In just about a few days, this year will be gone, gone until it becomes a story. But the last days are what matter the most. But how? Think about the people you want to spend your holidays together. Set up plans for a Christmas and New Year trip to the most picturesque places in India. Spend the season of love with gleeful songs besides the fire, have all the delights and treats, shout a countdown on top of your lungs before it struck midnight on New Year’s Eve, and have a blasted party.

Any place in India is a pledge for an amusing and classic Holiday. It is only a matter of a few days to see the year fly away in memories. Well, this 2020, make some more of it following the best destinations for Christmas and New Year Holidays in India, most ideal for your desired choice from the list.


Visit Varkala, a warm coastal town known as The Pearl of the Arabian Sea, an ultimate beachy Christmas, and New Year Celebration. It is a scenic spot with a peaceful, calm, and aesthetic environment. It is one of the most favored places to fulfill your holiday plan with the touch of a spiritual vibe. When you visit this euphoric spot, it is fascinating seeing it come alive during the hype of the two most eminent celebrations. If you wish for an excellent holiday, you get it here straight up. 


Things to do in Varkala for Christmas and New Year:

Make yourself surprisingly stunning for the drastic events! Dance till you run out of energy, sing and shout till you get exhausted. Nonchalantly laugh as though you have not laughed for a decade, let go and slay all the past adversity and renew it with ethical traits. Setting the most impressive show is the Fireworks at its most elegant manifestation in the starry night sky. There are common mentions for extensive parties such as Sivagiri Mutt, Chillout Lounge, Meva Convention Centre, and other prominent venues. 

If you wish to choose a quaint, away from raucous hap, many other attractions are waiting for your invasion. You can pick rooftop restaurants, gaze at the fireworks from a distance, walk the sandy beaches, set a camp on the cliff. And oh, this town is well known for gorges adjacent to the great Arabian Sea covered with palm trees! Also, visit one of the oldest temples aging more than 2k years!       


For a conventional preference, Shillong is a new visitor’s call for auspicious Christmas and New Year Celebrations. The real spirit of each event is signified by the decorations in homes, streets, churches, and the marketplace. With the approaching of Christmas and New Year at hand, music, shopping, treats, and preparations are in full swing. All tourist attractions in perfect state, decked with the seasonal decorations are unbelievably stunning. An inspiring seasonal vibe seen in the faces of the people with hope and smiles will melt your heart. 

Shillong Christmas and New Year

Things to do in Shillong for Christmas and New Year:

An undying spirit of Christmas music both in western and local is a must while in Shillong for Christmas and New Year celebrations. You must compel yourself and join the Christmas caroling with the folks. Visit new people to share love, peace, joy, and laughter with them. Though the cold is hardly noticeable, it is heartwarmingly the coziest time of the year. Go shopping for an exquisite selection of fashionable clothes in the decorated stores and market. Trust us, the chic selections are highly recommended for your ultimate choices.

At night, the dancing lights and the decorations dazzling while passing the streets will leave you bewildered. Much satisfying, the starry night sky will blow your minds off. A walk to the cafe, bars, restaurants, or other places with a warm cap, muffler, gloves, boots, warm pants, sweaters, and coat clenching against your chest is the intense feeling of the holidays. Visit the well-decorated churches, converse, and socialize with the locals. Taste every bit of Seasonal treats and cuisines, and realistic celebration of the amusing season of love and newness.


What could be more joyous than seeing a place surrounded by blankets of snow, so white, soft, and sparkly! If you wished for extreme winter, Manali would astound you with its splendid invitation to its bosom spread in a white landscape. The streets look upright with their full decorations. Moreover, the pubs and bars are volumed with chilling music, making the place so merry. The people so enthusiastic about the festive mode are a pleasing sight. Walking down the street will make you feel enchanted by the winter wonderland. Though winter could be treacherous here and most places shut down due to heavy snowfall, there are few places to explore if you are a vivid lover of cold attractions. 

manali christmas and new yew

Things to do in Manali for Christmas and New Year: 

An irresistible opening for you to come to Manali is the Solang Valley to see the most picturesque landscape, while also you can plunge into exciting adventures and sports. A nearby spot to accumulate your zeal is the Mall Road decked with glistening lights, pubs, and cafes filled with buzz and jazzy music, some playing the festive songs. Rohtang Pass for various activities such as joy rides, road-tripping, hiking, and other adventure hangouts.

