Conceived with admirable landscape and historical pride, India has a complete package a traveler is dying to explore. Worthy for all types of visits, this diverse land acutely drove an unbelievable amount of people from all places. Besides the most renowned monuments, religious sites, heritage, and architecture, there are plenty of mysterious and breathtaking places concealed in unexpected places.

Until some fortunate people discover them, they emerge into the open and progressively let the world know about their existence. In fact, if you do love new places, are excited about any adventure, interested in exploring, and have a soft and passionate soul for nature, you are 100% away from life’s hinders. You would love to dive into these new places listed below, a time to renew your bucket list and enliven your desirous trip. Check out the 8 hidden gems of India!

1. Doodhpathri, Kashmir – Gems of India

Have you lately been thinking about rolling over a carpet of green grass and smelling the freshness of the air? Have you imagined lying in the soft green grass and getting a kiss from the glistening sunlight? Are you easily thrilled by the extent of emerald surroundings? Your answer is Doodhpathi, your ‘dream come true destination. In fact, the enchanted milieu of it will blow you away beyond belief.

Moreover, the spot will remind you of a part of heaven with its enchanting beauty. The extensive landscape is another heart conquering attraction. Fascinatingly, the valley is lavishly favorable for cattle and flocks as they give generous amounts of milk and that gave a touch to the name of this valley, ‘Doodhpathri’.


Things to Do in Doodhpathri

This valley translated as ‘Valley of Milk’ is located in the Budgam District of Jammu & Kashmir. Being a recent addition among the tourist attractions of Jammu & Kashmir, it is not yet a hype destination for most of the visitors. Whilst in this haven, you can also visit

  • Tangnar, definitely a mesmerizing spot to see a little valley and a petite pine hill. It is 2 km away from the actual destination.
  • Palmaidan, a real fantasy layered with green grass where one will spot a hump of large rocks on top. One will also notice shepherds perching on the rocks waiting while their cattle feast on the luscious grass.
  • Yusmarg, a promisingly enchanted meadow for your eyes to feast lavishly.  

How to reach Doodhpathri

By Air: Srinagar International Airport is the nearest airport. From there you will have to take a ride for 42 km to reach the destination. 

By Rail: Railway is not fully functional to reach the destination. However, when it is accessible, the nearest station will be Srinagar Railway Station. 

By Road: The journey heading to this valley is treacherous, however, the spot is promisingly worth visiting. You can head straight from Srinagar if you have your vehicle. The journey will cover 42 km to reach. You will find buses from Lalchowk heading to Badgam. Catch a taxi heading to Khansahib stand where you can hire a taxi to continue your journey to your destination. 

2. Valparai – Tamil Nadu

Sheltered by many wildlife and tall grasses, Valparai in Tamil Nadu is an obscure little hill station. Gradually arising as a well-known tourist attraction, this tranquil hill station on the Anamalai ranges is an amazing alternative from popular destinations like Ooty and Coorg.

The blissful, calm, and collected ambiance of the environment will captivate your very soul to bathe in its bosom. It is a vintage where you can overlook the lofty hills of Annamalai in the Western Ghats and the surrounding tea estates.


Things to Do in Valparai:

You will be amazed to find not only the tranquil atmosphere but also wild animals like tigers, elephants, boars, cheetah, and other wild animals wholly at ease. If you love a little less crowd and chaos, this hill station is an absolutely fine choice. Cherish the moments in this tranquil area by visiting

  • The Tea Estate Garden, extensive trimmed and well-maintained tea plants to captivate your sights. Walking between the plants will make your heart leap in delight.
  • The Wild Wood Cottage, an intriguing jungle retreat in the heart of the hill station. The cottages between the pines give a chilling vibe to explore the unknown.
  • The Monkey Falls, a frotty water plunging it’s way to its deep crystal blue pool. 

How to reach Valparai:

Exploring this region by any means of transport is relaxed and convenient. 

By Air: Coimbatore Airport is the nearest airport. Reaching the destination will take 102 km. 

By Rail: The nearest railway station is Pollachi Railway Station. The distance to the hill station is 64 km. 

By Road: Road journey can begin from any of these cities: Coimbatore, Pollachi, Palani, Challakudi, and Athirapalli. Buses and taxis are available.

3. Badami Caves – Karnataka

On a mission to accomplish adventure, sightseeing, spiritual retreat, and exploring all together, Badami Caves in Badami town in Karnataka is a perfect spot. This sanctuary has significance for both the Hindus and the Jain. With an outstanding rock-cut architecture tracing back to the 6th century representing the Badami Chalukya architecture, it has started to attract many visitors. The fact that the holy premise is surrounded by a man-made lake and steady forts adds more value to the site.

badami caves karnataka


Things to Do in Badami Caves: 

This historical alluring complex is positively enchanting with its pleasurable views and landscape. A succeeding guide is to also visit the nearby attractions such as

  • The Caves, fully decked with sculptures, arts, and scripts with the first cave dedicated to Lord Shiva. The second cave is the smallest among the four and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu manifested as a dwarf. The third cave is the biggest and has magnificent sculptures on the walls and ceilings depicting the life of the famous deities of the Hindus. The fourth cave is adorned with the sculpture of Lord Mahavira and other significant sculptures of important figures in Jainism. These caves are a solid accomplishment for architectural lovers to see the four sections of caves with carved rocks, statues, and other significant sculptures.

