With an abundance of inclusive attractions and activities, Gangtok is a luring paradise for travelers and adventurers alike. Sitting pretty on the lap of the Himalayan region, the infinite places to explore, things to do, unique traditions and the benevolent locals are some of the unfailing experiences one will face in Gangtok. A complete antipode to other bustling cities in India, this city is promisingly sublime and divine. Enrich your holiday with the best of Gangtok tourism with our special tips curated just for you. Your 2022 is blessed with this travel guide to Gangtok to make the best out of it.

Gangtok, The Paradise Capital On Earth

Gangtok in Sikkim

Aptly resting in the abode of the Himalayan region, Gangtok is a sprawling hub for nature lovers. It is the capital city of Sikkim, the newest and endeared as the youngest brother among the sibling states of Northeast India. Strewn with a picturesque landscape and the pinnacle view of Mt. Kanchenjunga, this place will offer an immense impact to its lovely visitors. Also, the transcendent milieu brought upon by the countless monasteries and the mellifluous melody will uplift any frail souls. Otherwise meant as hill-top, it is agreeably one of the most beautiful hill stations and breathing masterpieces in India or perhaps in the world. 

How To Reach Gangtok

NJP Station, Siliguri

The Conveyance system to Gangtok is never a doubt of inconveniences. It seemed almost far-fetched from the rest of the country but is undeniably accessible through air, rail and road. Therefore, It enjoys great connectivity with popular destinations such as Kalimpong, Darjeeling and other important states in India. Although, Gangtok hasn’t had any proper 

By Air: The nearest airport to Gangtok or the rest of Sikkim is Bagdogra in West Bengal. It is 124 km away and takes about two hours to reach the destination. You can take a hired taxi or a private vehicle to head to Gangtok. 

By Train: New Jalpaiguri (NJP) in Siliguri, the closest commercial hub is the nearest train station to Gangtok. The train station is 124 km from Gangtok. It conveniently connects with New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, and other major cities in India. 

By Road:  Come to think of it, a ride from nearby cities to Gangtok is like a journey towards heaven’s gate. It is the most pleasant thing to experience as the view gets more and more exciting as you ride towards the Himalayan abode. Road trips to Gangtok can be commenced from Bagdogra, Siliguri, Darjeeling, Kalimpong or other nearby places. 

Things To Do in Gangtok Exclusively In 2022

Apparently, everything you want to see, do, or experience is synchronously available in this breathtaking destination. However, we will escort some of the most delightfully essential things to do in Gangtok. Keep your head up for the adrenaline rushes that lie in wait to get unleashed right in front of you. 

Things you can do in Gangtok Cable Ride, Trekking, Biking

Explore The Beautiful Hill stations wreathed in clouds

Gangtok itself is the essence of all inspiration to beauty, moment, revival, freshness, friendship, and above all, being alive. Moreover, spending a week or couple of days in this quiet hill station will surely illuminate your soul. Capture the beauty, the moment and the boisterous feelings forever in your hearts. 

Cable riding

Care to see a whole new world as though you are riding on a magic carpet? Take a cable ride that costs about 70 – 110 INR that delights you among other top things to do in Gangtok. The double-cable zig back ropeway holding a capacity of 24 persons in one car can elevate your senses after seeing the breathtaking view of Gangtok town. 


One of the many reasons Gangtok is sought-after is because of the ample trekking trails. At one’s will, you can choose the trail and trek anywhere to see the panoramic view of the Himalayan Glory. Marvel at the sight of rich flora and fauna, the alluring vistas, the rolling meadows and valleys, and the murmuring streams. 

Mountain Biking

One thing to care about if you are in Sikkim’s capital and are an avid adventure or sports enthusiast is to try Mountain Biking. Bike along with the most picturesque scenery of the land of boundless beauty. Witness the imposing landscape of sunrise/sunset and the magnificent Himalayan ranges. 

Things you can do in Gangtok yak safari, River Rafting, Paragliding, Local cuisines

Yak Safari

Your things to do in Gangtok are not complete without a yak safari beside the alluring lake of Tsomgo. So go ahead and find your inner peace riding on a yak, a spiritual ride indeed. You will absolutely fall in love with the artful and serenity of the underlying wonders of this place. 

River Rafting

Rafting your heart out of the Teesta river is the dopest thing to try in Gangtok. Besides, the refreshing splash of water will wash away your stress and as well you have the chance to scream your lungs out. It’s the coolest and most exhilarating fun activity if you are daring and zealous. 


If you are free from acrophobia or in a stand to fight against it, fly your heart out in paragliding. Spread your wings and soar high up the mountains and valleys to get a glance at what paradise on earth means. 

PS. Paragliding may cost you around 2k to 5k or how you negotiate with the operator. It also has flying range options: medium and high. 

Taste Local Everything

…Is one of the most ideal things to do whilst in Gangtok. From trying out the best traditional and street cuisine to exploring the unique culture of the Sikkimese, local attractions never run dry. Unfurling the spellbinding stories of the locals and having the best conversations over a cup of brewed tea is a wholesome experience. 