A natural bath in a hot spring at Manikaran Gurudwara should not be missed. Watching the sun setting, catching the last light of the day, snowflakes gently settling on the surfaces, and hot meals are the perfect picture you can imagine. The night is much alive with hues and music. After you have spent all your days out in the open, you can celebrate your Christmas at night with a warm dinner with your loved ones. The new year is fabulously interesting with the countdowns and excitement to stay awake through another decade.


Auli is fascinatingly a splendid pick for a lover of winter destinations. It is a commonly prominent spot for skiing, hiking, and other adventure activities. An urge to lie down on the soft surface to form a snow angel. Or rather, cup a handful of snow to create a snowball to throw at each other. Or build snowmen to cumulate the most exciting activities for you. Anyway, you are fortunate to unleash the polluted city air from within. In return, inhale the most filtered air to rejuvenate your immune system. Besides, there are more places to choose Auli as to why you should visit for your best Christmas and New Year holiday experiences. 

auli christmas and new year

Things to do in Auli for Christmas and New Year:

There are several activities you should not miss apart from the little stroll and party in Auli. For a first count, trekking to Kuari Pass is ideal for beginners, as well as for experienced. It is a must for witnessing a breathtaking winter landscape. A pilgrim visit to Nanda Devi abode is also a fascinating spot to see the mesmerizing mountains covered with snow. Moreover, you ought to visit a mysterious lake called Roopkund Lake to find skeletal remains of humans and horses beneath the water. Not to forget a visit to the most popular and iconic lake called Chenab Lake which you will get to enjoy some adventurous activities. These attractions strenuous as it sounds would offer you the best recollection of your holidays in Auli. Who knows, you will be one of many other people to revisit for the next vacation!


Are you geared up for a bashing winter holiday? Mumbai is no doubt a dope destination! DJs, groovy rock and rolls, chic outfits, sentimental music, exquisite venues for smashing parties and celebrations, extravagant decorations all add up for perfect gateways for a sensational Christmas and New Year Celebration. Just so you know, this coastal city is a Bollywood hype, so most performances, shows, concerts, and events will be insanely amusing. Oh, you wished!

Mumabai Christmas and New Year

Things to do in Mumbai for Christmas and New Year:

You can dream of all the galas and any possible events while you spend your holidays here in Mumbai. For a fabulous Christmas feast, blending to the tradition, you can attend the midnight mass in the beautifully decorated cathedral or churches. Have brunch in the cozy restaurants in the locality, dive in to consume the most finger-licking Christmas cakes and treats. Go shopping in prestigious malls and consummate with the wonders and enchanted decorations.

Coming ahead is the New Year, an extreme gathering at the SMAAASH New Year Bash at Kamala Mills that will thrill you to your core. Also, special events like the Bombay New Year, Kitty Su Mumbai New Year’s Eve 2020, New Year Balls in elegant venues will leave you bewildered, stuffing you with the best memories of the old and new years. 


Do you wish to make a change in your winter vacation from rowdy to traditional celebrations? For the original custom of each event, Kohima is confirmed as an authentic spot to rejuvenate the vibes. Moreover, you will be dazzled in the enchanted hill capital in full abundance of lights, fares, and delightful events in intriguing venues. Behold the town in total fab with every Christmas and New Year symbolic items. Get stupified by the Christmas tree decked with lights and ornaments. Look at the streets come alive in the prompts and shows, and homes set up with big stars. Besides, a distant view of the town at night seemed like a mountain of lights! 