  • Badami Fort, standing firm on top of a hill overlooking the surroundings of Badami caves, temples, and lakes inclined more attractions to this destination.

  • Agasthya Lake, a mystical manmade lake known for its healing power is no wonder an enticing attraction. 

How to reach Badami Caves:

By Air: Belgaum is the nearest airport covering 190 km to reach Badami.

By Rail: Hubli Station, 100 km from the destination is the nearest railway station.

By Road: Driving to the destination is accessible by bus, taxis, or personal vehicle from any nearby towns 

4. Khonoma Village – Nagaland

How would it sound if you were to hail from one of the most beautiful villages in the world? Khonoma is one such village prep with unlimited beauty to please you. This astounding green village in Nagaland is seducingly very aesthetic, decked with lush green and alluring sky.

Representing a heritage, well-maintained locality and taking measures to preserve the environment and traditions of their habitats, the village has become a hype spot for visitors. No doubt, a guest will always find this place amusing, peaceful, and liberated. The native put to heart in maintaining the indigenous of Khonoma making it ideal for educational tours based on history, sight-seeing, eco-tourism, and of course, a breathtaking adventure. In contemporary, it has achieved as one of the cleanest villages in the state. 


Things to Do in Khonoma Village:

You will find yourself walking the history right from the entrance of the village. The paving stones will lead to forts, Khels, tombs of famous people, resting areas, and other relishing spots, never to leave you in boredom. Places of interest whilst in this neighborhood are

  • The Murungs, ancient dormitories for youth to impart education and life surviving skills. They are decked with ancient artifacts and heirlooms handed down from the past.
  • Graves of the deceased – while passing through most of the household, one will find tombs of their beloved put up near their homes. It is another unique experience visiting this respectable village.
  • Khonoma Forts depicting a historical pride dated back to the British Colonization for resisting them from invasion. These forts are uniquely designed and are acutely attractive. 

How to reach Khonoma Village:

By Air: The nearest airport is Dimapur Airport. A 74 km drive to the capital city, Kohima, take a taxi to reach the destination. 

By Rail: The nearest railway station is Dimapur railway station. Head for Kohima and get a taxi or hired vehicle to Khonoma.

By Road: It is fun riding to this amusing village. The road journey begins from Dimapur or Kohima to reach Khonoma with hired taxis. 

5. Chatpal – Kashmir

One place to leave you insanely bewildered is a pristine land called Chatpal, a rising attraction in Kashmir tourism. This place is so natural, definitely original, and a spectacular landmark, tucked away in South Kashmir. The unusual happiness in this place is that it has to be just you and nature, a realistic offbeat trip and break from the internet, wifi, electricity, and city comforts.

If you were to avoid the most visited place in the state, choose Chatpal as it is the least visited, yet the most picturesque destination suit for your offbeat journey.


Things to Do in Chatpal:

The quaint surrounding with the clear blue sky, lofty mountains, gushing streams, and stretch of lush green would make your arms throw in the open and your lungs scream out of joy. It is an absolute surety of rejuvenating your whole being interfering less with your gadgets. In fact, this place offers you to witness

  • The Native folks with warm and cheery hospitality which is inviting to interact with them. Their lifestyles will impress you to learn more about their earlier past.
  • The Meadows with a stream running by will seduce you implicitly. 
  • The Apple and Walnut Orchards full of enchanting discovery and experiencing a priceless stroll among the fresh lush green and the soft breeze running against your cheek. 

How to reach Chatpal:

By Air: Srinagar airport, 90 km from the destination is the nearest airport. You can get hired vehicles from around the airport. 

By Rail: 222 km away, Jammu Tawi Railway Station happens to be the nearest railway station. 

By Road: One must get a bus or taxi and travel by Anantnag-Chitergul road till Achabal. From this stop, one should take a sharing jeep to reach Chitargul. On reaching Chitargul one should hire a special jeep or taxi to reach Chatpal. 

6. Tharon Cave – Manipur

Trapped and concealed from fame, Tharon Cave in Tamenglong is one of the amusing attractions in Manipur Tourism. Over the years it is known only to the locals but bit by bit it has come to the limelight claiming it as a place of interest for adventures and archeological purposes. Fascinatingly, the cave is 655.6 m long, with 34 sections of rooms and five exits. It has several large, medium, mini, up, and down stories compartments with tunnels to reach them, each with unique tales behind each of them.

Told by the locals of one such intriguing myth, two lovers were being clapped and killed by the adjacent walls of the cave. Ever since there is still a bloodstain on the walls but faint. If you care to learn more, we put aside for the locals to narrate the most amusing tales when you visit. This massively subterranean cave is an ideal location for vivid adventurers, trekkers, and aspiring archeologists.


