Hey there, having a thrilling thought of traveling countries, but expenses are brimming out of the budget? We absolutely understand that mind-troubling situation. Hence, we are here to brighten your thoughts with the Top 10 cheapest countries to travel to in 2021. With all due regards, this current year!  

Escalate your plan with one or a couple of these cheapest countries to visit this year. 


Travel to Vietnam for a starling experience with the exceeding landscape and the vibrant cultures to lure you throughout your stay. Nothing but the bountiful nature paradise will weaken your presence but lift your spirits to unbelievable heights. The ethereal spread of paddy fields, the sublime island, the exquisite culinary temptations, the benevolent locals are the overwhelming promise from this one among the cheapest countries to offer. With all that perfect sight, it is not demanding oneself to spend more costs but also adds up more memories.

Places to visit in Vietnam

Hanoi – This capital city is a frenzied zone for enthusiastic travelers. Moreover, one can dip in the vibrant metropolitan hurdles of Vietnamese culture. Hire a motorcycle, especially to get the most of the fun. Get much time to explore and stay inclined to the rich culture of the Vietnamese.

Ho Chi Minh – For frenetic metropolis freaks, Ho Chi Minh, is an untainted destination. It is a massive commercial hub with bustling activities and places of interest. Also, almost everything in this amusing city is worth exploring. 

Sapa Countryside – Bewitching? YES… Enchanted? YES… Paradise? YES… All because you will feel that you are somewhere in the parts of heaven! However, the heavenly vibe appears while walking along with the verdant paddy fields. Gear up to have the most stupefying experience in your history of existence. Taking a trek or taking a ride will immersively give you the utmost pleasure.

Halong Bay – Whatever it may take, do not miss the chance of visiting Halong Bay. It is an enthralling aquatic vicinity dotted with overwhelming islands for a magical experience. 

Sri Lanka – One of the Cheapest Countries

With all seriousness, Sri Lanka offers a myriad of exciting locations. The landscape ranged from the jagged mountains and beguiling stretch of tea plantations. Another astounding feature is the appealing beaches outlined by the gorgeous palm trees. This beautiful island country, in fact, is called ‘The Pearl Island of the Indian Ocean’. The island sits elegantly between the legendary seas of Arabian and the Bay of Bengal.

Escape into the ethereal beauty of this enchanted region to witness the failure of shortage in terms of nature’s gift! No wonder it is one of the underrated also the cheapest countries in the world that you shouldn’t miss visiting, all for a good cost. 

Places to visit in Sri Lanka

Ella – Ella, the name itself is a fantasy! It is a fancy little town that grew well-known for its spectacular view. You will find beguiling tea gardens, hilltops shrouded with cloud forests, and surprising collections of flora and fauna. Moreover, the Ella Gap will let you exclaim with joy to see the southern plain of Sri Lanka. 

Colombo – The hype of city life and the planned urbane culture are indescribably the best part of Columbo. The museums, the bustling international harbors, aesthetic cafes, and other places of hangouts should be amazing places to explore.

Adam’s Peak – Discover the wonders of Adam’s Peak, a conical rock-mountain revered by the predominant religions of the country. These religions are mainly comprised of Hindu, Buddhist, Christians, and Islam. They claim to have different significance according to their beliefs but with great integrity. Certainly, an incredible peak, the UNESCO World heritage sites recognized it as one of the best sighting regions.

Kandalama – Kandalama legitimately takes the credit as one of the most dreamlike places to visit in Sri Lanka. The landscape in Kandalama is much magical to view from the air other than viewing it from the ground. Yes, they will offer you hot air balloon services. Hence, you should not miss the air ride for the ultimate experience.

Maldives – One of the Cheapest Countries

Undeniably, Maldives ‘Queens’ the entire island in the Indian Ocean and beyond. This independent coral island country is a chain of islands hosting about 1200 isles which 200 of them are inhabited. The lavished hospitality traditions, the romantic milieu, and the sterile white beaches make it one of the most heart throbbing destinations. Moreover, The whole world is crazed for its incredible sights. It is also one of the best attractions for travel freaks who seek the cheapest countries to explore. Surround yourself with the spotless sapphire ocean, posh resorts, and extravagant island service to get a relishing island holiday. 