Kohima Christmas and New Year

Things to do in Kohima for Christmas and New Year:

Heavenly hues, luminous nights, swaying music, charming voices, and cheerful people going out for treats, get-together, and shopping are the details of an enchanted Christmas and New Year Celebration. Well, you aren’t a spectator! You are there to celebrate with Kohima. You can start the feistiest swing with caroling, singing, and dancing with the youth on Christmas Eve. The churches are open for all to seek blessings and feel the serene and spiritual ambiance. The town will be spry with leisurely activities like cake racing, dancing, and traditional events.

The New Year is extravagant with buzzing folks, lighting flying lanterns in the night sky so magical and adorable. Local hosting of events will intrigue you too. While you stay on, tour around the nearby places like Khonoma Village, a historical village, visit Kohima War cemetery, a vividly expansive land of gravestones. Hang out in the local elegantly built cafes and restaurants for delicious meals and stay appalled with each surprise Kohima offers you till post new year. 


Hi beach lover, Goa beach opened its ‘Palm’ for a great Christmas and New Year celebration! Got a massive gulp of feelings for the beach party and chilling? They have it all with every bit and ounce of happiness besides the green waves and golden sands. This little Las Vegas of India is spellbinding for every visitor’s dreams for a fancy holiday. You will be awed that every place is composed of celebration vibes. Every site you walk into will be a thrilling temptation. The churches, the streets, resorts, beaches, and every cafe and restaurant in their best array are endearingly stunning. 

goa christmas and new year

Things to do in Goa for Christmas and New Year: 

Sorting out what you would like to do amongst extensive activities here is the best target. Let us get going from trying out various distinctive kinds of seafood so demanding and satisfying. When the sun settles, the daylight dims away for a deep slumber, witness the beach getting wild for the fun night. Follow the noise and attend the party hosted in one of the various venues to party all night long. Get wicked with inexpensive food & drinks and beach parties too. The distant fireworks filling the blank space of the night with magical sparks are so satisfying to see.

You can spot the sky lanterns lit up the night into a charming milieu so enchanting. A bond fire, barbeque, singing, and dancing on the smooth sand is a relishing recreation. Casino and partying in the cruise is also a dope amusement. For a halt, you can climb a hilltop to overlook the most spectacular view of the parties and extravagant rejoicing.  

Andaman Island

Andaman Island is another amusing Christmas and New Year Celebration destination with all the sensational seaside fun you can think of all. Exceptionally rallying and fun, this island is outlined by lush greens, radiant coral reefs, and rich marine life. Spending the birthday of Christ and bidding goodbye to the old year to start anew from this breathtaking island on the great sea of Bay of Bengal is a legit decision. The blue water with shimmering ripples and the ebbing waves promising to come back each minute will enthrall you to spend the utmost holiday day in and day out. 

andaman island christmas and new year

Things to do in Andaman Island for Christmas and New Year:

This year will astound you that Andaman Island is an ideal destination for your winter Vacation. Meanwhile, the haven of the slumbering sea has ample thrilling activities to keep you occupied. A surreal spot called Radhanagar Beach will catch your breath with its saturated shore. Moreover, the horizon there perfectly hemmed with the sea and the sky. Also, Havelock Island is a superb spot for dozens of recreations ideal for romantic hangouts, family outings, and friends’ get-together.

The turquoise coastline is brightened by alluring landscapes, irresistible adventures, and sports activities. Neil Island is another effortless destination for perfect water sports. The outstretch of the hidden gem island is admirable. For a laid-back vacation, this isle is an exceptional one. Besides, an evening stroll to Port Blair is an excellent evening stroll. The nights are dynamic with the festive vibes with holidaymakers preparing a feast for you in the open starry night or little snuggly cafes and restaurants. The bashful Holidays in Andaman is a firm bonding between you and the aqua realm.