Things to Do in Tharon Cave:

Good expectations sometimes fail. In case to visit this destination, you can fully expect serene, enchanted, and shady jungles pervaded by wild creatures small and large. This magical and undisturbed forest has more to explore. Have fun in unfurling places apart from the cave, like

  • Tharon Waterfall, a few steps away from the cave cascading joyfully down on its way is a superb spot for travelers to relish their exhausted spirit. It is so fortunate to gaze at the cool water showering from the top and plunging into a pool. 
  • Buning, an extensive lumps of meadow carpeted with soft green grass urging to make a person gasp in astonishment. Approximately 12 km bumpy rides from Tharon will find you in the bestowed land.  
  • Tharon Village, a peaceful and quiet hamlet extending a classic lush green scenery with the most congenial people with kind eyes and hearts. Their pleasing and humble nature will absolutely melt you down till your lips express the most genuine smile.   

How to reach Tharon Cave:

By Air: Imphal Tulihal Airport is the nearest airport. 157 km from Imphal to Tamenglong for the first stop for the exciting journey.

By Rail: Either Jiribam Railway station which is 146 Km or Dimapur train Station, 235 km to reach Tamenglong is the nearest Railway station. However, trains to Jiribam Station rarely pass by therefore prior information should be gathered. 

By Road: From Imphal or Dimapur, one will halt at Tamenglong. Shared taxis will be available during the weekdays to reach Tharon Village. Vehicles are available for hire. From Tamenglong it is 42 km. A straight caution while visiting Tahron is to prepare for traveling on one of the most treacherous roads. It is just another good experience if you are a serious fan of adventure. 

7. Janjira Fort Murud – Maharashtra

Reset your Bucket list with a trip to Janjira Fort, for a change from the most visited destinations in Maharashtra. It lies in the beautiful golden coast of Murud outlined by the graceful palm trees. There is no rush going here since not many people are aware of its fame. No wonder this fascinating marine fort will not dare disappoint you. Like many other forts being attacked several times in the past, this fort went through many brutal attacks but it stands still.

Surrounded by blue waters, it is a surreal fort with most of the insides intact and still beholding most of the artifacts and architects to this day. It is accessible through passenger boats and other sailboats. One will be awe-inspired by the picturesque landscape of all three realms met at a point- the sky, the sea, and the land filled with bountiful greeneries. 


Things to Do in Janjira Fort:

It is not just the fort that adds fortune to Murud. The places around the premise will magnetize your inner zeal to admit your admiration. Such places to see are 

  • The Murud Beach, not as clustered with people, this extensive stretch of sandy beach is picture-perfect for you to pull the hem of your trousers or dress and walk barefoot along the line. The breeze flapping your hair, a smile, and the sun dropping its soothing light on your face almost at sunset is a flawless portrayal on this beach. 
  • Ahmedganj Palace, built in a magnificent Mughal-Gothic style, this palace is absolutely charming. It was once home to the Royal Nawabs and now a reminiscent historical structure with its outstanding beauty.
  • Garambi Falls, frothy water cascading down from a height of 100 m is another mesmerizing spot to visit. The natural vibes will swirl a series of poems in your head and word falls short to utter.  

How to reach Janjira Fort:

By Air: The nearest airport is the Chhatrapati Shivaji international airport in Mumbai.

By Rail: The nearest railway station is the Panvel railway station.

By Road: The roads are well connected from nearby cities, especially Mumbai. The road will cover 238 km to reach there.

8. Majuli Island – Assam 

Ever heard of a massive piece of land in the middle of a river? Hailing majestically within the mighty River Brahmaputra in Assam, Majuli Island is one of the largest river islands in the world. Also, this amazing island is ever the first river island district in India.

Not many people had a clue about this enchanting island, however, with the help of social media, it has arrived in the spotlight for tourist attractions. This rejuvenating island is best to visit during the dry season and wise to avoid the monsoon season. The island is impeccable with an extensive landscape of panoramic views. In Fact, this island appears in the Guinness World Records as the world’s largest river island. How fascinating!


Things to Do in Majuli Island:

When you are on this island, you will get to enjoy a lot more destinations pleasing you to bits. Of such places, make sure you visit 

  • Tengapania, a little Majuli’s Golden Temple on the bank of the river Brahmaputra happens to be a favorite spot for the locals and visitors for most recreations. The view around this place is extraordinarily beautiful with the azure sky, endless stretch of water, and lustful greeneries. At sunset, the livid sky and water blazing gloriously as the last breath of the day should not be missed.
  • Garmur, considered as a holy sanctuary of the Vaishnavite is a pristine and collected spot surrounded by lush greens. This place is a surreal and enticing spot, completely off from sweltering places. 
  • Kamalabari Satra, a religious site housing most of the ancient text, arts, artifacts, and other religious items. Most of the literature and arts are collected here and are fascinating to study. 

How to reach Majuli Island-

By Air: Jorhat Airport is the nearest domestic airport to Majuli.

By Rail: Jorhat railway station is closest to the destination. 

By Road: The road connectivity from Jorhat is well linked. You will find buses and taxis on reaching the station. 

By water: Two ferry rides will take you to the destination. The first ride takes about an hour and the second for 10 to 15 seconds.