Things you can do in Gangtok Shopping, Long Road Ride, Skiing

Shopping at Lal Bazaar

Every wanderer’s dream is to take home some piece or a lot of stuff after a fulfilling trip. At Lal Bazaar in Gangtok, you will have the best of the souvenirs sold just for you. You can assume that memories are inculcated within the items you bought and share them with your loved ones back home. Besides, this marketplace has the best collections of local products such as Sikkimese cups, crafts, and other indigenous products. Besides, there are collections of clothes, shoes and other essential items available for anyone. 

Take a Long Ride

If you agree that the road makes more sense for the journey than the destinations, then a long fulfilling ride is a must thing to do. Even if it means the last day of earth, you should not miss this part of the most fun things to do in Gangtok. The view you get is 

Skiing at Mt Katao

If Skiing is part of your interest, try them out. You can ski on the gentle slope of Mt. Katao and have the best moment of adventure. 

Places To Visit In Gangtok

Do you know that Gangtok is the capital city of the second smallest state in India? And one can imagine how tiny this city would be. However, regardless of how little it is, the infinite number of attractions is enough to baffle you. Gangtok is ridiculously popular for having consummate spots in great numbers. 


Beautiful Tsomgo Lake

Capturing the attention of its vivid guests is Gangtok’s peculiar feature. Also, one of the spellbinding features is the elegant lakes strategically located with a bonus view of rugged snow-clad mountains. Visit Tsomgo Lake, Menmecho Lake, Gurudongmar Lake, and many other popular lakes to embrace the serenity. These lakes have great significance for the locals and some of them are sacred. 

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Holy Places

Tsuklakhang Monastery

Known for housing a mustering collection of monasteries, Gangtok is significant for Buddhist pilgrimage. In fact, with a sprawling number of monasteries, it definitely creates a tranquil atmosphere that apparently draws people to feel it. Rumtek monastery, Tsuk La Khang Monastery, Pemayangtse Monastery, Tashiding Monastery, and Ranka Monastery are a few of the monasteries that you can visit. The jaw-dropping architecture, the intriguing history, and the essence of spirituality bring an intensifying vibe to you. Also, take a walk in the pristine location of Hanuman Tok for a surreal encounter.  

Nature Escapade

Himalayan Range

Having the best of the best sightseeing places, Gangtok in a day is never enough to cover up. These bewildering places are jewels to behold and the driving factor is the mesmerising view of nature at its best. 

#Khangchendzonga Biosphere Reserve is a great trail for trekking as well as spotting a good number of wild animals and exquisite plants. Stand in awe at the towering Khangchendzonga and feel the magical view of the entire landscape.

#Seven Sisters Waterfall is an ideal location to hang out and carry out some recreational activities. Get rejuvenated with the freshness of nature and 

#Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary is also another place of interest that lures a great number of nature enthusiasts. Run your eyes over the magnificent beauty of the place

#A wild trek to Himalayan Zoological Park is a must thing to do as you will encounter unique fascination.


Nathula Pass

Nathu La Pass is the most popular, hailed as one of the artistic passes in India. With an intriguing history relevant behind it, this pass is once an ancient silk route that links India and China. Enjoy the several hairpins bends road ride with the landscape right in front of your eyes to feast. It might take an entire day to indulge in such a serene ride, however, you can take a visit to Tsomgo Lake and Baba Mandir as the trip usually combines with it. 

Heritage Walk

Namgyal Institute of Tibetology

One of the most mystical feelings ever is witnessing the heritage, walking down the line of history, conquering and the indigenous gem of the Sikkimese culture. Do Drul Chorten is a must-visit to witness such, as it displays a distinctive architectural wonder. Namgyal Institute of Tibetology is another splendid landmark to unfurl the rich culture of the Buddhist Culture and the people themselves. One can traverse the rich history and soak in the prismatic ambience. 

Best Time To Visit Gangtok

Best time to visit Gangtok

Throughout the season, Gangtok never fades its demeanour to invite a bunch of zealous visitors. However, considering the fact that each individual differs in their choices of weather, here are some guidelines. 

Gangtok experiences extreme cold from December to Mid February, hence if you are a cryphobia of such weather, you should probably avoid it. Mind it, the temperature at this time drops to zero.

The warmth of the summer sun begins from Mid May to July and this time is the best time to visit this ethereal place.

If you want to experience the bliss of spring, and the resplendent vibe then visiting Gangtok from Mid-March to Mid-May is the best time. 

For a saturated holiday, though the least recommended, Mid-July to August is the best time to encounter the monsoon delight in Gangtok. 

Get into the ethereal bliss of the autumn season from Mid-September to October to view the initiation of the rustic landscape. 

Places To Stay  

Enchanted Forest Farm, Gangtok

Needless to say the amount of benevolent places to stay, Gangtok never runs out of providing you with a home away from home. You have the ultimate choice of choosing a place to stay, be it hotels with a wide range of options, guest houses, homestays, or hostels. This town is a tourist-friendly place where you do not run out of options and no room for you to stress about a place to stay. Enjoy the stay you are accommodated for and see the majestic view of Mt. Kanchenjunga from a distant skyline, and explore this pristine hill station to the fullest.