We already know why Africa, the doorway to the animal’s kingdom is a profound destination to discuss! However, the focal reason is the vast stretch of jungles hosting half of the animal populations in the world. Additionally, the next thing to notice its pride is that it is home to the world’s longest river, The Nile. Moreover, the world’s biggest desert and The Sahara Desert finds its habitat. Should we be witnessing a massive treat of wild animals being the figure of classic attention; also adore their habitat in the range of ultimate freedom. It is one life experience to witness the unique ecosystem of these fascinating animals in a perfect blend. Select the kind of African Safari from different countries of Africa from the 7 Ultimate guide below.

It is time, perhaps, to go wild with the wilds! 

And, oh, do not forget the one African insane stress-free catchphrase, exclaim confidently the ‘Hakuna Matata’ Philosophy…

African Safari with Madagascar

Madagascar is a stunning island country located 400 km from the east coast of Africa. This fourth largest country island is clearly a dream destination for wild lovers. Once 165 million years ago, this landmass was part of Gondwana but separated due to the earth’s catastrophe. This splendid island characterized its landscape from limestone formation, volcanoes, lush green plateaus to the stretch of outlined beach with palm trees and woods. Rich landscape and resplendant diversities made Madaagascar as the ‘Galapagos of Africa’.

The majestic Red island will find you fascinated by boggled-eyed lemurs, bug-eyed chameleons, shy geckos, and other awe-inspiring creatures. The prolific flora and fauna, gasping geography and truly fascinating culture will never fail you to love Madagascar.

Destination Highlight for Madagascar Safari

Madagascar has several numbers of Safaris destinations with profused wonders. Have an excessive selection of spots – 

  • Masoala National Park – Find yourself exclusively surrounded by profound beauty in the land of Aye Aye lemur 
  • Berenty Reserve – Want a solo safari? Berenty Reserve is one of the safest destinations, mostly intrigued by the varieties of lemur. 
  • Ile St. Marie. – This picturesque spot tucked within the island gives a splendid view, ideal for a perfect picture snap. 
  • Nosy Mangabe – Rush to this varied spot to see a satisfying company of lemurs, desperate to save themselves from extinction. One night is all that you can feast on the raw beauty of the island. 
  • Andasibe Mantadia National Park – This damp montane vicinity will make your soul relaxed. The rugged road will lead you to observe the almost complete species of lemur, birds, reptiles, and other pretty beasts. 

African Safari with Kenya 

The concept of Safari was born in Kenya and is the leading country for wild safaris destinations. The plethora of wild creatures inspired Kenya to be the best and brutal wild escapade. Safari in Kenya is no ordinary since the wild critters roam about in freedom on the stretched grassy land in front of the snow-clad peaks. Adding to it, the raw and astounding nature landscape and vividly chilling adventure; all combined got so really good to be an ultimate safari destination.

The Kenyan Beaches are another bewildering feature with the turquoise waves of the Indian ocean ebbing on the white sand. For the first time explorer, it is a heart-throbbing paradise on earth with the contrasting perfection of wildlife and nature into one picture. Stupify by encountering the Wildebeest Migration; spot the fastest mammals; venture to your heart content to the second-highest peak in Africa. 

Destination Highlight for Kenya Safari

Kenya is astoundingly lavish with the wild companies. Animals like warthog, wildebeest, baboon, monkey, zebra, hippopotamus, vervet monkey, Colobus monkey, and elephants are found in abundance. Commit your adventure spirit to one of the world’s vintage spots to experience the greatest gift of being alive. 

  • Masai Mara – The world craze for this destination for being the top and influential game reserved area. The place is known as being the wildlife corridor for Kenya and Tanzania. Gasp at the herd of wildebeest, or zebras rushing heavily to the other side of the border. One can observe the great migration in the peak season from July to October.
  • Amboseli National Reserve – Shrouded with the glory of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest peak of Africa, hailed as one of the best destinations to spot herds of elephants. Cheetah, lions, impala, eland, waterbuck, gazelle, giraffe, and other hundreds of bird species can also be observed from this reserve.
  • Tsavo National Park – The park is girded with a huge lava-rock plateau, waterfalls, rivers, savannah, volcanic hilltops, and spread of wildlife in thousands. Compositely divided into east and west Tsavo National Park, the place is a promising beauty.
  • Samburu, Buffalo Springs, and Shaba National Reserves – this arid reserve hosts a large number of spectacular attractions. One will find the rigidly vibrant community of locals, herds of buffalos, Grevy’s zebras, Somali ostriches, gerenuks, the long-necked antelopes.
  • Lake Nakuru National Park – watch the lake turn pink with thousands and thousands of pink flamingos floating on the water surface. Witness the lions, leopards, warthogs, python, rhinos, and other animals lurking in the proximity. Watch out for the ever stunning landscape.

