The buzzing city of Hyderabad has always been known for its extravagant rulership under the Qutub, Mughals and Nizams. The city boasts a multitude of phenomenal spots not just in its arena but also around its borders. A quick or extended weekend around the city is perfect to enjoy some time off the stressfulness of the daily monotonous lives. 

1. Mahabubnagar

Mahabubnagar is a city in the Mahbubnagar District in the Indian state of Telangana. The city has been named after the sixth Nizam of Hyderabad, Mir Mahbub Ali Khan. The city was earlier known as Palamoor. It was earlier known to be a legendary spot of the Golconda diamonds, including the world-renowned Kohinoor. Mahabubnagar has numerous spiritual and historical spots, perfect for tourists to explore throughout a weekend. Places such as Umamaheshwaram, Alampur, Jataprolu, and Srirangapur that host numerous temples of Mahabubnagar. Another great tourist attraction is the 700-year-old banyan tree whose extensive branches cover nearly three acres.  The Mallelatheertham waterfall located in the centre of the Nallamala forest region is among the most beautiful waterfalls in India that should also be visited.

2. Warangal

Warangal is one of the most popular cities of the state of Telangana that was once under the rulership of the Kakatiya dynasty. The city has numerous historical monuments that have successfully displayed intricate artisanship. Warangal is known to host numerous stunning fortresses and impressive getaways that are bound to lead you into a royal time. One of the most idealistic places to visit includes the Warangal fort that is the perfect royal architectural creation that has four gates which are part of the official emblem of Telangana state. Another place worthy of visiting in Warangal includes the Thousand Pillar Temple. As its name, the place contains a total of thousand pillars inside the temple. The pillars have been erected closely that give the illusion of a wall. The temple is located in the town of Hanamkonda, close to Warangal. Other places include the Swayambhu temple, Ramappa Temple and the picturesque Pakhal Lake. 


3. Nagarjuna Sagar

The popular Nagarjuna Sagar dam has been built on top of the waters of the Krishna River in the Telangana district that was once the capital of the reigning southern dynasty. The dam is the second-largest reservoir of India. It is also regarded for being the tallest and largest dam in the world. The scenic water is not the only engaging factor of the dam. The surrounding of the Nagarjuna Sagar features a stunning and lush landscape that is witnessed by numerous tourists around. The Krishna River waters are a commonplace for boating and fishing too. Places to witness nearby include the Ethipothala Waterfalls and the famous tiger reserve of Nagarjuna Sagar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Nagarjuna Sagar

4. Srisailam

The town of Srisailam is known for its ancientness that can be witnessed in and out. Srisailam is located in the centre of the Nallamala forest in the Kurnool district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The town is famous for hosting one out of the twelve Jyotirlinga temples. All these temples have been built to preach the Hindu god, Lord Shiva, making it one of the most religiously important places to witness in the town of Srisailam. While venturing here over the weekend do not forget to visit the tourist favourite Sri Bhramaramba Mallikarjuna Temple on top of the Nallamala Hills. Taking a dip into the waters of the Patala  Ganga is also one of the most loved experiences. Another loved pilgrim spot here are the million-year-old Akkamahadevi Caves and the Srisailam Dam.


5. Kurnool

The city of Kurnool is popularly known as the former capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh. The city resides next to the waters of the Tungabhadra, Hundri and Neeva river. It has held a strong historical background for numerous years. Kurnool is largely famous for hosting the more than centuries-old Belum caves that are known to be the second-largest and longest caves of the Indian subcontinent. People who have a special love for all things historical should further move to the Konda Reddy fort. The fort was built between the fourteenth and sixteenth century. They feature stunning ancient Persian and Arabic inscriptions.  Other places worth visiting include the stunning Oravakallu rock garden, Ummamaheshwara temple of Lord Shiva and the wilderness of the Rollapadu Bird Sanctuary.