Places to Visit in the Maldives

Male Atoll – Male Atoll is the biggest city in the Maldives. It is effortlessly the most pleasurable place with tonnes of insanely inviting activities through every step you take. In addition, it is a sprawling destination for various water activities.

Banana Reef – The Reef resembles the shape of a banana, hence the name Banana Reef! Go and rampage yourself heartily with the aquatic activities, also explore the marine-rich diversity in this alluring reef. 

Maafushi Island – At Maafushi Island, fall in love with the fancy beach, the abounding water activities, and the exquisite food! But hopefully, there are many other places to explore endlessly to ignite the zeal. Hence, continue to skip along with other highlighted destinations around the locale.

Biyadhoo Island – This island is not only elegant but also well known as a scuba diving island hub. It is poshly taken care of by the Taj Group of Hospitality. Go tropical and fancy sipping the coconut water or shakes with chicky shades on. Or indulge in bashful activities such as windsurfing, canoeing, sailing, or whatever that makes you excited. Of course, everything there is exciting. 

Philippines – One of the Cheapest Countries

Alluring beaches, clusters of islands, quintessential food, and welcoming locals are subjects that define the beautiful Philippines. With over 7600 islands clustered, the country hosts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao are the three major geographical divisions of the Phillippines. It is one destination that can be visited multiple times since one visit is NOT ENOUGH to cover the entire sights. This dynamic and tropical landmark is a variation of immersive nature and culture escapade, yet a destination known for being one of the cheapest countries to visit. 

Places to visit in the Philippines

Manila – Manila is the commercial capital city of the Philippines. It is also the most hued destination for a meaningful cultural dip. The city’s top highlights are the unique public transportation to take you wherever you like. The Jeepneys and kitschy are those colorful and cool public transports to take a city tour conveniently. 

Boracay – If you are a beach lover, get set go to this magnificent beach to have fun for yourself. With 12 sets of recreational beaches, you can indulge in ample activities. Whilst on these beaches, make the most memories out of them. Get wild in excitement until it drains out your last energy.

Cebu – Do you like sea animals? Cebu is an island to get close-up encounters with majestic sea creatures, such as the gigantic whale shark, sea turtles, starfishes, and lot others mention. The perks are the sea caves, picturesque view, and unique aquatic activities like snorkeling, diving, and scuba diving.  It is indeed a great destination for a perfect backdrop for any photograph.

Sagada – Sagada is a traditional locality that welcomes occasional visitors not too frequently but worth it. In addition, the lofty hills and the raw lush greens will demand your honest appreciation for its existence. Apart from the pristine lumps of earth and lush green surroundings, the discovery of hanging coffins will intrigue you. This collection of coffins are hidden behind the rugged mountains. As for the mysterious reason behind it, you should find out from the folks. 

Lebanon – One of the Cheapest Countries

Although Lebanon hit a tragedy a year ago, it is unstoppably rising as a highlighted tourist spot. Settling majestically on the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea, Lebanon is often epithet as the “Paris of the East”. The eminent beauty of the place is incomparable with any other place. With its vibrant past, rich archeological resources, religion, and cultural centricity, it is popular among the Middle East. Surreal monasteries, aesthetic cafes, ancient Roman ruins, impressive vineyards are some of the destination calls to visit Lebanon. Surprisingly loaded with modern and ancient attractions, Lebanon takes a name as one of the most worthy and cheapest countries to visit. 

Places to visit in Lebanon

Jeita – Jeita Grotto is an ethereal cavern located in Jeita near Beirut. Often stated, visiting Lebanon without coming to Jeita to see this antre is an incomplete task. In Fact, the Grotto appeared like casting its spell with the perfect array of stalagmites and stalactites radiance on the massive natural walls.

Baatara Gorge Waterfall – Rightly discovered as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, Baatara Gorge Waterfall is a splendid Lebanese treasure. Moreover, the stunning scenery is the limestone bridges in three tiers, often called the ‘Three Chasm Bridges’.

Our Lady Of Lebanon – Our Lady of Lebanon is a massive 8.5 meters high, and 15-ton bronze-made statue with outstretched hands towards Beirut. The outstanding figure is revered as the protectress of the region. Pilgrims and vivid travelers visit this Marian Shrines to witness its significance. This place is also an utmost attraction with a line of activities to count – a cable car among one that showcases the aerial view of the entire city and the coast of Belvedere.

