I bet no one can disagree with falling in love with quaint and lesser-known destinations anywhere. Much better when you find cozy and homely little towns so much to give, apart from the bustling cities. From medieval structure attractions to historic citadels and magnificent landscape, exotic towns brim with beauty beyond words. That being said, pick your favorite town destinations from the Top 10 Prettiest Towns in the World from the list below!

Colmar, France – Prettiest Towns

Colmar is a most renowned and exuberant town for a medieval trip in the Grand Est region of northeastern France. This pretty place is nestled among the vineyards, in fact, producing the most delicate wine in the region and beyond. The winding streets, pastel-painted residence, and the narrow canals will leave you aghast. Moreover, this look-alike fairy-tale town makes itself more adorable with its medieval architects and the luminous lights during the nights. The whole place looks incredibly magical like an enchanted land during the night, brimming with immense beauty.

Larung Gar, Tibet

Larung Gar is a popular monastery town with full-fledged Buddhist institutes in Tibet. Many aspiring monks and nuns flock here to educate the Buddhist culture and its religion. Hence, retreat huts, homestays, and residences clustered on the vast Tibetan Plateau. The construction, however, stunned the world in a way it has never seen. Atop the plateau, one can see the inconceivable picturesque view of this beautiful township. Hence, many can claim that it is one of the prettiest towns in the world. In spite of the fame, the village town suffered an innumerable threat from the Chinese Authority. Unless the world authorities step in to act against this agitation, we might perhaps lose this beautiful Tibetan Town.

Fenghuang Ancient Village Town, China

It’s ancient, it’s priceless, and its landscape is immaculate. Fenghuang Ancient Town created in 1704 is a quaint place perched along the banks of the Toujing River. This alluring village will give insight into Chinese civilization before modernization. It boasts of being one of the prettiest towns in the country. This phoenix-shaped village settled stunningly against the backdrop of a magnificent mountain. 

At night one can see the village come to life with a hive of limitless activities. Also, a walk along the narrow pavement lit with lanterns and lights will give one a magical feeling. One can stop by a cafe or a cozy restaurant for the slurpiest meal one could taste. 

Göreme, Turkey

Nature created, man modified, and boom, it becomes inconceivable. Göreme Village is a well-known destination dotted with ‘Fairy Chimneys’ in the Cappadocia region in Central Turkey. These cone-shaped rocks are formations of erosion. Fortunately, UNESCO declares this village as one of the world’s heritage sites. One can view the whole whimsical town from a rainbowed color hot-air balloon up in the sky. The hot air-balloons between the horizon add more sublime scenery. And that makes sense to make Göreme a center of attraction. 

Shirakawa-go, Japan – Prettiest Towns

Shirakawa-go is a pristine mini town in the Ōno District of Japan. The rolling rice fields and rivers truly give the essence of a perfect picturesque landscape. Also, this traditional hometown is proudly well known for its unique thatched-roof farmhouses that are over 200 years old. Amazingly, the roof resembles the hands of Buddhist monks pressed together in prayer. It is however declared as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Taking a trip here will mesmerize you throughout. Honestly, coming here will make you regret that you have to leave behind the most wondrous place. 

Hallstatt, Austria – Prettiest Towns

A stunning destination is Hallstatt sitting pretty between Hallstätter See and the Dachstein mountains in Austria. Its 16th Century Alpine houses, churches, and alleyways significantly make it one of the prettiest towns in the world. Besides, the cafes, shops, museums and the lake around the town perfectly add more glamour. In truth, Hallstatt is one of the most photographed towns. One can take a soulful trip here to observe the subterranean salt lake. One can also visit the museum that preserved several 7000 years old artifacts. Do not dare to miss the breathtaking view of the soaring mountains. Or perhaps, enjoy taking a ride through the funicular railway that connects Salzwelten.

Freudenberg, Germany – Prettiest Towns

Another sensational little town destination is Freudenberg, in the German province of Rhine-Westphalia. A unique setting of wooden houses with a medieval charm makes it an overwhelming place to discover the definition of real beauty. Additionally, the scenic and raw landscapes of the town give a vibe of an enchanted land. The attractive identical patterns on the white painted walls of the houses add more intriguing features to the region. It is truly the most charming and prettiest town not only in Germany but also in the world. 

Alberobello, Italy 

Alberobello is best known for modest traditional huts with conical white-washed stone roofs called Trulli. It is truly a calm and quaint little town in Italy that attracts a multitude of visitors. Consequently, this sensational town hosts hundreds of beehive-shaped house remnants of the 14th century. Whimsical as it appears, the roofs are dotted with painted symbols presumed to bear religious or superstitious significance. Hence, a fulfilling day trip will allow you to sink independently to the rich culture of Puglia. Also, whilst you enjoy the mesmerizing view, taste their most delicious meals and drinks too. 

Oia, Greece

Oia is a lovely town on the cliffs of Santorini in Greece. The dominated white-washed buildings spotted with blue domes sloping down the cliff are simply jaw-dropping to sight. This iconic town overlooks most of the mesmerizing views. To mention such, the deep blue Aegean Sea, the gleaming sunset, the volcanic mountain, and the outstanding Thirassia. Apart from the conventional outlooks of the townscape, one can visit several art galleries, peek inside an array of shops and restaurants. Everything that exists in this fanciful town is perfect submission to lure anyone. Hence, without a doubt, it is one of the prettiest towns in the whole wide world. 

 Stowe, Vermont – Prettiest Towns

Absolutely impressive, Stowe is a phenomenal town located in Northern Vermont. As a matter of fact, adventure, sightseeing, cultural dip, and whatever you are looking for, Stowe has it all! Moreover, the town is overflowing with outdoor activities from hiking, canoeing, and more summer activities. During winter building snowman, skiing, and more winter activities are truly a magical experience. Additionally, the verdant landscape and the panoramic view of the village leave a stunning sight. The town almost features everything most perfectly for photography and much more. Enthusiastic explorers will find Stowe full of opportunities and fun. Quintessential dishes and delicacies are irresistible for crowds who love food. 

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