6. Gulbarga

The city of Gulbarga was earlier known as Kalburgi that formed an essential part of the Hyderabadi Nizam’s dynasty. Therefore, true to its magnificent historical background the place has a host of shrines and domes that boast of Islamic architecture. One of the most famous spots in the city include the old fort of Gulbarga that despite being in ruins is one of the most beautiful Persian and Indian style forts to witness. Inside the arena is the fourteenth century Jama Masjid that is equally stunning. Other tourist spots include the Sharana Basaveshwara temple dedicated to philosopher Saint Basaveshwaraand the Kornati Hanuman Temple which is known for the ginormous statue of Lord Hanuman. A famous Car festival is also celebrated in the city of Gulbarga. A silver cover of the supervising deity of the temple with the sandalwood artefacts of the temple are carried out during the festival.


7. Guntur

The stunning city of Guntur is the perfect amalgamation of parks, resorts, historical and nature creations. Located at a distance of mere 25 miles from the city of Kondakavuru, it forms the perfect getaway to hop to over a weekend. Guntur has been derived from the nearby hills that are named after the Hindu gods, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Mahesh. It also features a large statue of Lord Vishnu amidst the greenery on top of a Sheshnag. Bird lovers should travel up to the  Uppalapadu Nature Conservation Park. The park is said to be home to approximately thousand birds from Siberia such as the Spot-Billed Pelican, Ibis and the Painted Stork. Another popular spot to visit is the Kondaveedu Fort. The fort is built on a hilltop that features around twenty-one stupas, various temples, stunning gateways, pillars and halls. If you are left with some time then you can also drip by the ancient Undavalli caves that comprise temples.


8. Adilabad

The small town of Adilabad of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is majorly known for hosting the popular Mavala Lake that is located right next to the border of Adilabad. The lake was built during the Nizam period. A park nearby the Mavala Lake is perfect to spend some quality time at. Further down the Neradigonda Mandal of Adilabad district is the Kuntala Waterfall. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls to witness around the region. Falling at a great height of 150 feet, the waterfall descends from the waters of the Kadam River. The Kuntala waterfall has also been featured into the mighty Indian mythology. The place of the falls was the exact spot where King Dushyant had fallen deeply in love with Shakuntala. Nearby the Kuntala Falls is a popular temple known as Someshwara Swamy that witnesses a large footfall of devotees, especially during the auspicious times of Maha Shivratri.  Kawal Wildlife sanctuary in the old Adilabad district and Sivaram Wildlife Sanctuary 


9. Belum Caves

With a staggering length of 3229 metres, the Belum Caves are adjudged as the longest plains of India. The caves consist of long passages and large chambers that make it a phenomenal and interesting site to visit. The caves have been formed out of deposits of stalactite and stalagmite over million years. The streams of water flowing over the years on top of the limestone in the caves have caused the creation of ridges and patterns. Hence, nature’s beautiful creation is something you should witness. The entire length of the cave is known to be around three and a half kilometres. Out of which the public can only access one and a half kilometres of the area. CErtain places inside the caves which are measured to be as deep as 46 km and hence called Pataalganga. Some parts of these caves are known as the meditation halls. These halls were previously used by the Buddhist monks. Right next to the caves lies a large statue of Buddha on top of a ridge, another great spot to witness.

Belum Caves

10. Hampi

The city of Hampi is not unknown to anyone. It is a popular UNESCO Heritage site that is visited by tourists from all over the world. Hampi stands on the remains of the Vijayanagara empire that is also mostly visited to experience its numerous temples.  One of the most famous temples is the Pampapathi temple that is dedicated to Hindu god Shiva who is also known as Lord Virupaksha. Located on the banks of Tungabhadra River, the temple was built in the seventh century. The stunning architecture of the drags fascinates many history lovers. Another favourite architectural site of the city of Hampi is the sixteenth-century Vithala Temple. It has a famous stone chariot inside its vicinity that has majorly related to it being the identification of Hampi. The main temple is located behind the stone chariot that has various courtyards and walls carved beautifully. Apart from this, the five-hundred-year-old monkey temple nearby is also popular. It is known for being the birthplace of Lord Hanuman.