African Safari with Namibia 

Namibia is considered the driest country in the Sub-Saharan region in the Southern part of Africa. But the wildlife call for attraction is unbeatable with its alluring backdrop, epitomic for avid photographers. Although the wildlife is less populated, the glimpse of the landscape is worth the visit. The myriads of colors highlighted on nature, the land, the sky, the grasses, the water holes, and the salt plains are the perfect combination for alluring sights. The experience out here in the desolated space will let you inspire to bring your beloved ones. The place is ultimately popular for flying and self-drive safaris to escalate your will to chill.

Destination Highlight for Namibia Safari

Namibia is oversupplied by choices for safari destinations. The country houses the great red sand dunes which extend a heart-throbbing landscape and wildlife. One will see giraffes, lions, zebras, seals, dik-diks, baboons, and other interesting creatures. We have curated an excellent pick of some of the ultimate safari destinations:

  • Etosha National Park; – Popular for hosting a rare black and white Rhino, only lucky one can spot one of those. Also one of the ultimate Big Five safari regions. The landscape is an impressive sight. 
  • Namib-Naukluft National Park; – Watch out for the towering dunes, strech of grassland and the black burnt trees shooting up from the white sands. Some other interesting places are the archeological sites daring to intrigue a good amount of your time. 
  • Tsau /Khaeb National Park – This untouched wilderness is bewitching with its bountiful flora and fauna. Adding with embellishing rock arches, sandy plains, rugged mountains, and rich biodiversity.
  • Skeleton Coast National Park; – Wrecked ships, winching skulls, and skeletons half-submerged in the sand and picturesque landscape that lured a legion of visitors. 
  • Mudumu National Park. – one will find herds of elephants, predators, and hundreds of bird species in this pristine region. 

African Safari with South Africa 

Lying at the bottom of the African Peninsula, South Africa is a vibrant and diverse country full of activities, safaris and beyond. One can behold the stunning beaches, surfers, plateaus, a heavenly coastal drive, and A1 wines you will find only in Africa. It is also a malaria-free zone. It is a super ideal fun spot for families, friends, and any other groups with a seamless choice for safaris and game activities and on and on. 

Destination Highlight for South Africa Safari

Africa is a place for enthusiastic adventurers. It is the reason that one will find endless activities with the wild, especially the Big Five. For a long time, if you have not felt the strong, authentic vibe as an adventurer, South Africa is a dream destination to draw out that desire. Among the many wildlife Parks few are curatedly picked for your best African Safari and adventure:

  • Kruger National Park – the variety of landscapes from the savanna to the woodland to the pristine riverine, the park is beyond incredible. Enjoy the tar road ride and make it through the crowd. Do not worry, crowds are handled excellently well. Spot the Big Five, including rhinos and cheetahs. Experience the ride at anytime of the year here for an amusing safari. 
  • Mpumalanga Private Reserves – Enjoy an inclusive safari experience with a world-class service, gourmet cuisine, and off-road game rides and activities assisted by professional rangers. 
  • Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Reserve – Have an overwhelming time viewing in this best region to spot the endangered species of the behemoth, white rhinos, wild dog, nyala, and other enticing wild species. You will be amazed by the devouring lush green of lofty hills and the extensive plains.

African Safari with Tanzania 

Well, if you sure do love the wild, Tanzania is no surprise to be tramped. It is at the east of the African Continent. No wonder the abundance of many wild species, the mighty Mt. Kilimanjaro as a perfect backdrop, the great migration of the wildebeest sums up to be the most ultimate and the best safari destinations among other African safari destinations. For a thousand times sure, this country is a multitude and avid photographer’s dream with the unutterable safari experience and flawless landscape of the sky, and the land. Watch the flocks of birds, hippos, tree-climbing lions and panthers, jackals, striped zebras, gazelle, and other amusing animals. 