Beirut – The Extravagant city of Beirut, also a commercial capital of Lebanon is an appealing location for an ultimate vacay. This popular ancient city entices a great number of people and lets them dive into the Lebanese rich culture.

Taiwan – One of the Cheapest Countries

Taiwan is a super metropolis hub certainly plagued with heaps of wonder. Once you visit this brilliant city, you are one childlike person to be spoiled by the massive attractions. It once prided itself on its glory for hosting the world’s tallest tower. Although the title is overtaken, it is still unbeatable for various reasons. Let loose your passion to visit this enchanting city worth the count to include traveling to one of the cheapest countries. 

Places to visit in Taiwan

Taipei – Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan that hosts the impressive 101 towers. It was once known for being the tallest building in the world. The city is a hypothetical concept of flower beds attracted by millions of bees. People flocked here not only for the one significant skyscraper but for the plethora of activities, quintessential food, and other chic attractions.

Rainbow Village – Colour brings nothing but exceeding happiness and a glimpse of satisfaction eliminating the dullness from life. A certain soldier named Huang Yung Fu has taken the initiative to create a Rainbow Village with his exceptional street arts. The locality was once a military-dependent village depicting a dull street but finally retreated into a masterpiece.

Sun Moon Lake – The Sun Moon Lake is the biggest water body in Taiwan. It surrounds a little landmass called Lalu Island. Each of the Lakesides in the east and west resembles the two celestial bodies and hence the name. The serenity of the lake is a perfect destination for a boat ride, cable car ride, romantic short trip, and other dozens of activities.

Taroko National Park – The Taroko National Park is a marvelous adventure sight where people love to visit frequently. The name is significantly derived from the remarkable Gorge Waterfall that cascaded into the chasm within the vicinity. The destination is also an upright spot to overlook multiple sights. Moreover, the deep gorges taking straight down the forest floor, the trails, and the tunnels to inspire a true adventure spirit are the remarkable activities one will find here. Your exploration is a certainty of perfect nature escape and adventurous sighting in. Also, visit some magnificent religious shrines for spiritual enlightenment along the way.

United Arab Emirates (UAE or Dubai) – One of the Cheapest Countries

It is a great score to hit a visit to The United Arab Emirates. It will make a great choice to pick as one of the cheapest countries. However, the offerings of attractions cannot be underestimated. This splendid city is a perfect masterpiece and provides the utmost activities for almost every living being. The exuberant country is a total hype for people all over the world to come at least once in their lifetime to feel the taste of the extraordinary lifestyle.

Places to visit in Dubai

Burj Khalifa – Burj Khalifa is the most prominent structure in Dubai. Its pride showcases its highly exotic exuberance in the heart of the city. Inspired by Islamic architecture, this skyscraper is one of the most distinguished man-made wonders. 

Dubai Fountain – The Dubai Fountain is the highest and stupefying water fountain in the world. Thousands of visitors flock to see this awe-inspiring masterpiece. The heights of the water that shoot up to 900 ft. in the air will leave a person dumbfounded. The water fountains use interesting varieties of water expression to entertain the world. The nightlife in Dubai will truly embrace a visitor to find it extremely supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Dubai Mall – In total concern to the area, Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world. Over thousands of shops, almost fifteen thousand parking spaces, and astoundingly inviting over fifty million visitors in a year. Have a gasping experience here within its proximity with the most stunning interiors which are indescribably vivacious. It also hosts one of the most stunning aquariums in the world. It has achieved five awards in total with respect to its incredible structure. 

Palm Jumeirah – Palm Jumeirah is the most celebrated artificial Island in the shape of a palm tree. Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Jumeirah are the two main islands that made up Palm Island. To get a remarkable view, one should take a chopper, or climb on one of the tallest skyscrapers in Dubai. One can stroll the island and see the immaculate beauty of the vicinity. 

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Kenya – One of the Cheapest Countries

For a vivid wild explorer and acute lover of wild beasts, Kenya is where you should head to. The country Kenya is almost synonymous with the word Safari, to its reason being the place where the concept of the safari was born. This one among the cheapest countries encompasses a massive stretch of savanna, tabled mountains, Lakelands, rift valleys, and other stunning landmarks which are astoundingly bewitching. Witness the ‘Great Migration’ of Wildebeest in, one of the phenomena you should be thankful to see. Marvel at the sight of Mt. Kilimanjaro at a distance ultimately serving as a natural backdrop for an ideal photoshoot even for a noob.

