 5 km and about 25 mins to get to the spot. 

Where To Stay?

Antara Gange Resort, Daffodil Farms

Antara Gange is located in a favorable landmark, so choosing a stay is not a big deal. One can find multiple accommodations ranging from budget-friendly to luxurious stays. Hotels like Golden Amoon Resort, OYO 81997 Krs Comforts, and RG Hotels and Resort give the best comfort for any travelers looking for a budget to luxurious accommodations. Daffodil Farms, a tranquil place on the way to Kolar is just ideal for travelers looking for group accommodation. 

Places To Visit Near Antara Gange

Trekking to Antara Gange is a really mood-on journey. Besides, you can fully enjoy exploring in one day. However, if you are planning to extend your holiday, there are other places you can visit near Antara Gange. Explore the Lord Someshwara Temple, and Kotilingeshwara temple, the most exotic temples withstanding more than hundreds of centuries. Another temple that is crucially significant is the Kolaramma temple. It is a temple dedicated to Kolaramma or Goddess Parvathi, the presiding deity of the town of Kolar. It has survived a thousand years and existed since the Cholas era.

Visit the Villages near the destination and have a good time with the folks. There are about seven villages up there and one can explore the splendid hamlets with beautiful memories to bear. 

Antara Gange FAQ

Where is Antara Gange?

Antara Gange is located at Vibhuthipura in Kolar district, Karnataka. It is one of the best trekking spots and the ultimate weekend getaway for any traveler. The meaning of its name stands as “The Ganges from Deep”. It holds great significance for the Hindu believers and is thus often called the Kashi of the South.

How far is Antara Gange from Bangalore?

The shortest route from Bangalore to Antara Gange is national highway 75. It takes about 1 hour 48 min and is 67.8 km from the city of Bangalore.

Are there any temples at Antara Gange?

Yes, the Sri Kashi Vishweshwara temple is of great importance to believers and is on top of the Antara Gange hilltop. Also, a remarkable healing pond exists near the temple which is fed by underground water.

What are things to do at Antara Gange?

While Antara Gange is famed as a highlighted trekking destination, there are other multiple things to do. Camping, rock climbing, cave exploration, pilgrimage, and various other activities are available on the spot. Also, travelers can visit various villages on top of the mountain for an authentic experiences with the local folks.

What are things to see at Antara Gange?

Enjoy the sunrise and sunset trek at Antara Gange to see the eye of the day rising and back to its slumbering. It is one of the most incredible views to see. Moreover, the rocky landscape and green patches surrounding the landmark are impeccable to observe.