Destination Highlight for Tanzania Safari

Get stupified by the absolutely unique topography and the abundance of wildlife in Tanzania. Do not lose the chance to see the great migration of the herds of wildebeest and visit the famous Ngorongoro Crater derived from a massive volcanic eruption. Visit the places mentioned right down below:

  • Katavi National Park – Katavi National Park is a lesser-known and exclusive far-flung spot where one will find a distinctive landscape with lush grassy plains and woodlands. This park is an unbeatable destination yet expensive with special attention to each activity one opt for. Spot a lion tailing a few animals.
  • Serengeti National Park – spreading its extense from the border of Tanzania to Kenya, Serengeti hosts an epic safari spot. Visitors are recommended to see the Great Migration at the proximity and not to be missed.
  • Tarangire National Park – This iconic park derived its name from the surreal river Tarangire. Fewer people come here but it is a sublime destination one would regret not to visit. Notice the massive animal herds, giraffes, buffalos, leopards, and other slumbering creatures. 
  • Selous Game Reserve – Experience a dynamic safari along with the undisturbed and inhabitant wildlife spotting clearly a large number of elephants, hippos, lions, buffalos, giraffes, zebras, wild dogs, and crocodiles. The ample population of wildlife here is said to be more than the number of wildlife found in the whole of Africa.

African Safari with Uganda 

Bordered by Kenya and Southern Sudan, Uganda is a reverberant country located at the East Central African Continent. The country is more likely to entice tourists by the stunning features of sublime lakes and streams, the prehistoric Nile, and the spectacular lush green landscape. It is well-known to present the enthusiastic tourists with peculiar gorillas, ferocious crocodiles, the big five, tree-climbing lions, the bathing hippos, and other exotic populations of the wild that will make your safari a high-five decision. 

Destination Highlight for Uganda Safari

Taking a cruise ride above the fierce crocs in the Nile river will be the first great tip for your quivering African safari trip. Have a look at the beautiful coffee plantations and experience the ultimate rafting along the whity froth river. Consume your time admiring the waterfalls, take a spirited big five safari and meet the gorillas in their esteemed natural habitat.

  • Queen Elizabeth National Park – AKA QENP, this awesome proximity is eminent for the grand savanna reserve with the expansion of wildlife varieties. The grassland, the wetlands, lakes, and forest are the auspicious landmarks to engage your best experience. 
  • Kidepo National Park – An elegantly isolated wildlife reserve still outstand among the other reserves in the whole of Uganda. Hosting around a thousand varieties of mammals and birds, this place offers thrilling game drives and chances to spot many endangered species of animals.
  • Bwindi National Park – walk or drive through the impenetrable forest to find the alluring lush green surroundings inhabited by the incredible mountain gorillas.  
  • Murchison Falls National Park – Discover the miracles of nature and find the natural hosts of the vicinity in total respect with nature. Watch the splendid waterfalls plunging right into the devil’s cauldron creating a magnificent trademark rainbow.  

African Safari with Zimbabwe 

Located around the south of the African Peninsular, Zimbabwe is a lively country well-known as a greatly opportuned safari destination. Although it faced a rough political hindrance over the last decades taking a hit to the tourism sector, the country is rising to its glory to restore the past setbacks. Landing over here is a rewarding opportunity to experience the renaissance of safari and tourism. Victoria falls, situated at the border of two countries – Zambia and Zimbabwe drives a great multitudes of tourists. The lurking wild in abundance is another remarkable reason to visit Zimbabwe. Trekking the networking trails, wildlife watching, wild romantic tripping, engaging ample adrenaline activities makes Zimbabwe one of the best safari destinations. 

Destination Highlight for Zimbabwe Safari

Zimbabwe is packed with activities including game drives, adrenaline activities, and wildlife spotting. The perfect natural backdrop gives a relishing mosaic effect for any photo posing, or photography. Check out some of the destinations for an awesome escapade:

  • Mana Pools National Park – Exceptionally for an adventurous enthusiast, Mana Pools National Park is a UNESCO heritage site with a captivating wooded island, pristine lakes, and sublime landscape. Find yourself amidst the prolific landscape with buffalo, elephant, lion, leopards, giraffe, hippos, crocs, and antelope
  • Hwange National Park – Drive across the savannah grassland and woodlands in the Belgium-sized park to get an incredible view of the wild. Have fun spotting the big five and other hundreds of wild animals. 
  • Matobo National Park – You will have the wondrous opportunity to sight the fields of majestic granite rocks. Witness some incredibly balancing rocks called the kopjes, apart from the other undomesticated animals. Have a fulfilling trip to the spectacular spiritual abode of Zimbabwe.
  • Nyanga National Park – Dip into the past with the infamous iron age villages and forts. The scenery and the birding view will hit you hard in admiring the classic spot. Enjoy the breathlessly stunning mountains and lofty landscape.