The wind of change has finally brought back the heat of summer in India. While most regions in the central and few southern regions of the country experience unforgiving levels of heat, some places explicitly enjoy extremely pleasant weather. Speaking of which, this summer, get rid of the heat to the Himalayan abode in the north. Or to the misty hills in the south, or to the ethereal dawn-lit hill stations in the northeast regions. So, scan and select a place as we jot down the best places for a summer vacation in India to escape the heat. 

Summer Vacation In North India

When it comes to summer, North India receives tons and tons of stacationers and overseas visitors. And the ultimate reasons are the pleasant weather, clarity of landscape, abundance of places to explore, tourist-friendly, easily accessible and accommodating and a lot more. Hence, this region is a fitting place for you to get enticed and fall madly in love with. 


Manali - Destinations In India to Escape The Summer Heat

Manali is one of the most popular summer destinations in India for many reasons. Slumbering quaintly on the white-bone mountain slopes of the Pir Panjal and the Dhauladhar ranges, it never fails to magnetize a massive number of tourists. From pleasantly dotted hamlets, rolling meadows, quaint town, limitless adventures and activities, to mesmerizing landscape, it keeps its visitors entertained. 

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Auli - Destinations In India to Escape The Summer Heat

People make the most of Auli every season, yet visiting this grand destination in Summer is an ace choice. The beautiful landscape of snow-clad mountains, the murmuring streams, the smoothly lain meadows and the clear blue sky, all aptly situated makes the entire place mind-blowing. 

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ladakh - Destinations In India to Escape The Summer Heat

Popular for its rustic landscape, impeccable lakes, spine-chilling adventures and great cultural exploration, Ladakh is a must-visit destination. Especially it displays as one of the best places for a summer vacation in India, promising an ultimate experience and jubilant time of your life. 

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The Himalayan Resort town, Nainital is a dream destination for every hodophile and nature lover. Once a British hill station, this mystic hill station is an inviting location for people seeking quietness, tranquillity and nature retreat. 


pahalgam - Destinations In India to Escape The Summer Heat

For its ethereal landscape, Pahalgam is synonymous with the valley of shepherds. The view and the pleasant weather say it all that it is one of the best places for a summer vacation in India. The perk of this place is that, it does not demand a distraction from the internet or cellular connections but a moment to completely indulge in the lap of nature. 

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Summer Vacation In the Northeast

Northeast India is an open door to a paradise unknown. With places yet to unfurl, the ravishing landscape and the pleasant weather will conquer your heart. Visit this land of fascination where flora and fauna are in massive stores, where culture knows no borders and importantly one of the best places for a summer vacation in India.   



Also known as the ‘Scotland of the East, Shillong is promisingly an ideal corner to spend a splendid holiday. Making up the best spot in India it gained popularity for the sublime landscape, pretty waterfalls and lakes, mind-blowing canyons and gorges and the captivating weather. 

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aizawl - Destinations In India to Escape The Summer Heat

One of the ethereal destinations to spend your summer holidays in India is Aizawl. The bizarre habitat on the slope of the hills, the resplendent view, the lush green surroundings and the vibrant culture are features that attract a good number of tourists. 


Kohima - Destinations In India to Escape The Summer Heat

The dazzling town of Kohima is anything but a sublime view of a fallen sky. The panorama is so splendid to observe, it is one of the most beautiful and perhaps the best places for a summer vacation in India. Visit this enchanting location brimming with exotic surprises from indigenous to a fusion of cultures. 

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Nestling its habitat on the slopes of the Himalayan Ranges, Gangtok has no boundaries to wonder and adventures. This euphoric destination is more than a tourist hype but a significant spot for the Buddhist community as it holds a good number of monasteries and other religious institutions. For holding a great number of Monasteries, it is also identified as the Land Of Monasteries. Visit the splendid lakes, enjoy a ride on a cable car overlooking the beautiful Gangtok city and many more. 

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Often regarded as the most stunning destination, Tawang is no doubt one of the most coveted places in India. Every adventure lover vote for this place as the journey towards the destination is exciting and off-beat. If anyone looking for fewer crowds, raw escapades and ready to embrace the chill of the weather, Tawang fits best in the description. 

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Summer Vacation In the South 

Your venture for a scrumptious summer vacation is incomplete without visiting the southern part of India. (Selective places as per the weather). Despite the heat and, the fact that the region is close to the equator, one may be sceptical to even think of travelling there. However, some places receive the mercy of the summer heat and allow many people to fancy the weather:


Munnar - Destinations In India to Escape The Summer Heat

Munnar is a gorgeous place for one to witness once in a lifetime. The place is a slice of heaven that allow an onlooker to devour the romantic view of the rolling tea plantations. The view is spectacular and speechless at the same time. Visit this place sooner and take fond of the hill stations, the weather and of course the dreamy landscape. 



If jaw-dropping is a place, Kodaikanal fits the most. It is a popular honeymoon destination where nature truly manifests itself. Follow this destination to find yourself drowning amidst the cloud-shrouded mountains, breezy weather, enticing landscape and lakes, and mist-covered cliffs. 



Almost like Munnar, Coonoor is also a tea plantation estate that ravishingly invites a chaotic number of visitors every year. Spend your summer holidays in this Nilgiri’s abode. Perhaps, witness the sun up and sun down view. Or stand on the Dolphin’s Nose, a vantage point to observe the stunning Catherine falls and many more.  



Lonavala is a lush green hill station near Mumbai and one of the best places for summer holidays in India. It has a circumscribing green valley and a great number of places to explore nearby. Visit this beautiful hills station and get to see the ancient Buddhist caves Karla and Bhaja, and the beautiful Lohagad Fort. 


Wayand - Destinations In India to Escape The Summer Heat

Liberate your weariness and fear of heat in the enraptured place in Wayanad. Full of life, fun, and good views, it is a perfect getaway for people seeking peace, pleasant weather, and the uninterrupted mess that all of us go through each day. Spend a crazy amount of days and explore the length of this place. Have fun seeing the cascading waterfalls, the beautiful ancient caves, and much more. 

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Summer Vacation In the East 

Anyone should be delighted to plan a summer trip to the east side of India. Where nature knows no bounds to mystery and wonders, places such as Darjeeling, and Kalimpong offer innumerable contentment. Mark these places on your bucket lists and fulfil them. With temperatures hovering around 20° to 28°C, it is remarkable the best place for a summer vacation in India. 


kalimpong - Destinations In India to Escape The Summer Heat

Kalimpong is one of the most renowned destinations in India displaying a great variety of virgin forests. It is idyllic to spend your summer or nature retreat here as the imposing vista is beyond words to describe. The exotic Tibetan handicrafts, the beautiful churches and monasteries are other features of attractions to visit this place. 



One must have heard of Darjeeling often as this place produces the best tea in the world. However, visiting this place is like you are in seventh heaven as you witness the blissful scape of the entire region. Moreover, the pleasure it brings you is something you will remember and each time you recall it, the memory will be even fresher. Take a heavenly ride through the gentle slopes of the tea plantations, have the perk of brewing the best aromatic tea and sip it with fondness.

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