The unfrequented, but captivating haven of unexplored landscapes and aesthetics of the small state, Shillong in north-eastern India, demand more recognition and acknowledgment.

Introducing Us To You

Introducing Us To You

We (Liamtra) are a rising platform that indulges in the concept of providing a safer and tailored travel experience. Hence, we feel the necessity to popularize the mystic wonders that people are yet to behold.

The Liamtra members who went on the journey were a joint assemblage of the esteemed Liamtra Founder, Sir Johnny Asim, DJM Operations, Mr. Dominic Kamson, DJM Finance, Mr. Vianney Raungmeih, and the Marketing Head, Mr. Karan Taneja. We were also accompanied by the most renowned models of Nagaland to assist with the Photo Shoot which was intended to be shared on our Platform.

Mr. Opang Jamir Metsubo, entitled to the position of Mister International India 2012 and 1st runner-up for the designation Miss Nagaland and contestant in Femina Miss India 2017, Ms. Kaheli Chophy were first-lined to be the Brand Ambassadors of Liamtra along with Suzannah Awomi (Top Model Nagaland 2018) and Kenneth Raugmeih are collectively the models who convoyed along with us on the trip.

Day 1: Journey To Mystic Shillong

Journey To Mystic Shillong

Our journey initially commenced with two teams. One boarding a flight from Delhi and the other from Kohima, Nagaland. Both the teams met up at the Ri Kynjai Resort on Wednesday 10th, April 2019. The accommodation was so much more than we expected. The adornments were so beautifully embellished that the whole team was in awe. However, because of the long journey, everyone beat and decided to lounge around in the resort for the rest of the day.  

Everything starting from the furniture to the intricate outlines was carved in wood. The lounging area and restaurant with breathtaking views and lip-smacking food call for one of the best combinations. 

After the long and peaceful rest, our itinerary for the day was already pre-planned. Meanwhile, we began the implementation from the get-go. We began our morning with a fresh photo shoot at the resort itself. Our main objective was to procure enchanting images and videos of Shillong for our campaign which can further spark the curiosity of the people who access our platform.

Day 2: Beguiling Places We Visited in Shillong

Beguiling Places We Visited in Shillong

After the brief shoot ended, we packed the necessities and started our mini trip to the Liatlum Canyons. The drive to the canyons was absolutely stunning. The entire pavements were covered with lush green foliage and there were stunning grasslands as far as the eye could see. Upon arrival, we had a majestic view of the canyons and the valley. It is a sight absolutely perfect for a warm evening picnic with friends or family. The ambiance is so rejuvenating and the place is absolutely picturesque in all its glory. We decided on this place to be the next venue for the photoshoot. 

We nothing but gobbled down our lunch. However, with the onset of dusk and the approaching nightfall, the photo session came to an end.

Our team drove back to our resort, tired but oh so excited. What an irony it was! The day was brought to an end with all of us grabbing our dinner at the resort and crashing back to our rooms.

Day 3: A Memorable Visit to Umium Lake – Shillong’s Most Iconic Lake

A Memorable Visit to Umium Lake - Shillong's Most Iconic Lake

The third day in Shillong, and we were already surprised by the reviews we heard about the next place in-store. Just the pictures were astonishing enough to grab anyone’s attention, we could only imagine how the place would be like a person. Our next stop was none other than the most famous lake of Shillong, The Umiam Lake.

Umiam Lake, or as the locals call it ‘Barapani Lake’, is a reservoir in the hills of Shillong. It is one of the major attractions for a multitude of water sports like kayaking, boating, and water cycling.

We had the leisure of enjoying the vibe while our boat gently rowed on the calm waters of the lake. The place in itself is such magnificence and even with the best cameras, we could only capture a bare glimpse of its natural enthrallment.

The photoshoot whizzed past us and unfortunately, as afternoon approached, the Delhi team had to pack their luggage and say goodbye as they boarded their flight and set off on the travel back to Delhi. However, the Photography and Videography team stayed back to capture Shillong in its purest essence.

Day 4: The Appalling Sight Of The Living Root Bridges

_The Appalling Sight Of The Living Root Bridges

With the incipience of the next day, we targeted the most desirable location, which grabs the attention of everyone. It is by far the most popular and must-visit destination on everyone’s bucket list. The Living Root Bridges of Shillong have been assembling the immersion of people’s curiosity for a long time now. However, out of many such bridges, we decided to go for, what is in our opinion, the most enchanting bridge of all time.

The Umshiang Double-Decker Root Bridge is located in the village of Nongriat which is about 1.5 to 2 hours walk away from the compact village of Tyrna. It is easy to hail a cab from Cherrapunjee to the village. So reaching the village will be no trouble at all. From Tyrna village, one must transverse a total of 2,500 to 3,000 steps winding around a hill to reach Nongriat. The trek is undoubtedly strenuous but totally worth it.

A little background lesson- the Khasi and Jaintia people are known to hand-make these living root bridges from the aerial roots of the Rubber Fig Trees.

A small pond under the bridge acts as a natural cold Jacuzzi. The fresh, isolated air along with the nature retreat is contrary to the hustle-bustle of everyday life in the city. The vicinity brings a nice sense of serenity and warmth. Just a little around the corner, and a small trek downhill. Although unpopular, it is an extremely charming unnamed secret lagoon near Nongriat exists which can wash away your worries for the day.

Exploring The Enchanted Rainbow Falls of Shillong

Exploring The Enchanted Rainbow Falls of Shillong

The next stop was the infamous Rainbow Falls. This is a pursuit for the valiant and the forest surrounding the trek is dense and abundant with exotic flowers and trees. After a long and tedious journey with a shaky suspension bridge and crazy steep and slippery ascents and descents, we were in the vicinity of the majestic falls with its tint of turquoise water.

The falls get its name because a prominent rainbow is eminent over its entirety whenever the sun shines. The time spent around the falls was so indulging and all our and skepticism about the dangerous trek fleeted away at the sight before us.

After spending a good amount of time at the falls, we decided to end the day here. So, we began our trek uphill. So we could move back to our lodging to grab ourselves a hearty dinner and a good nights’ rest. Our last day at Shillong began with the silhouette of the small intruding sunshine through our blinds. And so, we embarked on the last place on our list, The Nohkalikai Falls.

The Legendary Myth of the Nokalikai Falls

The Legendary Myth of the Nokalikai Falls

The Nohkalikai is located near Cherrapunji, standing tall at 1115 feet (340 m). It is the tallest plunge waterfall in the Indian subcontinent and the 4th highest in the whole world. The drive to the falls entailed an elevated tableland which progressively guided us to the cliff followed by a short hike to the viewpoint. There you can revel in the glory of the waterfall plunging down into an unusual ultramarine pool, many feet below.

This fall has a very sad Khasi legend associated with it. However, we will not delve into the gory details here. Therefore, we leave it up to you to figure out how these falls got their name.

Our trip ended with the setting sun however on our way back, we still had the feeling of euphoria. The journey was truly a thrilling and an “edge of the seat” experience for all of us. We shortlisted Shillong because we want people to find their sanctity in the vicinity of this place. Moreover, our global reaching platform was just the right place to flaunt the majestic attributes of the place.

The memories of this place will forever hold a special place in our hearts. We hope you take some time out of your mundane routine and delve into the course of passionate thrill that our team thoroughly relished in.