Places to visit in Kenya

Masai Mara – Masai Mara is the wildlife corridor for Kenya and Tanzania. It is an excellent place to sight the predators in their ultimate freedom. Gasp at the herd of wildebeest thundering to the other side of the border. 

Amboseli National Reserve – Amboseli National Reserve is a heart-throbbing destination for an authentic wild explorer. Mt. Kilimanjaro is a great bonus that stood as a perfect backdrop for a magical view. The Masai translate for Amboseli is Salty Dust which features the bare condition of the park.

Tsavo National Park – Tsavo National Park is an enchanted landmark dotted by waterfalls, rivers, rock plateaus, savannah, and the touch of wild populations. It is one of the largest parks in Kenya. The splendid views and inspiring landscape bring massive attention to nature lovers. In Addition, the outstretched of the azure sky and the horizon are inconceivable.

Lake Nakuru – The ascending number of pink flamingos on the surface of Lake Nakuru will awe-inspire any nature enthusiasts. It is almost unimaginable to believe the sight. This spectacular lake is home to thousands of birds and other animal species. 

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Laos – One of the Cheapest Countries

Surrounded by five great nations, Laos is surprisingly a charming country with innumerable places to visit. It is lavished with the Buddhist religion, significantly making it a must-visit destination. It will opportune oneself to relish in the abundance of astonishing places. Indeed, Laos is one of the cheapest countries to visit convincing every visitor with its enticing plethora of sights and activities. 

Places to visit in Laos

Vientiane – Vientiane, the capital city is enriched with the unique architectural fusion of the Buddhist and French. They are absolutely bewitching and surreal to be true. In addition, the Buddhist Shrines along the boulevard extended the explicit attractions. Buddha Park and That Luang are the highlighted destinations with other remarkable attractions to the add-in.

Champasak – For its unlimited providence of wonders, Champasak is a marvelous destination to visit. The UNESCO World Heritage site recognized Champasak Cultural Landscape as a notable Khmer ruins site. Wat Phu is also a stunning Buddhist Shrine that stands as an unbelievable massive sanctuary. 

Luang Prabang – Luang Prabang is an exotic destination to witness the Buddhist’s lifestyles and religion. One will see the flourishing mixture of urbanism and traditional architecture as an ultimate attraction. Luang Prabang showcases a splendid townscape for any blessed visitors. 

Xiangkhoang Plateau – Xiangkhoang Plateau is common among other attractions in Laos for an astounding reason. The area is famous for the megalithic archeological sites. The massive megaliths are assembled randomly across the stretch of the Plateau like jars. These jar-like stones are spotted in several seven hundred have a load of legendary tales behind their existence. 

India – One of the Cheapest Countries

India is an excellent gateway to many exotic destinations with its vibrant and diverse culture at its prime. One who seeks to find myriads of races, landmark features, an abundance of cultural uniqueness, multi-religious tolerance, and other enticing characteristics should make to India. It is a targeted destination as one of the cheapest countries in the world to travel to. This great nation exposes a wide range of travel opportunities at a very affordable fare. However, it stands resilient in providing endless activities for every visitor. 

Places to visit in India

New Delhi – This ancient capital city is the reflection of the glorious past of this great nation. Every direction you take is a great opportunity to step into remarkable monuments, architectures, and shrines. Such mentions are Qutub Minar, Lotus Temple, India Gate, and other places of interest.  

Agra – For a special treat in the eyes, Agra is a home to the magnificent Taj Mahal that has stood as one of the Seven Wonders of the world since its existence. For instance, witness the great symbol of love straight from the heart of a great king to his queen. 

Shillong – Choosing Shillong, a prominent hill station in the East is a hit on the nail! This amazing landmark in India blew a great score in fulfilling a solid nature escape with amazing picturesque landscapes. It is often called the Scotland of the East because nature and lifestyles sum up to top the entire interests. Visit Mawlynnong to sight the double root decker Bridge, Laitlum Canyon, Umiam Lake, various waterfalls, and mesmerizing caves in Shillong. 

Mumbai – Accorded as one of the most populated cities, Mumbai is a commercial hub offering an unending list of things to do. The street foods are a must to taste, also the beaches there are among the best of the best to explore. With the exuberant lifestyles and fusion of rich culture, Mumbai invites a huge number of vibrant hipsters.