Who doesn’t love pretty butterflies, beaches, oceans, the waves and the captivating landscape? We all do, right! Should I tell you what is way more flamboyant? Visiting Butterfly Beach in Goa with the love of your life who can give you butterflies more than the butterflies you can see on the beach itself. Or sharing equal joy with your best friends, family members or just yourself in this amazing destination. After all, what is better than a trip near the beach and experiencing the splashing delight. Here are some reasons why you should visit Butterfly Beach in Goa!

Where is Butterfly Beach? 

South of Palolem in the Canacona region of Goa

Well, we are on it to tell you where the Butterfly Beach is. You can visit the destination on the Butterfly Island near the south of Palolem in the Canacona region of Goa. It is also otherwise called Honeymoon Beach, which is why you will find lovely couples visiting this beautiful beach. Although it is just a few distances away from the mainland beach, this cove-like beach is secluded and is surrounded by lush green trees. One can reach the island through a boat or ferry ride from the nearest beaches Palolem or Patnem. 

Here’s Why You Should Visit Butterfly Beach in Goa

Butterfly Beach is a stunning stretch of coral beach full of freshness and, of course, lots of butterflies. For having a wide range of trees and plants, this tropical hide-out attracts a charming variety of butterflies. It also resembles the shape of a butterfly, hence the name through these characteristics. Find out more about why this place should just be an ideal place for you to visit.


Fun things about the Butterfly Beach on the Butterfly Island:

  • Visitors can find types of magnificent butterflies dotting the entire island.
  • The place is secluded, charming and a great place to rejuvenate yourself and in fact, this cove island is still one of the lesser-known spots to explore in Goa.
  • If nature is your weakness, you can be absolutely mused by the aura of this surreal beach. 
  • The fairy-like sunset view is not a thing to be missed while you are visiting this beach. The immeasurable backdrop of an alluring vista while the sun as though vanishing between an unseen boundary of the sky and the sea is just a sheer magical experience. 
  • Occasionally you can spot playful dolphins leaping on the surface of the water.
  • Short trekking around the island is also a very interesting thing to do. There are other activities you can indulge in such as rock climbing, canoeing, and a lot more. 
  • The ebbing waves are elegantly playful and one can swim safely nearby the beach during the low tide.
  • The aquatic offering is immensely boundless: from water activities to seeing the prolific aquatic lives on the surface and beneath the sea. 

Area Of Interests 

Knowing that you might want to indulge in activities once you see the tempting sight of the beach and the surrounding, we have something up our sleeves. Here are things you could explore and enjoy heartily with the tide and the waves of the Great Arabian Sea: 

Ferry Ride

ferry ride

One thing that makes the trip special and accessible is the Ferry Ride from the mainland beaches to Butterfly Beach. A dawn-lit ride towards the destination is a sublime experience as the cool breeze brushes over your morning face. With that, you are rejuvenated and ready to face the rest of the upcoming exciting events. Make it to the beach on a ferry for a nominal charge and witness the glory of nature there. 

Dolphins Sighting

Dolphines near Butterfly Beach

Fact that Butterfly beach has a distinctive marine life, you can find a lot of dolphins in its natural habitat. The morning before the sunrise is the best time to sight dolphins leaping and playing near the seashores. An example of waking up to experience the most beautiful thing in the world is such as this. 

Observe the number of Magnificent Butterflies

Pretty butterflies in Butterfly Beach

Enchanted forests do not only appear in movies. It does so in real life too and you will find one such type on Butterfly Beach Island. Upon reaching the beach island, you will be overwhelmed with the bliss of alluring scenery with the clear blue sky and pretty butterflies on display. The vista is madly wholesome to witness as though it’s an abode of wonders. The landscape is pleasing and you can feel the magical aura of standing in the most beautiful place on earth. 

Laze and Bask on the beach

Laze back at BB

Spend as long as you want on the beach basking over the morning sun for some health benefits. Or observe the aquatic creatures such as crabs, sea urchins and fishes brought back and forth by the ebbing waves. Besides, you can have a great time with yourself or friends, meanwhile enjoying the solitude and soulful retreat with nature. Compose some sonnets and quotes or take loads of pictures for memories that can last a lifetime. 

Watch Out For the Majestic Sunset

Mesmerizing sunset

The sight of the setting sun is ridiculously sublime and literally feats the eyes with rushing emotions. You can capture the surreal phenomenon with your eyes or your camera to retrieve the memories when you leave the place. And so now, you can finally close the day at this juncture and ride the ferry back to the mainland for more hippy and buoyant night activities. 

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When is the best time to visit Butterfly Beach?

Butterfly Beach Island in a pleasant weather

Goa is well-beloved by staycationers as well as by overseas visitors. With so many places to visit, Butterfly Beach is one lush green spot no one, not even a soul can miss. Concerning the weather, this tropical paradise is good to visit from Mid-November to February. In fact, most tourists make the most out of these months to have the best time of their holidays. 

Places to stay

STAY in Palolem Beach

The fact that Butterfly Beach is just three to four songs away from the main beaches makes it a great place to explore. Since the beach is isolated, there ain’t any place to take a soulful repose. Visitors can find a rangy variety of stays at Palolem Beach, Patnem Beach, or even Agonda Beach though it is farther than the two former beaches. With several options for solo travelers, couples, family, corporate trips, business trips, or groups of friends, stays or accommodation never runs out of hand. 

Hostels such as The Lost Hostel, Whoopers Hostel, Gostel and more are ideal for group or solo backpackers looking for affordable accommodation. Palolem Beach Resort, The Shore Beach Resort, Roundcube Beach Bungalows, and Club Palolem are some of the luxurious and budget stay options for couples or families.