11. Pattadakal

The town of Pattadakal is found near the banks of the Malaprabha river in the Indian state of Karnataka. Pattadakal is majorly famous for hosting numerous Chalukya temples and monuments. Out of the all, the Kashi Vishwanath temple is the most famous. It was built in the eighth century by the Rashtrakutas. The temple has been inspired by the Nagara style of architecture. intricate figures adorn the pillars of the Kashi Vishwanath temple, making it a wonderful visit for you to experience. Another famous temple of Pattadakal is the Sangameshwara Temple. The temple was built between 696 and 733 AD by the Chalukya King, Vijayaditya Satyashraya. It is considered to be one of the oldest temples of India that features a gigantic statue of Nandi. The  Sangameshwara temple has been inspired by Dravidian architecture.


12. Rajahmundry

Considered as a famous cultural capital of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is the place where the Tamil language is known to have originated. A spot which entertains the waters of the Godavari River, the town of Rajahmundry is one of the most ideal pilgrimage sites to witness near the city of Hyderabad. The river Godavari forms the ideal spot of attraction. It has over three long ghats for people to enjoy a relaxing time and enjoy the surroundings for a surreal time. Just right by the banks of the river Godavari lie the ISKCON temple, Markandeya temple and the Kotilingeshwara temple. The most famous way to enjoy the area is by going on a cruise ride that offers a spectacular view of the town of Rajahmundry.

Top 15 Places to visit near Hyderabad

13. Badami

The perfect getaway town of Badami is an eight-hour drive away from the city of Hyderabad. It is majorly known for its stunning stone cut temples. The area has around four sandstone cave temples that are uniquely beautiful and different in its appearance. Three out of the four temples showcase Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu in their various stunning avatars. Whereas the fourth sandstone cave temple is dedicated to the Jain Tirthankaras. Badami is also known for hosting a beautiful tiny lake known as Agastya Lake. The city is located in a valley that is at the foot of the red sandstone that oversees the Agastya Lake. The lake lies close to the proximity of the temples, hence giving you an incredible opportunity of relaxing and soaking in the spirituality that it is surrounded by and is known to boast of healing properties. 

Another favourite part of the city is the Badami fort. The fort was built in the eighteenth century by the great Tipu Sultan. The fort now is in ruins but still a favourite spot to visit. As it is perched on the top of a cliff you will have fun viewing the entire city of Badami.


14. Horsley hills

The famous Horsely hills are a  hill station point that stands at 4,312 feet above sea level and is one of the most loved locations to witness near the city of Hyderabad. The perfect spot for you to relax over a weekend, the hills are surrounded by hillocks, salubrious dense forest terrains, deciduous trees, thick woodlands that envelope you with fresh air and clear blue skies. A little chill around lets you in a peaceful and tranquil state of mind. Nature lovers are going to love spending time at this place. A little further round will land you next to the two prominent lakes known as the Gangotri and Mansarovar lake. Other tourist spots worth visiting include the  Kaigal Falls, Whisper Wind Viewpoint, Mallamma temple, Highview Point, Gaalibanda, Environmental Park, the Horsley Hills Museum and the Chennakesava Temple. Adventure activities like zorbing, rappelling and trekking are also conducted at the Horsley Hills. 

Horsley hills

15. Visakhapatnam

The extremely well-known city of Visakhapatnam also known as Vizag is one of the largest and loved cities of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The port city is a prominent industrial centre that is surrounded by the Eastern Ghats and the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal. The city is a popular home of the oldest shipyard and the only natural harbour on the east coast side of the country. It is marked to be one of the busiest cargo ports that are also home to the headquarters of the Indian Navy’s Eastern Command and South Coast Railway zone. It is famous among tourists for its sandy beaches, hill ranges and green surrounding Vizag. Therefore it is popularly termed as the City of Destiny and the Jewel of the East Coast. 

Some of the majorly popular spots for tourists to visit include the Ramakrishna Beach, Lawson’s Bay Beach, Kailasagiri Hill and the Submarine museum that houses a  real submarine which was decommissioned years ago. A drive or a walk around the Rishikonda Beach is enough to make you fall in love with this place.